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How to Plan the Perfect Honeymoon in Jamaica

How to Plan the Perfect Honeymoon in Jamaica

When you think of a honeymoon in Jamaica, you should think of postcard-worthy white sand beaches, turquoise waters softly lapping the shore, and palm trees gently swaying in the breeze – that’s what a honeymoon is supposed to be, right?

If this sounds like your kind of honeymoon destination, then you’ve come to the right place. Add friendly locals, tasty food, and a few rum punches, and you have the perfect honeymoon spot in Jamaica.

The island of Jamaica is a special place in the world for us. It was our very first international trip together, and it’s where we decided to get married and start this crazy life of traveling we live now.

There’s no doubt we love Jamaica, but we know once you visit Jamaica for your honeymoon, it will be a special place for you, too. After six trips to the island, we created our guide to planning the best honeymoon in Jamaica.

Follow these tips, sink your toes in the sand, and everything is going to be “Irie”! Ya man – It’s time for a Jamaican honeymoon!

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Jamaica Honeymoon Guide

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5 Best All-Inclusive Resorts for a Jamaica Honeymoon

women on deck of overwater bungalow in Jamaica at Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort

1. Overwater Villas at Sandals Royal Caribbean

The most epic place to stay on your honeymoon in Jamaica is an overwater villa at Sandals Royal Caribbean in Montego Bay or Sandals South Coast. Sandals overwater bungalows are located on a private island just offshore from the main Sandals resort. You’ll take a boat to your overwater villa, where your butler will be waiting for you.  You won’t ever have to leave your room.

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Ariel photo of 7 mile beach in Negril Jamaica with boat in front of the beach

2. Adults Only On Seven Mile Beach at Couples Swept Away

Located right on Seven Mile Beach in Negril, Couples Swept Away is great for honeymooners who want to be able to walk the beach and try local restaurants and bars. There are two Couples’ Resorts in Negril. The other Couples Resort is located in Bloody Bay and is more secluded.

3. Stay On The Cliffs At The Caves Hotel

If you’re looking for epic views and privacy in Negril, head to West End. The Caves Hotel is located on the cliffs with private access to the ocean and is the best spot for sunset in Negril.

4. Wake up in the Treetops At Geejam Hotel

Geejam is like no other resort in Jamaica. It’s located on 6 acres the Geejam Hotel is in the foothills of the Blue Mountains and spans to the Caribbean. Nature lovers and artists will be in heaven.

Wake up in the treetops with ocean views in complete privacy. Several celebrities have stayed here, like Grace Jones, Bjork, Kendrick Lamar, and Gwen Stefani, and even recorded an album here.

Drone photo of the heart-shaped overwater bungalows at sandals South coast Resort in Jamaica

5. Sandals South Coast

Escape Jamaica’s most well-known tourist beaches and head to the South Coast. Sandals South Coast is perfect for honeymooners wanting to soak in the sun and relax in peace and quiet. They, too, have overwater bungalows in Jamaica. There are only 12 bungalows, so make sure to book well in advance. We stayed in them, and they are amazing!

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Best Jamaica Honeymoon Destinations

Aerial view of a Jamaica honeymoon package resort


Whether you choose to stay at an all-inclusive resort for your honeymoon or a small boutique hotel on 7-mile beach, Negril is one of the best locations on the entire island. If you are looking for the best Sandals Resort that is smaller and has a gorgeous beach, this is it!

The main draw is the town’s miles and miles of powder-white sands on Seven Mile Beach. In front of the sand is stunning turquoise-colored water, and the sunsets are out of this world. In addition to the natural beauty, the tourist areas are situated close to the town and give unique access to great local restaurants and culture.

We’ve stayed at several hotels in Negril. Our favorite all-inclusive in Negril would be Sandals Negril, and our favorite boutique hotel would be Charela Inn. We’ve also stayed at the Riu Club Negril, which is a really affordable all-inclusive option if you’re on a budget.

