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We built this site for the vacation-loving adventure seekers that would never let a single hour of vacation time off go unused. We write for those people who truly believe in Susan Sontag’s timeless travel quote, “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”

These are the readers and people who keep us going and get us through the red-eye flights and publishing deadlines. If any part of that description fits you, we’re glad you found us! This is our passion that we are happy to share with you. So, welcome, fellow lover of the journey, you’ve come to the right place!

What you are going to find here

All you are going to find on the pages of Getting Stamped are travel guides, tips, and stories from some of the best places on earth. Nothing but first-hand, boots on the ground (ok, well, maybe flip flops sometimes) info and guides. We want to show you the places we have been and help you navigate a new destination bringing you to the best sights while avoiding the pitfalls we likely fell into.

Our Goals

Here at Getting Stamped, the goals are simple, show you the best travel destinations on the planet in a meaningful way. Our mission is to inspire you through our pretty pictures and videos, but it doesn’t stop there. We want to then help you to plan and make the most out of each and every trip you take.

Why? Because life is short, and vacation is even shorter, we believe the more people travel, the more they grow, and the world will be a better place because of it. Plus, you’ll get some great selfies along the way, but seriously more about the better world stuff, less about the selfies.

Family with young children taking a photo on the beach in Florida on vacation

Who are we? 

Getting Stamped is written by real people, two people to be exact, Hannah & Adam. This is not some big publishing company spewing words onto the interwebs. This is personal, not in an awkward way, but hopefully in a ‘hey, that’s pretty awesome kinda way.

Our website started out as just the two of us, writing about our travels as a couple and tons of travel guides and tips. Well, we have expanded, and now we also write about family travel, traveling with kids, and review posts too.

Our son Atlas was born in 2019, right before the pandemic and borders closed. We were able to squeeze one international trip with him in at three months old before we were forced home to wait it out. We took that time at home to keep chugging away at our website as we saw travel disappear, as did our traffic and income at that time. 

We weren’t going to give up on travel or our website! We kept at it, raised our son, and decided it was no better time than now to have another child. Enter our daughter Isla in the summer of 2021. Yep, our two kids are 20 months apart. We sure do have our hands full, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! 

Well, we all know how that went. Two years later, things finally started opening up again in 2022. 

We now are traveling the world as a family of four, with WAY more luggage than we use to. But we are having the best time of our lives and making tons of memories along the way. 

How did this all start? When was Getting Stamped born?

This site and our crazy life of travel started about ten years ago because of a chance conversation with total strangers. We both had been working our careers for nearly a decade, and the ripe ole’ age of 30 was rapidly approaching.

A series of events lead us to question, “Is this all there is to life?”. We had a nice house, good jobs, you know, living the American Dream – but something was missing. Maybe you can relate.

Back to that life-changing conversation with those random people… Have you ever had one of those moments that very clearly defines your life? A moment that you know you’ll never be the same again – ever!

We had one of those moments on a small boat in Central America. We were on a bumpy boat ride heading to an island off the coast of Belize during one of the week-long trips we took each year.

We started talking with the couple next to us, not knowing the words we exchanged would alter the entire path of our lives. Over the course of the 45-minute ride, they told us they had just sold everything they owned and were traveling the world for the next year or so. To which we responded, “but you can’t do that!?!” (actually, it turns out you can – and we did).

After returning home from that trip, we found many inspiring travel blogs that lead us to create our website to inform and inspire the next generation of travelers. Getting Stamped was first a place for us to document our journey around the world.

We bought one-way tickets to Belize, the place where this idea all started, for what was to be a one-year trip. Our Round the World Trip (RTW trip) went from one year and turned to two years, then turned into over ten years now. Travel has completely changed the way we live our lives. Now Getting Stamped is a place for journeys big, small, and everything in between.

Maybe we can be those random people for you, and we hope we are. However, if that’s not what you came here for, there is nothing wrong with that. No matter what you came here for, let us help you plan the trip of a lifetime together.

Things you might want to know – Getting Stamped FAQ

What’s your favorite country?

While we generally despise this question, since you asked nicely, the places we would never hesitate to buy a plane ticket to are the Philippines, Namibia, or the Maldives. Every place holds special memories for us, and it’s just too hard to pick a favorite.

Cities are easier to pick favorites – we’ll always love Prague and Budapest in Europe, Bangkok is a love-it-or-hate-it place, and we love it, and surprisingly our hometown of Milwaukee is actually pretty cool!

