You’re crazy if you go to Thailand and don’t visit Ko…

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See I told you. Just look at that water. This is Koh Lipe aka “The Maldives of Thailand.” Arguably the most beautiful of all the Thai islands. In my opinion, it’s no contest, Koh Lipe wins. Here’s a video from our last trip.

So, you went to Thailand and you didn’t go to Koh Lipe? I guess it’s understandable, it’s still a lesser-known island, and it’s kind of a bitch to get to, honestly. When off on a Thailand island hopping adventure it’s the southernmost island in Thailand. Koh Lipe Thailand isn’t exactly the easiest island to get to with the need for a plane, a car, and a boat to get there. I guess that’s part of what keeps it somewhat of a hidden gem.

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Koh Lipe is the furthest south of all Thailand’s Islands. On a clear day, you can just about see Malaysia. The island is surrounded on all sides by some of the prettiest blue waters I have ever seen. The Sunrise Beach side of the island is my personal favorite and if I could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, I would probably pick that beach.

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Aside from the stunning natural beauty of Koh Lipe, there is just a good vibe on the island. Skip the kids drowning in their buckets of Thai whiskey in places like  Koh Phi Phi or the mess that is Koh Phangan. Koh Lipe is more laid back. The main road on the island is called Walking Street, and it’s lined with restaurants and a few bars with more of a fun beach bar vibe.

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If it’s an adventure you are seeking Koh Lipe has you covered there too. The area around Koh Lipe is full of dive and snorkel sites and it actually borders the Tarutao National Marine Park. Along with underwater activities, things to do in Koh Lipe are plentiful, and Koh Lipe on a budget can be done.

There is hiking on the surrounding uninhabited islands. You can even volunteer to help the local ecology on a trash pick up every Monday. It may not be the first thing you think of doing while on a holiday, but it goes to show the progressive and interesting vibe on Koh Lipe.

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Ok, so you are heading to Thailand and you had no idea Koh Lipe existed and now you want to go. Don’t worry we’ve you covered, check out our Koh Lipe Guide. It’s true the island is a bit harder to get to than say Koh Samui or Phuket, but that extra level of difficulty keeps the crowds down so you can have a bigger slice of this pristine beach. Plus, 3 days in Bangkok is enough time and if you leave Bangkok in the morning you’ll be to Koh Lipe by mid-afternoon.

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So what are you waiting? Say Phuket, and cancel your room in the typical Thailand beaches and start planning your trip to the best island, Koh Lipe!

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18 thoughts on “You’re crazy if you go to Thailand and don’t visit Ko…”

  1. Sounds awesome, I’m headed to Thailand for the second time and we definatley want to do more non-tourist things this time around.

    How many days would you suggest for ko Lipe ?

    Thanks! Your blog is super helpful!

    • Hope you have an amazing Thailand trip and you must have had a blast the first time since you are coming back. I would say at least 3 nights in Koh Lipe as it is a long travel day just to get to Koh Lipe. Let us know if you have any other Thailand questions.

  2. My wife and I will be in Koh Lipe in two days!! We are in Chiang Mai now and we’re in Bangkok for 2 and a half days before that. You blog has been priceless. We’ll s no some updates from the beach!
    Craig and Emily

  3. Hi Hannah and Adam,
    Great site, thanks! We (couple travelling with kids 10 and 12) are visiting Lipe during february. Accomodation has already been arranged – a split between 10 moons and Serendipity.
    Do you have any “must experience” recommendations for us/the kids? (or anything to avoid for that matter 🙂
    Best regards
    Lars (Denmark)

    • Those are two of the best properties to stay at in our opinion. Def rent a private longtail boat for the day, you’ll probably get a better price from the boat taxi stand on the beach instead of with your hotel. We paid 1500 baht ($45 ) for two people private boat for 8 hours one day and the other day we went to islands further out for 2000 baht. Have a long tail bring you to Koh Adang 100 baht per person each way, there is a great hike that the kids could do. We have a guide here Let us know if you want any other recommendations. Safe travels

  4. I just went to Koh Lipe on a total whim and it was incredible! We were traveling through Malaysia and were spending a week in Langkawi. After strolling through the streets of Langkawi I kept seeing tour offices advertising to get to Thailand – it was only an hour boat ride away! The plan was to make a day of it and take the early boat from Langkawi to Koh Lipe and return back to Malaysia on the evening boat. The second my feet hit the sand I knew we were staying more than a day! This place was incredible. It was my first glimpse into Thailand and I’m thinking it spoiled me for the rest of the country!

  5. Cheers for this one. I’m off to Thailand in July – rainy season I know, but I want to avoid the crowds. And I’ve been looking for lesser known islands and this one sounds perfect!

  6. Koh Lipe looks fabulous! My wife and I traveled to Thailand a couple of years ago and spent most of our time in Koh Samui. The Marine National Park in the area was the most beautiful. We did make it to the neighboring island Koh Phanagan and such, lucky it was quiet and no full moon parties. Would like to return and see Krabi and now Koh LIpe as well! Your photos are amazing!

    • Can you believe we’ve never been to Koh Samui!!! We do want to get there though, and Koh Lanta. We have no interest in the full moon parties either. You will love Koh Lipe.


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