Things To Do In Cartagena Colombia

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Cartagena Colombia Day Trip with Martin-10

Our first stop in Colombia was the colonial town of Cartagena. A Spanish port town that they used to extract all of the gold, emeralds, and the rest of the good stuff from South America back to Europe. The city was chosen due to its protective bays that they then surrounded by fortresses.

Cartagena Colombia Day Trip with Martin

There must have been quite a bit of valuables coming and going from here because this town is fortified. From the walls around the entire city, and the numerous stone installments to guard the city.

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This is one of my favorite statues I have ever seen, mostly because of the guy it is made for, they call him ‘The Half Man’, or ‘Mediohombre‘ in Spanish. His actual name is Blas de Lezo and this guy was a trooper. He is missing his right arm, left leg, and his left eye. Yet he has still got a sword in his hand ready to kick ass. He earned this statue from his work defending what is modern day Cartagena in the 1741 battle against Brittan.

This statue sits in Cartagena, Colombia outside one of the may fortresses in the Spanish colonial city. I like this picture because the flag and the statue standout nicely along side the massive walls.

La Popa

On the other side of the city, there is no shortage of churches, monasteries, and convents. Some of the cities best views come from an active convent dating back to the 1500’s. At some point, it was abandoned, but the efforts in the 1960’s brought it back to its present shape, but they also gave its current name. La Popa, if you look at the hill that the structure sits on, it looks like an upside down ship, and the convent is the ‘poop deck’ of the ship, and in Spanish: ‘La Popa”, not a very fitting name, but it looks like it stuck.

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The last stop on our tour with Martin wasn’t something we would normally sign up for but it turned out to be pretty interesting the Emerald Museum. I knew that Colombia was known for emeralds, but after leaving here we know a ton more.

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We spent the day touring Cartagena as guests of Martin, at Cartagena Tour Guide.

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  1. Nice post! I think Columbia is one of those places that people shy away from. It’s great to hear about the positive side of it! 🙂 Also, the emeralds are beautiful!


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