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The Complete Guide to a Honeymoon in Myanmar

The Complete Guide to a Honeymoon in Myanmar

Looking for an exotic escape for your honeymoon? Look no further than Myanmar. The country formerly known as Burma is still under the radar honeymoon destination.

Myanmar is one of the few places where you can, at times, feel completely disconnected from the modern world. Transport yourself back in time with a honeymoon in Myanmar.

Who is a Myanmar Honeymoon best for?

Taking your honeymoon in Myanmar isn’t for everyone, but for the right couple, there isn’t a more romantic place. Most people associate honeymoon travel with beaches or luxurious European destinations, but that’s not for everyone.

While Myanmar has some amazing beaches and a few luxurious places, but that’s not what most come for. Myanmar has something very few places still have in the world, amazing culture. A honeymoon in Myanmar will still feel like an adventure, and if you’re up for it there is no better way to start your lives together than a trip to Myanmar.

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Myanmar Honeymoon Destinations and Itinerary

We recommend a two-week honeymoon in Myanmar. If your trip is too short, you won’t have enough time to see this amazing country. Make sure to read our complete Myanmar itinerary.

The main airports in Myanmar are located in the big cities of Yangon or Mandalay, and most likely, your Myanmar honeymoon will start in one of these two cities. Depending on where you start, we suggest spending two nights in that city and then moving on to Inle Lake for 3-5 nights.

Save some of the best for last and spend the last days of your Myanmar honeymoon in the beautiful city of Bagan. As you return, you could also explore Yangon or Mandalay at the end of your trip since you’ll likely have to fly out from one of the two.

  • Mandalay – 2 nights
  • Inle Lake – 3-5 nights
  • Bagan – 5 nights to one week
  • Yangon – 2 nights (optional)

Myanmar Honeymoon Destinations

Mandalay Myanmar


Myanmar’s second city, Mandalay, has more to offer visitors than most expect. There are actually a lot of things to do in Mandalay, especially for adventurous honeymooners. Spend a few nights in the city before heading out to other areas of Myanmar while on your honeymoon.

Top things to do on a Honeymoon in Mandalay

Calm Sunrise over the U Bein Bridge in Mandalay Myanmar - Things to do in Mandalay
Reflections of the U Bein Bridge in the still waters at sunrise

Sunrise at the U-Bein Bridge – one of the most romantic sights in Mandalay is the colorful sunrises and sunsets at the U-Bien bridge. This bridge is the longest teakwood bridge in the world and it’s a stunning place. We suggest sunrise because it can be very busy at sunset. If you can’t make it to sunrise, we suggest booking this private sunset U-Bein bridge tour to ensure you get an epic spot to watch the sunset in Mandalay.

Watch the sunset from the top of Mandalay Hill – Watch the sun sink into the horizon from high on the hill above Mandalay.

For all the things to do in Mandalay, check out our full guide to Mandalay. We rented a private driver for the day who brought us to all the Mandalay attractions and places we wanted to see. We suggest booking your private driver here for only $61 for 10 hours, so you don’t have to negotiate with taxis in Mandalay.

Best Places to Stay for a Honeymoon in Mandalay

  • Mandalay Hill Resort 5 star resort located just outside the moat and within walking distance several Mandalay attractions. Check Prices Online |  Agoda  |
  • The Link 78 Mandalay Boutique Hotel 4 star hotel in the center of Mandalay with modern rooms. Check Prices | | 

Top romantic restaurants in Mandalay

  • Bistro on 82nd #1 restaurant on TripAdvisor, they have a small European menu but something for everyone. We highly recommend wiener schnitzel for 15,500 kyat. Address: 82nd St | between 30 & 31th Street
  • Indian Tadka Mandalay We found this restaurant thanks to the raving reviews on TripAdvisor where many customers saying it was the best Indian food they ever had. It was pretty darn good, we recommend chicken tiki masala & garlic naan mains for 5,000k. Very intimate setting. Address: 63 64 On 27th Street | Between 63 & 64 Street

For transportation in Myanmar check out our guides


The country’s former capital Yangon is still the commercial hub and a great place to start your honeymoon in Myanmar. The city offers a blend of ancient temples and colonial-era sites to explore.

Top things to do on a Honeymoon in Yangon

Visit the Shwedagon Pagoda – One of the top sights in the city is the giant golden Shwedagon Pagoda. It’s beautiful both during the day and it’s also lit up at night making for a romantic sight.

Kandawgyi Park – A peaceful retreat in the city is the quiet gardens of Kandawgyi Park. It’s a great place to spend a relaxing afternoon on your honeymoon.

