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The Tastiest Tour in Vancouver ~ Gourmet Ice Cream Tour

The Tastiest Tour in Vancouver ~ Gourmet Ice Cream Tour

Food tours are nothing new, but have you ever heard of an ice cream tour? Us neither! Being the ice cream addict that I am, there was no question we had to go and indulge ourselves on the tastiest tour in Vancouver.  Off the eaten track tours recently started the gourmet ice cream tour in Vancouver and it has been a sell-out every tour. We actually were in town for the last tour of the season, talk about great timing.

We are no strangers to food tours, it’s our first choice of tours when in a new city. We have a long track record of food tours:

This time, it was all about my personal favorite: ICE CREAM! 

1. Railtown Cafe

Canada-Vancouver-ice cream tour-4

Our tour started at Railtown cafe, which was within walking distance of our downtown Vancouver hotel the Wedgewood. We met our guide and group of 10 other ice cream lovers at 5 p.m. for the first taste of the tour. We started the tour by introducing ourselves and our favorite flavor of ice-cream. Just as I finished our first sample arrived consisting of 3 scoops: blueberry sorbet, coconut, and maple walnut.

Canada-Vancouver-ice cream tour-3

I am usually not a fan of fruity flavors but devoured the blueberry sorbet. It was like nothing I had ever had before, creamy and refreshing. The second scoop was my first taste of maple ice cream, which no one on gourmet ice cream tour could believe… they were all Canadians with maple being their favorite flavor. After my first bite, I now see why the Canadians love it so much. I highly dislike anything coconut, therefore my coconut scoop ended up in Adam’s bowl which he devoured with a smile!

2. Cadeaux Bakery

Canada-Vancouver-ice cream tour-10

After we scraped our bowls it was time to hit the streets and make our way over to our second stop on our gourmet ice cream tour in Vancouver. About a 5-minute walk away was Cadeaux Bakery, where ice-cream sandwiches were waiting for us. We had our choice of vanilla ice cream or strawberry ice cream on a homemade chocolate shortbread cookie.

Adam and I both went with the classic vanilla ice cream sandwich. What sets this ice cream sandwich apart from any other I have ever had is the cookie… oooh the cookie! I didn’t want the last bite to come, and it did, I think my tongue cried. It’s safe to safe this was the highlight of the gourmet ice cream tour.

3. Soft Peaks

Canada-Vancouver-ice cream tour-15

Our next stop Soft Peaks was a short walk away in the Gastown part of Vancouver. Soft Peaks is organic milk soft serve ice cream, which is something I had never heard of before. We tried their most famous flavor the honeycomb peak. It’s their signature swirl soft serve with a local honeycomb on top and sprinkled with cereal. This sounded all strange to me, but my tongue loved it. A little piece of honeycomb with every bite was a nice touch. NOTE: The smallest size at Soft Peaks puts other companies large to shame.

4. Twisted Ice Cream

Canada-Vancouver-ice cream tour-17

We almost walked right by Twisted Ice Cream, as it is the smallest ice cream shop in British Columbia. I think you can see why…

Canada-Vancouver-ice cream tour-20

Get your twisted ice cream in a cup or a cone and add drizzles or toppings. On our ice cream tour, we had our ice cream drizzled with chocolate or coconut flakes. The creations are endless, stop by frequently as they change their drizzles & toppings weekly.

After a four-course meal consisting solely of ice cream, not only was I full, I was more than satisfied. If you find yourself in Vancouver during the summer months make sure to cool off with some ice cream! Also, make sure to check and see if there is room on Off the beaten track tours gourmet ice cream tour.