How many countries have you been to?

Some people think counting countries is arrogant and douchey – well, we think the same of them. We’ve been to around 80 countries, and while we haven’t gotten around to writing about them all, you can find stories and information on most of them here on our destinations page.

What’s the craziest trip you’ve ever been on?

Camping in Africa while driving from Nairobi to Cape Town was pretty crazy, in the best ways possible, of course. We’ve spent a total of 100+ nights camping in 11 countries in Africa, and it’s something we recommend to everyone looking for a truly amazing trip. Read more about this trip here.

Another crazy trip was when we drove our homemade campervan from Wisconsin to Alaska. Our daily driver is a 2006 Honda minivan (jealous, I know) that we ripped out all of the seats and made into a camper. In the summer of 2017, we drove to Alaska in it. Read more about that here. In 2015 we took our van on a 3-month road trip in the US and Canada.

We also hiked three days through remote villages in Guatemala – more on that here

Dove with Great White Sharks in South Africa – read more

And even got tattooed by a monk in Thailand – read more

How do you guys afford to travel so much?

The simple answer is, because of this website. However, the full story is much more complicated than just owning a website. This website is our job. We spend way more than 40 hours a week times two people, plus we contract help to keep all of the internet wheels spinning.

Sometimes destinations or travel brands might send us places, so we can experience and share them with you. Sometimes we go places paying full price just so we can go, and we will write about them for our website or other publications, which generates money keeping us traveling. You may also see some adverts here and there, but we hope you see that as a minimal price to pay for literally thousands of pages of free content and guides. Well, ‘cause plane tickets aren’t free, and contrary to popular belief, we do still pay for a bunch of our own travels.

How do I do what you guys do?

Most people think we have the best job on the planet, and they are probably right. However, there is a lot of work and even more coffee that goes into the backend of keeping this site and our social media running with high-quality content.

Most travel bloggers will sugarcoat it while trying to sell you a course on how to be a blogger. The reality is there is a lot of work that goes into this before you will ever see a dime.

It takes, on average, about two years of blogging nearly full time to start making enough money to even think about paying your rent from it. We say start doing it because you love doing it, not for the money.

If you put the money first, you’re probably better off working a second job to travel more. The reality is we started ten years ago, and since then, there have been literally hundreds of thousands of travel blogs that have started.

We’re not trying to discourage you from starting your own blog. We’re just being brutally honest with you rather than lying to you just to make a few bucks off your attempt at travel blogging, and we hope you can respect that. It’s not impossible, but just know it’s not all sexy Instagram photos and coconuts on the beach!

Where Do You Live?

We spent four years living out of our suitcases as we traveled the world, but in the summer of 2017, we decided to get a home base back in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Now we spend three weeks at home in Milwaukee per month on average.

Alright, that’s enough about us.

Now it’s time to start planning your next adventure. In case you are looking for some inspiration.

Do you need a beach vacation?

Set your beach towel down in Belize, Playa Del Carmen & Tulum Mexico, Thailand, The Philippines, Maldives, or Aruba.

Looking for some culture?

It’s customary to check out Thailand, Morocco, Guatemala, Cambodia, Vietnam, or India.

Need some adventure in your life?

Get your adrenaline pumping in New Zealand, Namibia, or even an Overland Safari

Nature and Wildlife?

Go wild in Canada, Tanzania, or the Galapagos.

Honeymooning soon?

Put these on your list: Thailand, Aruba, Maldives, and Costa Rica.

128 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hi! Thank you for all of the useful information. I would like to visit Playa del Carmen in January, but I read that the beaches have a lot of seaweed. Is this true of all the beaches? Any help would be appreciated!

  2. Hello!
    I am also from Milwaukee (south side)! We are leaving for Holbox, Mexico in a few days and really appreciate the recommendations. One thing I can’t seem to find is advice about ensuring we have filtered water on the island. I have read that they have basically banned single use plastic. Are there other options or would you recommend we try to bring some sort of purifying system?
    Thanks again for the tips 🙂

    • Hi Jolene,

      We hope you made it and had a great trip to Holbox! Sorry, we didn’t catch this question in time with all of this craziness going on these past few months, good to hear from another Milwaukeean! What did you think of Holbox?

