08 Nov NYC on the cheap

Travel is what you make it, and in New York City it's easy to make it expensive. On the other hand with a little effort you can enjoy city life on a very tight budget. Here is our guide to NYC on the cheap. Getting In/Out When you fly into NYC you are not on Manhattan, you are in a surrounding borough. Laguardia and JFK are both in Queens. A cab ride from either will run you about $40-$50 to...

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Secert Bar

31 Oct A cheap drunk in the city

Getting sloppy in Manhattan can put a dent in your wallet if you let it. Here are a few sure fire ways to get fired up with keeping your tab down. Happy Hour Hunting There are lots of great cheap bars in NYC, you just need to find them. A couple of good mobile apps to have for this reason are Yelp and Four Square. When looking on Yelp you can search by bar type. We have found the best chance of finding...

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