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Travel Apps All Travelers Should Have

Travel Apps All Travelers Should Have

I cannot imagine traveling without my smartphone. I rely on my phone and apps in particular on a daily basis. Traveling couldn’t be any easier, can you image not being able to book a hotel from you phone? Or even getting walking distance in a foreign city? I sure couldn’t!

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Our Must-Have Travel Apps



Planning a trip can be stressful, and then trying to keep everything organized forget about it! Well, that was until I found TripVerse. Here you can “discover” other travelers trips, and see suggested activities/restaurants/etc. Then start your own trip and add activities that you want to do to it, complete with addresses and all the other information that would get lost had it not been for TripVerse. I like creating my trips on the computer, and then when I am out exploring I launch the app and my trip details are at my fingertips.


When we first arrive into a new city I tend to hop on Yelp and search for a cheap happy hour or most popular local restaurants. Yelp is great for many reasons, often times others who have reviewed places will post pictures of the menus. I love knowing the prices before I venture to a place, that way I know for sure it’s within our travel budget. Yelp also features great filters like: open now, price range, distance from you now, delivery, offering deals, free Wi-Fi, and many more.



In case you didn’t know I love Snapchat….I even got my grandma on Snapchat. It’s so much sharing my travels from around the world we others. Give them a little mini vacation during their workday, or maybe even some travel inspiration. Make sure to follow me and my favorite travel bloggers on Snapchat, as you might find a destination to add to your bucket list. I love following others on Snapchat to see what they are up to, and wherein the world they are.

White Noise

A white noise app has turned a noisy hotel into a manageable nights rest. We have used our white noise app in our tent in Africa when other’s were still at the campfire chatting, relied on it on our apartment in Chiang Mai where we lived right by a noisy late night bar, and even on flights to help me fall asleep.  I use TM Soft which available for Apple & Android and like the brown noise.


money exchange

When traveling to new destinations I always check the XE app to see the current exchange rate.  On our African safari, we typically exchanged money at every border, as ATM’s were either out of money (yes this happens) or not working. It is best to know what the actual rate is before exchanging money, that way you can shop around for the best rate. I also advise you to watch the rates of countries you’re going to for a few weeks, that way when you are in that country when you see a good rate day you know to hit up the ATM. If you are taking money out of an ATM this will not matter.


Google Translate

Google translate really saves the day when you are looking for something specific, need directions, or just numbers to make sure you don’t get ripped off. We have used Google translate to correspond numerous times, my favorite was with a cute little old lady that ran a guesthouse in Colombia. We passed the phone back and forth speaking in English and it would say it back in Spanish for her.  I highly recommend knowing a few sayings and numbers, you will find the locals will appreciate the effort.

Do you have recommendations for travel apps all travelers should have? I’d love to hear, just leave a comment below!



Tuesday 17th of November 2015

I would also add a decent navigational app Spyglass. It works great when offline, assuming that you pre-download the maps that you need in advance. It shows your accurate coordinates and your current position on a map, allows to mark locations and waypoints, share your locations with friends and much more.


Tuesday 17th of November 2015

I will have to look into Spyglass, haven't used that one before. Thanks for sharing!


Monday 16th of November 2015

My favorite by far has to be Foursquare. So good to use!


Tuesday 17th of November 2015

I do love Four Square too, scored a bunch of free wine tasting in California last month!