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The Wedgewood | Classic Luxury in Vancouver

The Wedgewood | Classic Luxury in Vancouver

Located in a prime downtown location The Wedgewood is a bit of classic luxury in the heart of downtown Vancouver. The Wedgewood is a place where no detail is missed and nothing overlooked.



Each of the 80+ rooms are nicely appointed in traditional style and comfort. We rested our heads on a king size mattress with views of the city right from the bed.


The rooms are done in suite style with separate living room with couch and lounges. The classic style flows into the bathroom with beautiful marble and tile work covering every inch.

Family Run

Wedgewood - Bacchus-1-2

Something rare to find in this day and age is that The Wedgewood is family owned and operated. Eleni Skalbania opened the doors to the Wedgewood in 1984, the hotel and has been passed through generations.

Recently Eleni’s Daughter, Elpie Marinakis Jackson, took the lead. Elpie and the rest of the Wedgewood team are poised to take the hotel into the future.

Bacchus Restaurant

Wedgewood - Bacchus-4

On the ground floor of The Wedgewood is one of the city’s top restaurants – Bacchus. Dark wood tables with luxurious classic armchairs make the perfect setting to enjoy a top-notch meal.

Daily breakfast is included in most room rates and includes a greek yogurt parfait and traditional pastries. Come dinner time the lights are dimmed and live music comes from the piano for cocktails and dinner.

We dined at Bacchus during our stay and they prepared their signature Taste of B.C. menu. Everything on the plate was sourced from the area, local, fresh, and delicious.

Fitness Room

The Wedgewood - Classic Luxury in Vancouver-1

Something we miss while traveling is definitely a gym and The Wedgewood had a nice one as far as hotels go. With enough machines and weight to service a hotel twice the size, there was never a shortage.

Along with the abundance of equipment, it was the quality of the machines were also quite good. Just another thing that wasn’t overlooked by the owners of The Wedgewood.


The Wedgewood - Classic Luxury in Vancouver-2

The Wedgewood is where the stars stay in Vancouver. We got a private tour of the rooms that many Hollywood stars have called home while filming in Vancouver. The longest staying star was Pierce Brosnan who called The Wedgewood home for more than a month while in Vancouver.

We had a wonderful stay at The Wedgewood on our last trip to Vancouver. The rooms to the staff everything was perfect.