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Why You Should Rent an RV

Why You Should Rent an RV

Traveling the United States can be just as rewarding and fun as traveling the globe, especially if you’re in an RV. RV travel is the best of both worlds; you have the freedom and flexibility of being mobile, but the conveniences and comforts of home. Plus, you’ll save a lot of money if you’re not flying all over the country and staying in hotels.

Now you’re starting to think, right? You’re probably wondering if it’s possible for you to go on your own RV journey. Well, it is, and here’s why – You don’t need to own an RV to take off on an adventure! You can rent an RV for weeks or even months at a time. So, pack your bags, get your “US passport” out, and get ready to get stamped in every state!

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Where to Rent an RV

Traditionally, if you wanted to rent an RV for vacation, you would have to go through a dealership or chain rental service. (We’ve all seen the RV rentals driving down the highway before). And while this gave people the opportunity to travel in an RV, which is great, it also had a few caveats.

Renting from a chain service can get expensive, the vehicles aren’t always in the best shape, and the customer service often leaves much to be desired.

Opportunities for Individuals – Peer to Peer Networking

RV rentals have become tremendously popular over the last several years. RV ownership is growing faster than it ever has before, with more than 400,000 people buying RVs each year. Unfortunately, about 90% of those RVs sit in driveways or storage for most of the year. What’s the solution? Renting your RV to someone who wants to use it!

Enter peer to peer networking. Thanks to sites like Airbnb, people are now connecting with one another renting out their homes, RVs, cars; what have you. It’s the perfect solution for RV owners who don’t have the time to travel in their RV – and it’s the perfect solution for travelers who don’t want to buy an RV! RVshare is one such site. In fact, it’s the largest P2P RV rental network in the world. Here’s how it works:

  • Owners snap a few photos and upload them to the platform. They set whatever nightly rate they want, along with any rules they have for using their RV.
  • Renters search through a huge marketplace of RVs, based on their travel dates and location. You’ll see RVs of all shapes, sizes, and ages.
  • When you find the RV you want, you’ll submit a reservation request. The owner will do a background check on you before they decide. In the meantime, you can message them through the platform if you have questions.
  • Once approved, you’ll pay a security deposit (just like you would with a chain rental service). This may go toward your rental cost at the end, or it may be a refundable damage deposit, depending on the terms in the listing.
  • When you go to pick up the RV, the owner will walk you through it and go over everything. They’ll show you how to use everything and answer any questions you might have.
  • Both you and the owner are covered by liability insurance while you’re traveling. You’ll also have free 24/7 roadside assistance. You do, however, need to have your own auto insurance. You can get this through your current auto provider. In some cases, you can purchase coverage via the owner along with your rental (it will say so in the ad).
  • Once your trip is over, just refill the gas tanks and return the RV. It couldn’t be easier. Don’t forget to leave a review on the site and tell other renters about your experience!

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Why Renting an RV is an Awesome Idea

Renting an RV is not only easy; it’s also surprisingly affordable. Sites like RVshare have rentals as low as $10 per day. You’re just not going to find that anywhere else! There are other benefits as well:

  • You’ll save a ton of money than you would traveling in other ways. Vacationing in an RV can save you up to 60% on travel costs!
  • You’re not limited to staying in one place for a set amount of time. You can pick up and go whenever you want.
  • You’ll see the United States the way they’re meant to be seen. America is full of beauty and culture. Ditch the tourist traps and get out there and really explore!
  • Renting from a site like RVshare supports small businesses! You’re renting from an individual or family who loves RVing themselves – what better way to support your fellow traveler? Plus, P2P rental rates tend to be a lot lower than chain rentals and dealerships.
  • You can get some pretty great deals on P2P rentals. Look for discounts on longer reservations (like a few weeks or months) and off-season discounts. You may be able to find some one-way deals as well. If that’s not enough, you can always message the owner through the system and try to negotiate a deal! 
  • You get all the bells and whistles that you would with a big chain dealership: liability coverage, an orientation, and walkthrough when you pick up the rig, roadside assistance, and more.
  • Campgrounds are less expensive than hotels as it is, but if you want to save even more money, you should try out dry camping! Camping without hookups is exciting, adventurous, and often free. Plus, you’ll be able to camp in some of the most beautiful places in the States.

The Wrap Up

Traveling in an RV is the experience of a lifetime, and everyone should do it! Even if you’ve traveled all over the world, you’re missing out if you haven’t been RVing yet. Now, with P2P rentals, anyone can rent an RV. Whether you want to rent for a couple of weeks, months, or more, you’ll save money and support travel-lovers like yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Go rent an RV and get those wheels rolling!