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The Best Travel Adapters for Frequent Travelers

We live in the age of technology where few travelers live without mobile or electronic devices. Before setting out for your destination, invest in a good travel adapter.

The following list of travel adapters/converters is ideal for frequent travelers of all ages. They’re lightweight and functional. Rather than take a chance and hope that an accommodation provides adapters, smart travelers bring come prepared.

Learn About Electrical Systems Worldwide

Frequent travelers need to know something about the electrical systems of other countries.

CNN states that “The standard two-prong plug used in the United States is common throughout Canada, Mexico, most of the Caribbean, some of South America and Asia (especially Japan, Korea, and Taiwan).”

Travelers need adapters for most of Continental Europe. A different adapter is needed for Great Britain, Ireland, Singapore, and present or former British colonies. Australia is another place that needs its own adapter.

Voltage is the second thing to consider. Many U.S. appliances work at 110 volts. The voltage in foreign countries is 220 volts. A converter “steps down” the current so you don’t ruin your appliances. Keep in mind that some converters aren’t equipped for long-term use.

Universal electronic adapters are ideal for peripatetic travelers as noted by the Washington Post. Lee Abbamonte claims to have visited every country in the world, stating he’s the youngest American at 35 years old to accomplish such a feat. He notes that South Africa’s socket shape isn’t “found elsewhere on the map.”

Different Types of Adapters and the Countries That Use Them

According to world standards, there are 15 types of electrical plugs. The US Department of Commerce International Trade Administration (ITA) assigns each a letter (A through O).

Types A, B, C, and D are most common. A and B are used in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Japan. C is used in Europe, South America, and Asia. D is used in India. A and C are non-grounded, but B and D are.

All-in-One Converter

All-in-One converters automatically convert outlets from 220V to 110V. Over 150 countries use the four most common plugs included with the converter. This adapter is not recommended for use with dual voltage appliances.

Dual-Voltage USB Adapter Plug

Equipped with two USB ports and interchangeable plugs for four different sockets, this compact adapter works with non-grounded, polarized and non-polarized plugs. Travel with a smartphone, tablet, MP3 player and e-reader with ease.

Set of 3 TravelSmith Colorful Adapter Plugs

Brightly colored and hard-to-miss, this set of adapters work in 150 countries and with non-grounded, two-prong North American plugs. This adapter set comes in its own convenient polyester zip travel pouch, which fits nicely in a carry-on bag or suitcase. It’s designed for dual-voltage appliances up to 2100 watts.

Set of 4 Most-Common Non-Grounded Adapter Plugs

Affordably priced, this set of electrical outlets gives you power nearly everywhere you go. Four adapter plugs in A, B, C, and D types work with non-grounded, two-prong North American plugs in many socket styles. It comes with its own polyester pouch for easy travel.

Finding Your Adapter

The best travel adapters take up little space and charge devices quickly. If communicating with others while traveling is important to you, take time to find the right converter for your needs and pack it for your next trip. This one simple device keeps your phone, laptop, tablet, and camera charged and ready for use throughout your travels. It even gives you access to blow dryers, irons, and even air purifiers. Whatever comfort you experience at home are available as you visit other countries thanks to the adapter/converter you’ve chosen to purchase and use as you travel. The smallest investment makes a difference in how you communicate, share photos and even dress while away from home.