  3. Hi, I am huge fan! ^__^
    I saw your blog about Petra
    that’s so awesome!
    Do you know someone we can hire to take photos?
    Like photographers in Petra?
    Your response would be highly appreciated!

    • We love to hear that! Sorry, we only spent one day in Petra with a total of 3 days in Jordan so we don’t have any recommendations. It’s an amazing place so I hope you find someone to capture your trip. Safe travels.

      • A great blog with all helpful guidelines for traveling the world its nice to hear about Tanzania! this place really offers true adventure of all the time.
        Hearing about Serengeti endless plain😊 this is a place to be for sure

  4. Hannah and Adam just a note to thank you for your brutal honesty when giving advice on your blog. I am a 63-year-old male, single, and I am taking care of my elderly 86 year old father. He is my number one priority right now. When he passes away, I would like to do some traveling. However, with the fighting that is going on in a lot of countries and the fighting and all, is it safe to travel without getting yourself kidnaped by terrorists? How do you find work or I guess a job in other countries to work to pay for a place to stay and eat? Also, can you find a travel companion who would be willing to backpack, hike, with you, preferably a woman in my case or is something that would get me in trouble? Anyway, these are the dumb question that I have. I have been to the southern part of England for two years as a nineteen-year-old and then was given a three-year assignment with the USAir Force in 1981. There are more travels that would be nice to do, but who knows what life has to offer. Anyway keep up the great work, I hope you continue your travels and enjoy your life together.

    • Thanks Kent! We hope you get out and see the world! While there is some fight in some places of the world it’s only a small fraction. I think a great place to start would be in South-east Asia, it’s affordable and lots to see. Working on the road can be tough legally, but anything can be done. I hope you find a way to do it for yourself! Safe Travels!

  5. Hi Hannah & Adam, we would love the Bora Bora experience but can’t afford it right now. Love the huts on the water is there any where else my husband and I can go for that same experience but more affordable?

    • There are lots of options to have a similar experience without the cost of Bora Bora. The two ways to make a trip like this more affordable is location and time of the year. Several places around the world offer this type of accommodation, one of the cheapest is in Panama, there are also affordable places in Malaysia. The other option is to trave off the peaks season. We traveled the Maldives for several weeks during the summer season which is also monsoon season which does bring rains, but we still enjoyed our time and prices during this time are very reasonable and flights are getting cheaper every year! Hope that helps!

  6. I just got your tip for the tuck tuck in Siem Reap. Wa are a Brazilian couple heading Camboja tomorrow. If you guys get to go to Brazil, I will be pleased to host you.

  7. Hello! I love your site and lifestyle! I’m a college student right now and am having an extremely difficult time deciding on a major because I want to see the world and its cultures and everything that goes with it. I don’t want to waste my youth just sitting in an office or something with a puny 3 weeks per year vacation. I’m currently studying Graphic Design and am interested in multimedia including TV and Video. I’m also looking into a trade, too, for the pay. I’m still relatively undecided. Any advice?

    • Hi Dylan – Thanks! We agree with you on not wasting your youth behind a desk! We would suggest doing what you’re truly passionate about. Once you have that figured out you can figure how to do it pretty much anywhere in the world. Graphic Design is one of the best things to do remotely, and you can find video work just about anywhere too. Good luck!

  8. Just got back from visiting Cuba and your Trinidad guide is on point. Any tips on starting a travel blog like yours. Would love to be able to travel 24/7 and document. Thanks!

  9. I worked in Australia on a working holiday, a short stint in Qatar with the Asian Games, as well as in Zambia, Sudan, and Chad doing community development/humanitarian aid work. I also spent 6 months in Afghanistan with the army at one point as well. Iceland, Bhutan, Israel, and South Africa always come to mind for favourite places to visit.

    Have you considered trying to find something where you can work remotely so you can keep being abroad? I guess that would really depend on the type of industry you have experience in!

    • It’s possible to find work just about anywhere in the world, if not on the ground in a country there are endless options of work to be done online. We work while we travel and have been on the road the past four years doing it this way! Sounds like you have it figured out too. Maybe we will run into each other somewhere in the world! Safe Travels!

  10. I happened to surf onto your site somehow. It’s very detailed so thank you for taking the time to share the info! My story is the opposite of yours, I spent most of my mid 20’s to mid 30’s living and working abroad before coming back to Vancouver to start a life. Now I’m quite happy to take shorter trips throughout the year. I’m always happy to meet other people who have done similar things as it feels like meeting a kindred spirit!