Best Places to stay for a Honeymoon in Yangon

  • Belmond Governor’s Residence romantic, colonial-style mansion from the 1920s turned into a 5-star hotel  | |
  • The Strand Yangon  5 star hotel located right on the river | |

Top romantic restaurants in Yangon

  • Le Planteur Gorgeous candlelit tables in the garden with a fine dining menu. The #1 restaurant in Yangon. 
  • L’Opera Italian Restaurant & Bar Romantic outdoor seating on Inya Lake right in Yangon

Bagan Honeymoon

honeymoon couple in Bagan Myanmar

The ancient city of Bagan is the cultural capital of the country and a favorite of honeymooners. You should plan for Bagan to be the longest stop on your honeymoon. There are more than 2,000 temples to explore and many other things to do also.

This is one of the biggest areas for tourists, and honeymoon-level accommodations can be found here. Our tip: plan more time here than you think you’ll need because you’re going to fall in love with Bagan.

Top things to do on a Honeymoon in Bagan

Temples Sunrises – Watch the sun come up from the top of a thousand-year-old temple, sounds pretty romantic, right? Well, it is! The sun rises here in Bagan are amazing. The generally hazy skies illuminate in soft pastel colors over the thousands of temples in the early morning, and hot air balloons gently float by.

Hot air balloons pass over a temple in Bagan Myanmar

Take a hot air balloon ride over the temples of Bagan – quietly floating past ancient temples aboard a hot air balloon at sunrise is definitely a honeymoon bucket list item. This will be a moment you remember as a couple forever. We recommend this hot air balloon over Bagan, it’s the company we went with. After we landed, we had champagne and a little breakfast.

See Bagan from the top of Bagan Tower – For the best views of Bagan, head to the very top of the 200ft tall Bagan Viewing Tower in the northeast of the main area of temples.

Rent E-bikes and get lost together – The most magical thing you can do on your honeymoon in Myanmar is to go out and explore the temples together. Tourists can rent e-bikes in Bagan, and the roads and temples are a blast to explore on your own. If you are spending several days in Bagan, consider booking a private driver the first day to show you all around Bagan so you can get a feel for the city and map out your next few days, it’s only $77 for 8 hours.

Best Places to stay for a Honeymoon in Bagan

Top Romantic Restaurants in Bagan

  • Nyanung-U: Weatherspoon’s was our go-to place. We ate here three times and drove 30 minutes on the e-bikes just to have lunch here. We highly recommend the chicken burger 4,700 kyat and tea leaf salad 1,900 kyat
  • New Bagan & Nyanung-U: La Pizza offers tasty wood-fired pizzas. We visited the New Bagan location three times. Get a bottle of wine with your loved one and a pizza to share. Pizzas are around 7,000+ kyat. We recommend the pizza with arugula, fresh tomatoes, and parmesan shavings.
  • Old Bagan & New Bagan: Be Kind To Animals Moon 1 & 2 is a local restaurant with Burmese and Thai dishes. Everything on the menu is vegetarian, but you it’s so good you won’t miss the meat. Ask for a table in the garden.

Inle Lake

Local Fisherman throws his net near the U Bein Bridge in Mandalay Myanmar - Things to do
Local Fisherman throws his net near the U Bein Bridge in Mandalay Myanmar – Things to do

Peaceful Inle Lake is a great place to relax during your Myanmar honeymoon. The laid-back atmosphere is great to just enjoy the rural beauty of Myanmar. Inle Lake is Myanmar’s second most popular tourist area with many high-level accommodation options suitable for a honeymoon and plenty of things to do.

Top things to do on a Honeymoon in Inle Lake

Hot air balloon picture from high above inle lake - things to do on a Myanmar itinerary

Hot air Balloon over Inle Lake – Take a hot air balloon ride over Inle lake for one of the most romantic days of your life. Glide silently 10,000 feet above the peaceful Inle Lake at Sunrise. The views from the hot air balloon are nothing short of spectacular. We went with Oriental Balloons, where we soared through the sky for over 2 hours.

Visit the Red Mountain Winery – They actually grow grapes in Myanmar’s tropical climate. While the wines may not be as good as they are on a France Honeymoon, it’s still a great place to spend an afternoon admiring the lush hillsides in rural Myanmar.

Rent bikes and cruise around the town and rural areas – There’s something romantic about pedaling a bike in a foreign land. Make your own fun and find a route on your bikes for a perfect day around Inle Lake on your honeymoon.

Best Places to Stay for a Honeymoon in Inle Lake

Top Romantic Restaurants in Inle Lake

  • Innlay Hut Indian Food House #2 restaurant on TripAdvisor the best Indian food we have ever had. There is nothing romantic about this restaurant but it is soo good we suggest going here to eat and then have romantic drinks elsewhere after dinner. Get the chicken tikka masala, butter chicken, and garlic naan.
  • Pub Asiatico Inle has a great rooftop bar with 2,000k happy hour cocktails. The inside restaurant looks straight out of a magazine.

