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Complete Guide to an Aruba Honeymoon | Destinations & Itinerary

Complete Guide to an Aruba Honeymoon | Destinations & Itinerary

Aruba is hands down one of our favorite islands in the Caribbean. It’s also a special place for us because here on the shores of stunning Eagle Beach. We said “I do” – again!

In August 2017, we renewed our vows as part of the Caribbean’s largest vow renewal ceremony. After the ceremony, we rolled right into honeymoon mode. If you’re considering a Caribbean honeymoon, take a close look at spending your honeymoon in Aruba!

We’re pretty sure you’ll fall in love with this little gem as we did. It’s perfect for young couples, full of beautiful beaches and more adventures than you might expect.

couple standing in front of an "I Do" illuminated statue during the Caribbean's largest vow renewal in Aruba

Planning a Honeymoon in Aruba

If you’re looking for a honeymoon that mixes beach and adventure, then an Aruba honeymoon is for you. You only take one honeymoon, so it better be epic! Some people can spend the entire week lying on the beach sipping drinks (nothing wrong with that), but some people get a little stir-crazy and need to get off the resort. There are tons of things to do in Aruba and plenty of beaches to explore.

Aruba’s landscape is more diverse than most people realize. There are gorgeous beaches on one side and cactus-filled desert landscapes on the other. The island of Aruba has some of the best beaches in the world. TripAdvisor named Eagle Beach the #3 beach in the world in 2017.

We’ve put together this Aruba guide to help plan your honeymoon, complete with Aruba hotel recommendations, the best restaurants in Aruba, things to do in Aruba, and Aruba honeymoon costs.

Couple holding a map on the beach in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica - couple travel tips
#1 Tip – Rent a car in Aruba
Explore on your own 
The best way to see Aruba is by renting a car. Driving in Aruba is super easy and safe. They drive on the right side of the road, the steering wheel on the left the same as in the USA. There is very little traffic in Aruba. Renting a car gives you so much more freedom! We always rent from Discover Cars, it is super easy, and they have the best prices.

Check Rates

*When looking for the best price and the biggest selection of hotels in the Caribbean, check prices on We’ve found they are the best option and have a great cancelation policy.*

Epic Aruba Honeymoon Destinations & Resorts

Wondering where to stay on your honeymoon? Here is our guide to the beach areas of Aruba, along with hotel and resort recommendations for each.

Aruba has some of the best and cleanest beaches in the Caribbean, with more than 20 pristine pieces of sand to choose from. We’re going to show our favorite beaches in Aruba for honeymooners.

We would suggest staying at a single hotel in Aruba your entire honeymoon or two at max and then renting a car to explore the other beaches in Aruba. The island is pretty small and easy to get around, so spend your time enjoying the island, not packing and unpacking.

If we personally had to pick two beaches to stay at, it would be Manchebo Beach and Palm Beach, but we’ve put together this list of the Best Beaches in Aruba for a honeymoon.

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Palm Beach Aruba top honeymoon destinations

Palm Beach

Palm Beach Aruba is where all the main action happens. This part of Aruba is also known as the “high-rise hotel area” because, as you can see above, it’s where all the high-rise hotels are. If you’re looking for a gorgeous beach with a ton of restaurants, beach bars, nightlife, and shopping – then Palm Beach Aruba is for you.

You can walk everywhere in Palm Beach, and most hotels have free parking for guests. Parking is also available if you are staying elsewhere for $1 all day. On our second trip to Aruba, we stayed in Palm Beach and think it was a good place to spend a few nights. On our first trip to Aruba, we drove a rental car or took a taxi to Palm Beach for most dinners. A taxi from Manchebo Resort is only $9 USD.

Romantic Hotels in Palm Beach Aruba

pastel beach umbrellas on Eagle Beach - Aruba Honeymoon

Eagle Beach

As we mentioned before, Eagle Beach was named the #3 beach in the world on TripAdvisor in 2017, and it lives up to that title. The beach goes on for miles with white sand and gorgeous turquoise water. Eagle Beach is located in front of the low-rise hotels.