    • Glad you found us and sharing your story with us. There is no bad time to travel in your life. Where did you all work abroad? Some day we hope to work abroad and possibly start a family abroad. Where has been your favorite place to visit?

  11. Wow, This is so wonderful. thank you for the inspiration. I admire your guys courage. Keep following your dreams , have a lot of fun and be safe.

  12. What an inspiration!!! Amazing story displaying two obviously strong people chasing thier dreams! I love it! Turn the music up and pull out the camera! My kind of people! Have fun guys, take it all in! Drink one for me!

  13. Hannah & Adam’s blog / site is amazing. Before heading to Thailand (for my third turn) I wanted to see if there were any new resources for where to go/what to see. That’s when I stumbled onto their site. Which was a blessing. Great info. Up to date. I was even able to get in touch with them about some of the places I was planning on hitting. Since it had been 7+ years since I’d been to Thailand Hannah gave me some insight on how things had changed in previously visited areas. I used to roam around with heavy lonely planet guidebooks. Now you just pull up their site and a quick guide on what to see/hit is right there. If you’re looking for good insight/intel on your next trip follow these two.

  14. I just fell in love with you two after discovering your blog this morning. I’m inspired and just sent your blog to my husband. We love travel and vacation 4-6 times a year. However, this is so cool and something I want to create for ourselves! You guys rock!!!

  15. I looked through and absolutely love your blog.
    I’m reading about your trip to Cuba as I’m planning one for next year also.
    How did you get that interactive map? It’s so cool !!!

  16. You two are such an inspiration! All my fiancé and I talk about is traveling the world. We feel that there is more to life then living 8-5 every day and staying in one spot your whole life. Would love to hear more about your story on how you started ! I’ve been doing some research and feel if we really want to see the world we need to get out and make it happen. Every day we feel like it’s now or never, and time is flying already! Thank you for what you do to keep people like me inspired!

    • Thank you for the kind words. Start saving and make it happen it will so be worth it. We just really our spending down on paper and figured out where we could cut from. Everything is possible. Feel free to email us any other questions. Safe travels!

  17. Hope you are well. We just went to Bora Bora. I understand the grind of a high level job at CBS. My wife and I love life, but give you guys credit for dropping it and seeing the world. My wife works for the cake boss so we get to travel a lot here and there. But nothing like this. Enjoy! What reef did you like the best? We are certified and really like Maui and islamorada.

  18. Hey guys! What an inspiring story you two are! My wife and I are planning a 12 month RTW trip beginning in April 2017, and we have lots of questions! We lead a similar story as we both have great jobs in Austin, but there is more to life than the 9-5 job. We live in Austin and love it, but have a yearning to get out into the world! I think most of our questions will revolve around working on the road, and the best/most effective ways to manage a blog and social media. Would love some more input from you all if you have the time! Thanks and cheers from Texas!

  19. Wow, those are a lot of places. I see you have covered India pretty thoroughly. I live in Chennai, Madras to me. I am a photographer too. Have been for the past 47+ years. Yes! I am 65 and Eurasian.Since I plan on resuming my travel urge with photography after a few difficult years, my finding this site is the perfect timing.
    I have just read a little and like what I see. My two daughters do a lot of what you do and I guess my turn is coming soon. Probably from this December.
    Anyway just to keep things short. I like what I see and want to see more. Will read and occasionally make comments.
    You have nice site.

  20. Hi Adam and Hannah, I am a begginer in traveling. And I always wonder, Have you ever made an itinerary for all of your journey? Because I’ve never made one 🙂
    I need some advice how to enjoy the journey itself without any bound to any schedule . And I do really love all of your story.

  21. Hey guys! Nice to meet you. 🙂 54 countries – that’s a big WOW! Your blog is awesome, we are looking forward to reading more of your adventures.
    We are also travelling as a couple, not full-time, but still a lot and hopefully even more in the future. We’ve just started a blog about our travels recently feel free to check it out. 🙂
    Wish you safe and happy (and a lot more!!!) travels!
    Csaba & Bea

  22. Beautiful website! I love what you two are doing as a couple! My girlfriend and I just came back from a 6-month globe-trotting trip and can’t wait to do it again. Continue conquering the world one destination at a time.

  23. Love the site guys, keep up the good work. We’ll have to grab a beer one of these days – let us know when you stroll through Dubai next!

