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Mastering your GoPro

A GoPro camera is an extremely versatile tool that is just about bulletproof. There’s always a GoPro in my camera bag. These cameras can bring back images that no other camera can because they are waterproof and pretty much everything else proof. However, as easy as they are to use, there a few tips and tricks that can instantly improve the photos you get from your GoPro, check out the links below to our guides to get the most out of your GoPro.

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Drone Photography Tips & Guides

I never leave for a trip without packing my drones. Drone photography has become an essential part of my gear and I wouldn’t have been able to capture some of my favorite photos without them.

However, it’s not as easy as buying a drone and throwing it up in the air. To get truly great photos and videos from your drone it takes a little practice. I am an FAA Licensed Drone Operator and have flown well over 1,000 flights while using my drones over the last 6 years. Check out my guides to get you off the ground with your Drone Photography!

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