If you don’t stay on Eagle Beach, it’s a must to visit. We just renewed our vows on Eagle Beach, partaking in the Caribbean’s largest vow renewal, saying #ArubaIDo. We personally stayed at the Amsterdam Manor Resort on Eagle Beach in one of their honeymoon suites.

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Romanic Hotels on Eagle Beach Aruba

Aerial Photo of Manchebo Beach in Aruba - top honeymoon places

Manchebo Beach

We spent most of our mini-honeymoon in Aruba on Manchebo Beach. The beach is on the westernmost point of the island, making it great for sunset lovers.

Manchebo Beach is technically the same beach as Eagle Beach but is locally referred to as a separate beach. The beach is less busy than Eagle Beach or Palm Beach. The water has a few waves, which make it fun to play in.

Romantic Hotels on Manchebo Beach 

Pelicans on old pier posts in Aruba's best honeymoon beach Drulf Beach

Drulf Beach

Drulf Beach is a mile-long beach right next to Manchebo Beach, but what makes it noteworthy is its famous residents. We saw a picture of pelicans sitting on a few old wooden posts offshore on Drulf Beach in our hotel, and we got to capture that same photo ourselves.

Drulf is a rather quiet beach with low-rise hotels located across the street from the beach. Having the hotels across the street may seem like a negative, but it’s actually good as it leaves the beach nice and deep.

You can easily walk from Drulf Beach to Manchebo Beach and Eagle Beach. The water is calm, and the sun is strong.

Romantic Hotels On Drulf Beach

Pink flamingo on the beach in Aruba - top things to do Aruba honeymoon

Come visit the cute pink flamingos in Aruba!

Renaissance Island

Renaissance Island is a private island owned by the Renaissance Hotel in Aruba. It’s also known as Flamingo Beach Aruba, where the flamingos rule the beach. As you’re lounging on the beach, flamingos are walking by your chair or walking by you on the beach.

It’s a gorgeous beach with some of the coolest residents. Renaissance Island is only available to guests staying at the Renaissance Aruba Resort, or if you’re lucky enough to get one of the few day passes, they sell for $125.

We suggest skipping the day pass and instead staying here your first night on your honeymoon in Aruba. The Renaissance is very close to the airport, and you then get to visit the flamingos as part of your stay!

Best places to stay for an Aruba honeymoon - Baby Beach in Southern Aruba

Baby Beach & Rodgers Beach

Baby Beach, in our opinion, is one of the best beaches in Aruba. The water is super shallow and great for snorkeling. However, there aren’t any hotels on Baby Beach or within walking distance. If you’re open to staying in a Vrbo on your honeymoon in Aruba, then consider Baby Beach.

The beach is on the opposite end of the island from Palm Beach & Eagle Beach, so you’d need a car to stay near Baby Beach. We personally think staying in Baby Beach is best for couples traveling with other couples since you can easily find a Vrbo with several bedrooms and split the cost.

Best Aruba Honeymoon Restaurants

The restaurant scene in Aruba is booming, with a ton of different cuisines to choose from. Aruba has many higher-end U.S. chain restaurants like Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, Benihana, Hard Rock, etc. We generally opt for local restaurants, but it’s great to have options.

If you’re a seafood lover, you’ll be in heaven. The fresh seafood in Aruba is the best. We’ve put together a list of the best restaurants in Aruba, including romantic honeymoon dining options as well as local favorites.