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Areil view of a Jamacian beach perfect for a honeymoon in Montego Bay

Montego Bay

Mo-Bay, as most locals call it, is the tourist hub of the country, with the main international airport and many resorts on the sea. If you are looking for a more lively honeymoon, Montego Bay might be a good choice.

While there are resorts here where you can hide away together, the city is better known for its nightlife and restaurants. Montego Bay is also in the middle of everything, with easy access to day trips in the north and on the west and south.

Ocho Rios sunrise - best place for a Jamaican Honeymoon

Ocho Rios

Located in the center of the northern shore of the island, Ocho Rios has been a honeymoon hot spot for many years. Ocho Rios has a wide range of resort styles to choose from, with one for every couple’s taste.

The main town is located close to some of the resorts, giving access to local culture, shopping, and some amazing jerk chicken. From Ocho Rios, you’ll have easy access to everyone’s favorite Dunn’s River Falls and other natural attractions. We stayed at Sandals Ochi and Moon Palace Jamaica Grande. 

Resort Sail boat in Jamaica - Honeymoon Photos

Treasure Beach

In the past few years, the small southern town of Treasure Beach has been gaining popularity with young couples looking for a different vibe in Jamaica. Quiet and laid back, Treasure Beach would be the perfect honeymoon hideout in Jamaica.

As an added bonus, Treasure Beach is located very close to many of the best day trips in Jamaica, including YS Falls, Floyd’s Pelican Bar, and a few more.

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Glass bottom bottom in Port Antonio during a Jamaica Honeymoon

Runaway Bay

Another up-and-coming resort town on the northern shores of Jamaica is Runaway Bay. Close to Ocho Rios and some of the country’s main cruise ports, Runaway Bay has been growing in popularity as a place to stay in Jamaica.

The smaller Runaway Bay would be a good choice for couples looking for a low-key hideaway while they enjoy a relaxing honeymoon on the beach. The town is close to the green grotto caves, Dunn’s River Falls, and plenty of golf courses.

Romantic Things to Do on a Jamaica Honeymoon

Jamaica is a beautiful island with activities for every taste. Here are our favorite activities for honeymooners in Jamaica. All activities listed can be booked in advance and arranged from anywhere you choose to stay in Jamaica.

YS Falls in south Jamaica - top things to do in Jamaica for a honeymoon

YS Falls

Our favorite waterfall in Jamaica is the stunning YS Falls in southwestern Saint Elizabeth Parish. These pristine falls make a great day trip while on your honeymoon in Jamaica and are one of the best things to do in Jamaica. This trip also pairs well with a visit to the famous Pelican Bar.

A day trip to YS Falls is very easy from Negril, Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, and super close to Treasure Bay. There are tons of YS Fall tours. Click here for rates and tour options.

Bamboo Raft Trip

It doesn’t get too much more romantic than floating down the river in the middle of the Jamaican jungle on a bamboo raft. One of the quintessential honeymoon photos in Jamaica is a couple on a raft like this. These rafts were initially used to carry crops down the river. If you don’t book this trip on your honeymoon, your wife might leave you.

We suggest booking a Martha Brae river rafting tour in advance. You can book here for as cheap as $109. That way, you won’t have to negotiate with taxi drivers on your honeymoon.

Ariel view of the Pelican Bar in Jamaica - best things to do on a honeymoon in Jamaica

Pelican Bar

Sail out to this one-of-a-kind bar made of sticks in palm branches set in crystal clear waters on the south shores of Jamaica. The Pelican Bar is the perfect place for a few Red Stripe beers while on your honeymoon in Jamaica.

The Blue Hole Jamaica

Another one of Jamaica’s natural wonders is the otherworldly Blue Hole near Ocho Rios. Deep in the Jamaican jungle, the earth opens up, revealing a turquoise-blue natural swimming pool.

Similar to cenotes in Mexico, tall 25-foot-high limestone walls surround the pool, making for an epic place to cliff jump. Prove your love for each other by jumping into the 30-foot-deep chilly waters of the blue hole.