  24. Hey Hannah & Adam,
    Thanks for visiting our travel site. You have an awesome site here and great travel stories.
    Happy Traveling & Happy Exploring.
    Whenever you come to India, happy to catch up.
    Bindhu & Unny

    • Thanks for checking us out! Safe travels to you too. We hope to get back to India some day, we only had a quick 8 day trip….need another 80 days there!

  25. Just found your site, a link via Twitter I think?! Anyway super stuff. I feel a kinship to Adam. After all how can you not like someone who likes Belgian beer. Piraat just might be my fave.

  26. Adam, you are a man after my own heart, when it comes to beer, among the other things you mentioned. My quandary now is whether to stay in Belgium, the land of beer, or for Sabine and I to ‘just do it’, and go. On the other hand, Belgian beer can be found around the world, if you look hard enough. Den Anker, a Belgian restaurant at the Cape Town waterfront has about 30 varieties on their menu. I have found Leffe at some obscure liquor store on the edge of the Okavango Delta in Botswana. So although we feel like we are stuck or torn between 2 worlds….a land of great beer, or a world of other great things….like I say, you can find Belgian beer outside of Belgium 🙂

  27. Hi there–

    I stumbled upon your Twitter account and could not be any more envious of the journey that y’all are on! What an incredible experience to take together. I enjoy reading your posts and look forward to continue following your expedition around the globe. I hope to someday to follow the same path! Until then…


    Still stuck in a cubicle

  28. What an amazing adventure, looking forward to following along on your adventure and catching up on what you already did. I am originally from Milwaukee and then lived in France for 13 years and now I have been in South Africa for a year. All the best for your travels.

    • Glad you found us Kelly. What an adventure from Milwaukee to France and now South Africa! We are headed back to Africa in May, we loved it we can’t wait to get back. Safe travels!

  29. Hi Hannah and Adam! I stumbled across your awesome website just now, as we are planning a trip to Jamaica for 10 days and I was looking at all the travel blogs I follow to get other peoples experiences. Loved reading about your adventures, especially in parts of the world we haven’t visited yet – Caribbean! I particularly enjoyed the post on All Inclusive, couldn’t agree more! it’s not our cup of tea at all, even with children. We have been travelling for years now but only started blogging two months ago in preparation for our road trip from Sheffield, England to Bangladesh. Its always fun to find new great travel blogs to read, really enjoyed yours 🙂

    • Glad to hear your are following along on our trip. All inclusives aren’t for everyone. I think they would be better for us if we had children, but we much prefer to eat local food and venture off exploring. Bangladesh with children?!?! How did that go? Safe travels!

  30. Awesome blog! and a great inspirational story! You guys rock 🙂 You are living what most people are too afraid to try

    I’m from Toronto and planning to visit New Zealand soon as part of a multi-country trip with family. I absolutely loved your pictures and video of NZ! I’m wondering if you only had 3 or 4 days in the south island, what would be your must do’s /places to visit in NZ?

    I travel at least 2 months every year, and have been to over 100+ countries in all continents, but never to NZ.

    Looking forward to following your adventures!

    • Thanks for all the kind words. New Zealand is amazing, great destination choice! If I only had 3-4 days I would try to find a few more days…but if I couldn’t then go to Queenstown. I am quite sure they even do Milford/Doubtful sound trips from here, plus anything with heights is here, mountains, you name it. 100+ countries you got me jealous! Safe travels, and let me know what you end of up doing in NZ.

  31. Great story! It’s awesome to see people with good jobs leave them behind to follow their sense of adventure. It’s one thing when people go traveling right after high school for years, but people with college degrees give traveling more legitimacy.

    My wife and I did the same – I am an engineer and she’s a teacher and one day we just decided to move to another country.

    Congrats and keep it up!

  32. What a wonderful life story!
    So lucky you two have met the person that share the same passion. If you ever go back to Indonesia and have a visit in Yogyakarta, give me a buzz and I’ll show you some nice beaches here!
    Happy travelling 🙂

    • We are lucky we both share the same passion of travel. We do plan on coming back to Indonesia in 2015, stay tuned as we would love to explore with you.

