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3 Of The Most Unique Hotels We’ve Stayed At In The Past 3 Years

3 Of The Most Unique Hotels We’ve Stayed At In The Past 3 Years

Over the past 3 years of traveling, we’ve slept in over 408 places with a mix of hotels/planes/campsites/campervan/airports. Yes, that’s right 408 times we’ve had to pack up our bags…and let me tell you packing doesn’t get any easier over time.

Of those nights a few places will always stick out in our minds. There’s the hotel in Ho Chi Minh city that had free laundry and tagged every one of our items with a room 604 tag, no joke 2 years later and we still are finding items with these tags.

Then There’s the Maduzi Hotel in Bangkok that had the massive jacuzzi that filled from the ceiling. However, there are three we always come back to as the most unique and some of our favorites we’ve stayed in over the past 3 years of traveling.

Bungalows Over The Water In The Maldives

Huts over the water Maldives - Most unique Hotels-1-3

Pictures like these we thought weren’t a reality… The Maldives was on our bucket list but we never imagined we’d wake up in one of the bungalows over the water in the middle of the Indian Ocean. We not only visited the Maldives we spent 5 weeks island hopping.

Huts over the water Maldives - Most unique Hotels-1

We were spoiled in the Maldives and had the opportunity to stay in not 1 but 4 different bungalows over the water. So it’s hard to pick which one was our favorite they all were amazing. Each resort was different Cinnamon Ellaidhoo had an amazing house reef and good for those wanting to dive/snorkel.

Huts over the water Maldives - Most unique Hotels-1-2

Cinnamon Dhonveli was a private surf break and popular with surfers but also has a sick beach. Cinnamon Hakurra Huraa I felt like I literally was floating in the middle of the sea it was so far removed from Male the capital. Our last bungalow was at Summer Island Resort Maldives and it had the biggest white sandy beach and the amount of fish you could see right from your room in the see-thru glass floor was insane!

Stanley Safari Lodge Livingstone, Zambia

Top 5 Highlights from the Stanley Safari Lodg-5

Stanley Safari Lodge is probably our favorite hotel we’ve ever stayed at. Halfway into our second African safari we found ourselves back in Livingstone, Zambia (on the Zambia side of Victoria Falls) for four nights and we had the chance to escape our tents and head over to Stanley Safari Lodge for 3 nights.

Everything about this hotel was amazing. We stayed in one of the open concept rooms where we could hear the lions roaring in the distance, enjoy a bath under the African stars, huge king size bed, and complete with our own private butler during our stay.

If I were to do our honeymoon over I’d come here in a heartbeat. To read more about our stay at Stanley Safari Lodge click here.

Top 5 Highlights from the Stanley Safari Lodg-2

Africa has some of the most amazing sunsets but on in Victoria Falls, they’re the best. Every night we watched the sunset from our balcony or the infinity pool where we could even see the spray from Victoria Falls. Stanley safari lodge is a great place to stay while you enjoy all the Victoria falls activities

Leopard Trails Yala National Park Sri Lanka

Leopard Trails Sri Lanka - Most Unique Hotels-1

Leopard Trails glamping tent

Leopard Trails is glamping at it’s finest. We don’t mind camping, but honestly, glamping is where it’s at. It’s the best possible camping experience you can have. If you aren’t a camper but want to stay in a national park and have an experience like camping, then glamping is for you.

We’ve stayed in several glamping campsites before but none of them compare to Leopard Trails in Yala National Park Sri Lanka.

Leopard Trails Sri Lanka - Most Unique Hotels-1-2

Inside our glamping tent, there was a king-size bed, air conditioner, 24-hour power, flushing toilet, indoor hot water shower, dual sinks, robes, basically all the bells and whistles you’d expect in a 5-star hotel.

Leopard Trails is located just outside the gates of Yala National park,  which has the highest population density of leopards in the world!

Leopard Trails Sri Lanka - Most unique Hotels-1-4
Leopard Trails is an all-inclusive property with all meals & game drives included. After our afternoon game drive, the staff set up an amazing campfire & bar and then they had a dinner served underneath a million stars.

What’s the most amazing hotel you’ve ever stayed at?


Friday 9th of September 2016

WOW! Never knew that Sri Lanka had such an awesome wildlife experience! Leopard Trails looks amazing. You guys are so lucky to enjoy such a variety of experiences across the world. Keep giving us updates :)


Wednesday 14th of September 2016

We didn't realize Sri Lanka had amazing wildlife either. Leopard Trails was an amazing place to stay. Stay tuned for more of our travels.


Friday 29th of July 2016

I came across this blog and I find it very interesting. . 408 places in 3 Years. I can't believe it. You are really having a great time.



Friday 29th of July 2016

Yep 408 places in 3 years we've been busy traveling. The bungalows over the water in the Maldives will be hard to top!