Sydney’s Best Hidden Bars

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OK, you’re visiting Sydney and you might agree to pay Aus $100 to climb the Harbour Bridge – along with a few other bits of tourist stuff. But what you’re really going to want is hit the city at night and search out a few of the coolest places to do that.

Don’t worry – we have it all covered for you; the easiest and best place to stay, and a selection of the coolest bars to get the nights off to a swing.

Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb

So, first things first; find a handy Sydney hostel, and make it somewhere central so it’s easy enough to stagger back to. For budget accommodation, head to Sydney Central YHA which has its own hidden bar in the basement.

If your number has just come up on the lottery, the Park Hyatt Sydney which overlooks the Harbour Bridge is not a bad choice.

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York Street

Once you head out for the night, perhaps the most fashionable area of the city – and the best for smaller bars that are a little different – is York Street. Spooning Goats, the Mojo Record Bar, Stitch and several others are all busy achieving legendary status with natives and visitors alike.

Don’t be deterred by the bunker-like appearance of Spooning Goats. Inside, this underground mezzanine has a real tucked-away feel and a great high wooden bar. You can sit and enjoy a schooner or two as you watch people walking above on York Street.

Puerto rico Rum Tasting

Mojo Record Bar, meanwhile, is all about the music as the name suggests. The bar only opened in 2012 but is already really popular. Select the vinyls you want to buy or hear, or head to the back to find the bar with a wide range of Aussie beers and great cocktails.

With its Gothic feel, Stitch bar at 61 York Street feels like you’ve walked into a horror movie set. Get into the atmosphere with a Forty-Niner (Bourbon, lemon juice, honey, chilli jam) or one of the other fascinating cocktails.

Sydney bar crawl

But be sure to check out Uncle Ming’s as well – a nicely weird Oriental-feeling basement bar. It’s really got the feel of a dark opium den down here. Fu Man Chu and Ho Chi Sling are among the cocktails themed on underworld drug lords and there’s a wide range of Chinese spirits and Asian beers. Oh yes; try the superb pork dumplings too.

Sydney’s rival city Melbourne is traditionally better known for its backstreets and quirky bars – but there are plenty to go at in Sydney if you know where to look. York Street is the best place to find them, but this is a big city; just make sure you don’t overdo it!

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