Where to eat on an Aruba Honeymoon - Zeerovers seafood

Romantic Restaurants in Aruba

  • Passions On The Beach| Eagle Beach | Dine with your toes in the sand, watching the waves crash while enjoying a candlelit dinner. $35+ per person | Dinner Only
  • Screaming Eagle | Eagle Beach | Chic, trendy restaurant with a unique ‘Dinner-in-bed’ experience. $35+ per person, reservations recommended | Dinner Only
  • The Flying Fishbone | Savaneta | is Often listed as one of the best beachfront restaurants in the world. You can choose your table in the water, on the beach, or on the deck. $40+ per person| Dinner Only | Reservations needed

Local Restaurants

  • The Pelican Nest | Palm Beach | Talk about a restaurant with a view located above the water on a dock right on Palm Beach. Amazing food that won’t break the bank. $10+ per person, grouper sandwich & fries $8.75 or Coconut Shrimp $21 | Lunch & Dinner
  • Red Fish |  Located just off the highway, this restaurant has no view but serves up a tasty meal. Make sure to ask what the catch of the day is. We recommend the conch fritters & shrimp. $15+ per person | Lunch & Dinner
  • Zeerovers | You know it’s good when there is a long line. If you’re on the hunt for fresh seafood, it doesn’t get any fresher than Zeerovers, and it’s SUPER cheap. We had 1lb of shrimp, 1/2 lb of Barracuda, fries, plantains, cornbread, and six beers for $45. Come early (well before noon) or between 3-430 for the shortest wait. $5+ per person | Lunch & Dinner | Cash Only

a couple sitting on the roof of a rental jeep in Aruba during a honeymoon
#1 – Island Jeep Safari
Essential Experience
There is no better way to see all of Aruba’s rugged beauty than behind the wheel of a Jeep! Visit nine epic highlights around the island + lunch.

woman snorkeling off of the beach in Belize
#2 – Catamaran Sail & Snorkel
All aboard for a fun afternoon of sailing on a luxury catamaran around the island, with several stops to check out Aruba’s amazing marine life!

View of the aqua colored water at the shoreline at Arikok National Park in Aruba - Best things to do in Aruba
#3 – ATV Tour to Secret Beach & Cave Pool
The northern coast of Aruba is surprisingly rugged and super fun to explore by ATV. Check out secret beaches and hard-to-reach areas known only by locals!

Things To Do In Aruba For Honeymooners

There’s a ton to do and see in Aruba, but we’re going to list our favorite Aruba honeymoon activities.

a couple sitting on the roof of a rental jeep in Aruba during a honeymoon

A Jeep is a must on your honeymoon in Aruba!

1. Rent a Jeep

Having the freedom to explore the island at your pace is a must. We loved driving our rental car in Aruba, trying to find a beach all to ourselves. Normally, we don’t recommend a jeep as a rental car because they generally aren’t needed and are expensive, but in Aruba, you should really get a Jeep.

We always rent with Several dirt roads in Aruba require a 4×4 to access. Places like the natural pool in Aruba wouldn’t be accessible without having a jeep, and it’s totally worth the bumpy ride.

Renting a Jeep in Aruba does cost more than a regular car, and if you don’t want to spend the extra money, you can rent a cheaper car but just realize there will be some roads you probably won’t be able to make it down. Check prices on

Flamingo on the beach of Aruba - Must do honeymoon activities in Aruba

2. Visit Flamingo Beach

A day spent on the Renaissance Private Island walking around with flamingos is a must. You’re sure to get a few flamingo selfies for Instagram photos. To ensure a visit to Flamingo Beach in Aruba, we suggest you spend your first night at the Renaissance Hotel, as the island is for guests only.

You can visit the island without staying there, but only if the hotel is under 80% occupancy. They sell a limited amount of day passes to Flamingo Beach for $130  per person, but if the hotel is over 80% capacity, they don’t sell any. Passes go on sale Saturday at 9 am for the following Monday to Sunday.

If you aren’t staying at the Renaissance Hotel, we suggest stopping in and inquiring at the hotel lobby early on during your Aruba honeymoon to get more information.

See Flamingos at De Palm Island  Instead

If you aren’t successful in getting tickets to Renaissance Island, we suggest you buy tickets here to De Palm Island. Where you will not only see the flamingos but also has a waterpark, unlimited food and drinks, it is an open bar, and more. You can buy tickets here.