Southern Islands

The south of Myanmar is not your typical honeymoon destination, but for those that choose to visit will be rewarded with unspoiled beaches and completely underexplored islands. One of the best ways to see southern Myanmar is on a liveaboard boat on your honeymoon.

Top things to do on a Honeymoon in Southern Myanmar

Visit Cockscomb Island – A unique stop on your honeymoon is an emerald heart-shaped lake on a remote island in Myanmar. Climb high up in the cliffs to see this amazing green colored heart shaped lake in Myanmar to start off your honeymoon.

Sail on a liveaboard cruise ship in Myanmar – Aboard a sailboat in the Andaman Sea exploring uninhabited islands is one of the coolest honeymoon ideas I have heard of in a long time. While on a liveaboard boat, you’ll visit remote villages and pristine empty beaches.

Dive from a liveaboard dive ship – If you both love to dive, then hop on a dive boat and sail the crystal clear waters around Myanmar for your honeymoon. Most of these islands are very infrequently dove and make for someone of a kind diving.

Best Places to stay for a Honeymoon in Southern Myanmar

There are only two formal hotels to stay in while exploring the south of Myanmar, and both provide honeymoon-worthy accommodations. Transportation can be arranged with the hotel to get out to these remote honeymoon destinations.

  • Wa Ale Island Resort Luxury accommodation in the middle of the ocean in Myanmar. Stay in one of their tented beach villas & treetop suites. It’s opening in January 2018, so be one of the first newlywed couples to stay there.
  • Myanmar Andaman Resort was the resort in the Mergui Archipelago (there are only two), located on Macleod Island it has pristine beaches | Agoda  | TripAdvisor Reviews

Top Romantic Restaurants in Southern Myanmar

Myanmar Honeymoon Tips

Consider booking your airfare to Bangkok or other South East Asian hubs to find better rates rather than flying directly into Myanmar for your honeymoon. Regional flights to Myanmar are much more affordable.

Another benefit of this is you could easily add an extra destination to your honeymoon, like Bangkok, before heading to Myanmar. You could have a little mini-honeymoon in Thailand.

Myanmar Honeymoon Budget

Myanmar Kyat money

Myanmar is not as cheap as its surrounding countries, which may seem counter-intuitive since, in a lot of ways, it is much less developed. A honeymoon in Myanmar is likely going to cost you a bit more than a honeymoon in Thailand, for example, but overall it is still a cheap honeymoon destination.

Flight costs: $1,100 pp (Cheaper if booked into Bangkok)

Honeymoon Accommodation costs: $100-$150 per night

Food: $75 per day per couple

Transportation: $20 per day

The average budget for a two-week honeymoon in Myanmar: $5280 approximately for 2 people.

Don’t forget your insurance! You never know when you’ll need it. We suggest getting travel insurance with Safety Wing. Which coverage includes medical, trip interruption, lost luggage, and more. Often rates are as low as $12 a week. 

Other Epic Honeymoon Destinations

If a Myanmar honeymoon isn’t for you, make sure to check out our guide to the best honeymoons for every traveler and budget, and don’t miss the great destinations below.

Did you take your honeymoon in Myanmar? or have you visited Myanmar? Leave a comment below about what your favorite thing about Myanmar is!

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Tuesday 3rd of July 2018

I'm planning my honeymoon and would LOVE to go to Myanmar! But everyone tells me not to go because it's unsafe (although conflicts are mostly in the north of the country). I see you updated this page recently. How did you feel as a tourist in Myanmar safety-wise?

Hannah Lukaszewicz

Wednesday 4th of July 2018

Myanmar would be an epic honeymoon destination. If you stick to Mandalay, Bagan, Inle Lake you should be fine. We felt super safe in Myanmar, but like any other place just use extra caution at night and go with your gut feeling. What time of year are you looking at going?

Dave | Jones Around The World

Wednesday 25th of October 2017

Well I'm not honeymooning anytime soon, but Myanmar looks amazing. I was actually supposed to go like 3 years ago, but a massive storm hit the country and I postponed my trip. I was so bummed! Beautiful photos!

Hannah Lukaszewicz

Saturday 28th of October 2017

Dave your honeymoon will involve a sick music cruise or an epic music festival. Make sure to invite us to the party, it will be one heck of a night! You'd love Myanmar, hope you get there soon. Safe travels where ever you are in the world Mr.

Kevin's Travel Diary

Tuesday 24th of October 2017

Great post, ok I'm not headed there for a honeymoon, however, I am headed that way and I'm just searching the internet to find some information for when I go there. I was going to just stay in Yangon for 10 days but I see you put it as an option for 2 s=days, now I'm thinking that will be too much, Perhaps I'll travel around more than I was planning too. Thanks


Sunday 29th of October 2017

10 days in Yangon seems a bit long, but it all depends on what you want to see. Personally, we like Bagan and Inle Lake more than the bigger cities of Yangon and Mandalay. Enjoy your trip to Myanmar!