  33. Feel so bad reading your “7 bad habits of Vietnamese” ’cause it’s so true. I’m a Vietnamese who’s also so annoyed and sometimes frustrated because of those bad manners. On the other hand, I’m glad to hear that you still plan to come back to our country in the near future. That means besides some tedious uncomfortable features, our country’s still worthy for travelers to explore

    • Next time please visit my hometown in DaNang which has one of the world best 7 beaches. And believe me, people over there are much more polite and civilized than any other part of the country.
      Love your blog and so envious of you two. Wish you all the best and safe travels.

      • We do want to go back, and more time in Hoi An and DaNang was on our list. Any beach in particular you recommend? Overall we really enjoyed Vietnam and will return!

  34. You guys married on 2.12.12, we were married on 3.13.13 🙂 too bad the calendar didnt have the 13th month otherwise we would marry on that month too.

    Hi from san francisco.

    Did you get a chance to go to nha trang while in vietnam?

    I was born there.

    • Happy 1 year anniversary! We didn’t go to Nha Trang, we had just spent a month in the Philippines, so we weren’t due for a beach vacation. We only visited HCMC, Hue, Hoi An, Sapa, and Hanoi over our 25 day stay. Next year we would like to return, more time in Hoi An, and check out Nha Trang too.

  35. You two seem to have a lot of fun traveling! I’m traveling with my boyfriend a lot and we want to see as much of the world as possible! X from Amsterdam

  36. Hey guys! I love the story! And I see you’re in Cambodia at the moment! How long do you think you’ll be hanging out there? My husband and I are currently in Bali and working our way towards Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia in the next few months. If we cross paths, I’d love to buy you a beer! Love the blog – found you guys via Johnny Vagabond 🙂

    • Hey! We are here until Jan 15th. Then Malaysia until Feb 6 we go to the Philippines and then Vietnam think Feb 26th.

      Feel free to FB message us! Beers for sure

      • Hey! We’ll have to see how it goes, but we probably won’t move on from Bali until end of February and then on to a whirlwind tour of SE Asia starting in Thailand. That’s the thought for now (plan #372), but that could change… I’ll keep an eye on your FB in case we happen to cross travel paths 🙂 Have fun!

  37. So glad we found you two! We are a couple from MN getting ready to leave for our big adventure in Jan 2014! I look forward to following along and hopefully we can even meet along the way! 🙂

  38. I remember I found your site when I first started reading travel blogs, and this was when you were still in the planning stages of your trip. Since then I’ve also decided to do my own round the world trip next year. I lost you in the blogesphere for a while and I have to say I am SO happy I found you again!! Reading your posts and seeing you on the road now is making me so excited! I promise not to lose you again! Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

    • Congrats on making the BIG and LIFE CHANGING decision to take your own RTW!!! Glad you re-found us again! When/where are your plans?!?! Let us know if you have any questions. So excited for you!

  39. Hey! just stumbled across your site. Very professional, detailed, and well done. I want to do Central and South America next year- definitely excited to see how it treats you!

    • Thank you for all the positive feedback!! So far Central America has been great to us, I am sure you will love it! Stay tuned for much more in Central & South America!!

  40. Hey! Your pictures are fantastic! Did you both save up for this trip with just your jobs? I wonder if blogging has helped with the expenses…

    Thanks, in advance, for your response.

    • Thank you! All of our saving came from our current jobs and cutting lots of expenses. Blogging income has not contributed to our savings for the trip, we actually just started making income via the blog. Any extra income is great!

  41. What an amazing experience! I am also American and live in the Midwest (am a New Englander at heart) and have traveled quite a bit, now taking my family along with me. Looking forward to following along!

  42. Perhaps!! That is one of the joys of blogging…you never know when your paths might cross. I just saw that Whitehaven Beach on your lists of must sees and I can assure you it’s well worth it!

    • I hope! There are going to be so many joys of blogging, I can see them already! Great to hear good things about Whitehaven Beach!!!

  43. Hey guys! Just discovered your blog through our friends Kim & Brian of So-Many-Places! Love that you, too, are ready to jump out into the world and experience a different type of life. My husband & I did a 14mth backpacking RTW in 2007-2008 and are currently working on becoming location independent nomads which will start with a very long drive down the Pan-Am to the tip of South America, our only undiscovered continent. Looking forward to following you along on your journey!

    • Welcome!! It was a huge decision, but it is now or never in our lives! Def a dream come true! Congrats on your RTW trip, love hearing about other trippers!

      Working location independent would a dream of ours! Good luck with that transition! When do you start your journey? We leave June 29th and starting in Belize! Maybe our paths will cross!