Dunn's river falls - top things to do on a Jamaica Honeymoon

Dunn’s River Falls

Another impressive set of Jamaican waterfalls can be found at Dunn’s River Falls outside of Ocho Rios. The adventurous honeymooners can hike up the multiple tears of falls and up the river for spectacular views.

A trip to Dunn’s River Falls will be a day trip on your honeymoon you will always remember. If you’re staying in Ocho Rios, there is no reason to join a tour. Just have a taxi drop you off at Dunn’s River Falls. That way, you can have as much time as you want at the falls.

Jerk Chicken Cooking Class

Take a break from the adventure of your honeymoon, or at least leave the poolside for a lesson on how to cook the best chicken in the world, Jamaica Jerk Chicken. Spend some time bonding over hot coals and roasting chicken. Spice things up with some Scotch bonnet peppers and maybe some rum punch.

Cliff jumping at Rick's Cafe in Negril Jamaica - Top honeymoon activities

Cliff Jumping at Rick’s Cafe in Negril

Every relationship needs some thrills. Get yours by hurling yourselves off the 35-foot high platform at Rick’s Cafe on the west end of Negril, Jamaica. Even if you don’t jump yourselves, it’s a great place to spend an afternoon in Jamaica.

Catamaran on a mooring line during a catamaran trip in Jamaica - top things to do Honeymoon in Jamaica

Sunset Catamaran Trip

A perfect way to finish off your honeymoon in Jamaica is a relaxing catamaran in the calm waters surrounding this Caribbean gem. Sip rum punch as the sun makes its way colorfully toward the horizon.

One of the best places for sunset in Jamaica is Negril, with its perfect position in the far west of the country. This one is a great deal, it’s definitely worth it with a 3-hour open bar.

couple standing in front of an "I Do" light up sign on an Aruba Honeymoon on the beach

Best Jamaica Honeymoon Packages

Click on the hotel name to check the exact prices for your dates.

Cheapest Jamaica Honeymoon Package

Best value honeymoon package

Best luxury Jamaica honeymoon package

two beach chairs and lunch on the beach on Seven Mile Beach in Jamaica

Jamaica Honeymoon Budget

One of the most common ways to book a honeymoon in Jamaica is to book a package trip. The price of the honeymoon package will depend on the level of the resort, your departure city, and the time of the year.

Jamaica Travel Season and Prices

Like most warm-weather destinations, the high season for Jamaica travel is from Christmas (the end of December) through Easter or mid-April. The peak season will be Christmas week and the weeks before and after Easter. The season in Jamaica is short, and therefore, the prices during peak and high season reflect this.

  • Peak Season: Late December – Early January & Easter week  ($$$$$)
  • High Season: January to Mid-April ($$$$)
  • Mid-Season: November to Mid-December ($$$)
  • Low Season: Mid-April to End of October ($$)

Independent Honeymoon Budget in Jamaica

If you want a more intimate and unique honeymoon, consider booking your own travel and staying at smaller non-all-inclusive resorts. Prices will vary mostly on the level of accommodation and to a lesser extent on restaurant choices.

  • Round Trip Flight to Jamaica: $250-600 per person
  • Honeymoon Accommodation: $100-$400 per night
  • Food Budget: $100-$150 per day (2 people)
  • Activities: $500-$1000 (2 people)
  • One Week Jamaica Honeymoon Budget: $2,400-$6,000 (2 people)

Don’t forget your insurance! You never know when you’ll need it. We suggest getting travel insurance with Safety Wing. Which coverage includes medical, trip interruption, lost luggage, and more. Often rates are as low as $12 a week. 

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Couple on the end of the dock of Summer Island Maldives during a Maldives Honeymoon

Other Epic Honeymoon Destinations

If a Jamaica honeymoon isn’t for you, make sure to check out our guide to the top honeymoon destinations and check out even more great honeymoon options below.

Did you go on a Jamaican honeymoon? We’d love to hear all about your honeymoon in Jamaica. Leave a comment below about where you stayed and what some of your favorite things to do in Jamaica are.

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