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Natural Pool Aruba is a must visit place during your Aruba Honeymoon

Get to the natural pool early and have it all to yourselves – before the crowds, it’s a very romantic place

3. Swim in Aruba’s Natural Pool

Located on the windswept rocky northern coastline, a cluster of rocks forms a calm swimming pool protected from the surf. Inside the pool is peaceful emerald green water to swim and cliff jump into. The Natural Pool Aruba is the perfect place to spend an afternoon of your honeymoon – it’s an adventure you won’t forget.

The drive to the natural pool in Aruba is an adventure in itself. The pool is located in the Arikok National Park. Follow the signs to “conchi” right after the visitor center. It’s a long bumpy road no matter if you come by Jeep or ATV.

At times you’ll ask yourself, “Are you sure we can make it down there?” Once you get down to the natural pool, it’ll all be worth it.  It is possible to walk from the visitor center. It’s three and a half miles each way. Click here for Natural Pool tours. There are several ATV tours, horseback riding tours, and Jeep tours.

couple walking on the beach in Aruba - Honeymooners

4. Beach hopping in Aruba

Spend a day visiting the best beaches in Aruba on your honeymoon. One of our favorite days was just driving around the entire island on a little beach hopping adventure. Hit up all the famous beaches, but don’t miss the no-name beaches that aren’t even on the map.

Woman walking on the beach at sunset in Aruba Honeymoon in Aruba

5. Sunset Cruise

Sunsets in Aruba are some of the best in the Caribbean. One of the best places to see the sunset in Aruba is out on the water. It’s a perfect romantic evening for your Aruba honeymoon. Not only did we get an epic view of the sunset, but most have an open bar with snacks.

We suggest this sunset cruise with 2 hours of open bar or this sunset catamaran cruise. But honestly, there isn’t a bad place to watch the sunset in Aruba.

Aruba Honeymoon Budget & Typical Costs

There is something for every budget in Aruba. We were told Aruba wasn’t a cheap island, but we found plenty of options in both high-end and budget places to stay and eat. We’ve put together this estimate on how much an Aruba honeymoon for two would cost for a week to 10 days.

  • $1,000+  Flights, this price varies based on where you’re flying from and dates. From Milwaukee, it was $550 in January 2018.
  •  $1,000+ seven nights hotel, this will all depend on if you stay at an all-inclusive or not and the hotel amenities that are a necessity on your honeymoon. If you stay at the Ritz Carlon for the week, that will set you back $5,000 just for accommodation.
  • $700+ Food & Drink for 7 nights. This number is very flexible. It all depends on how many meals/drinks you have a day and how expensive the restaurant is. If your hotel has free breakfast, this could be much lower as this would eliminate a meal.
  • $200+ Car rental for seven nights. If you opt to rent a Jeep in Aruba, this will be higher. We always get travel insurance with World Nomads, which includes car rental coverage, so we don’t need to take additional coverage with the car rental company.
  • $300+ Excursions, there are a ton of things to do in Aruba. You’ll more than likely spend some money on tours and entrance fees, and you’ll have to fill the rental car with gas.

An Aruba honeymoon should cost $3,000-$5,000, and the biggest factor will be which hotel in Aruba you stay at and how big of a foodie you are. What’s for sure is you’ll have an epic honeymoon!

Don’t forget your insurance! You never know when you’ll need it. We suggest getting travel insurance with Safety Wing. Which coverage includes medical, trip interruption, lost luggage, and more. Often rates are as low as $12 a week. 

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Other Epic Honeymoon Destinations

If an Aruba honeymoon isn’t for you, make sure to check out our other honeymoon guides.

Have you taken an Aruba Honeymoon? If so, where did you go? We’d love to hear from you!

pinterest pin for Aruba honeymoon - couple on the beach in Aruba

Thank you to the Aruba Tourism Board for inviting us to explore your One Happy Island. All opinions are our own.