  44. Tick-tock goes the countdown clock! You guys must be getting really excited! This will be an amazing journey for the two of you. We think it’s awesome that you’re putting everything on hold and packing up on this adventure…who knows, maybe (like us) a year won’t be enough and you’ll want to continue travelling??!

    We’re excited to follow your journey.
    Cheers and safe travels!

    • Can you please tell that clock to speed up a little! We are more than excited! We have already decided to turn it into 2 years, after we got word from Hannah’s employer would not allow a year off. But everything happens for a reason, right?!?
      Glad to have you along!!

  45. My wife and I (mid 30’s–no kids) will be in Thailand in early July for 2 weeks. How many days would you recommend staying in Bangkok? I was thinking of 3 nights but honestly have no idea. We’re heading to Koh Samui and Koh Phangan after Bangkok.

    Any and all advice is apreciated!

  46. Hi there!! I am a fellow Wisconsinite too!!!!! I am so thrilled I found your blog, my husband and I are much like you too! 271 days and counting!!!! Planning to hit the road in January 2014… currently in the process of liquidating EVERYTHING and selling our house! 🙂

    • Awesome! Where in Wisconsin are you guys from? I remember 271 days, it crazy we are down to 80!!!! Where are you planning on starting? Let us know if you have any questions! Good luck with selling everything!

      • Superior! All the way at the top, tip of Lake Superior! We are planning to start in Australia or New Zealand. Time is just flying by! unbelievable, scary and exciting at the same time. 🙂

        • Crazy, we leave Sydney December 16th headed to Bangkok! Your going to have an amazing time! We should have most of our New Zealand & Australia posts up by the time you land! Hopefully we will be able to share some tips with you!

          • HAHAHA! We’ll be ‘following you around the world!’ How long are going to be in SE Asia? we plan to spend a lot of time there- we just love it! (honeymooned there)

  47. This is a great site! I love hearing about other Americans that are actually out traveling! Found you from your comment on Backpacker Becki’s site (a travel buddy of mine). I’ve been in SEAsia for the last 4 months- havent met too many Americans. Headed back to the States soon, but already looking forward to the next trip. Cheers!

    • Glad you found us and like what we are doing here! When we were in SEA for our honeymoon we meet 2 Americans, on Phi Phi and that was it! We meet none in Bali! It’s crazy how little American travel or how many don’t even have a passport!!! Glad we share the same love for TRAVEL!

  48. Glad you found us and you like our site! It was a big decision to leave everything we have behind and travel for 15+ months but we believe it will be a life changing event!

    We love Central America & Asia and can’t wait to spend months in each of them! But our safari in Africa is what we both are really looking forward to!

    Do you have any future travel plans? We just got back from 11 days in Tulum, Mexico which was amazing! Now we have to wait out the next 4 months before we depart!

    Safe travels

    • We are planning on coming to Nairobi in May/June 2014. We are looking at taking a safari from Nairobi to Johannesburg! I can’t wait for the safari, it’s what I am most excited about on our trip!! Would love any insider tips you have! Would love to stay at your place!

  49. You guys are an inspiration! I need to meet a guy like Adam to have fun travel adventures with too 🙂 Out of all the people in the world, my grandma referred me to check out your blog. I love traveling and being in nature – so of course I love your blog! Check out my blog too- mostly about marine science/the environment/and photography 🙂 Cheerio and happy new year!


    • He is pretty awesome…we met when were 22 so we each hadn’t done much traveling prior to meeting but once we started traveling we couldn’t stop…you could say we are addicted!!! Your gramma, really?!? How did she find us, just curious! Tell you gramma she sounds super cool!

      Since you love to travel check out our route and feel free to meet up with us! We love meeting new people! We will check out your blog! Happy New Year!


  50. Hey guys! Just found your blog via Nomadic Samual. I went to Wisconsin (and am assuming you did as well from your about us picture) and am starting to plan/plot my own travel blog 🙂 Any tips on getting started? Thanks!

    • Thanks for checking out our site, I sent you an email to answer your questions on the future blog. Good luck, and if you have any more questions feel free to email.

    • This wasn’t always our plan, it all started with a few chance conversations with people traveling long term. Then we stumbled on to a few sites like this one and we were hooked. Glad you like it! Feel free to ask anything on places we have been and we will try and help out.


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