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12 of The Best Beaches in Aruba

12 of The Best Beaches in Aruba

Welcome to Aruba, an island full of stunning beaches where you will find beautiful sandy shorelines, sheltered bays, and the clearest of seas. It’s hard to pick out the best beaches in Aruba as there are so many to choose from!

The quality of the sun, sand, and surf on offer here is undisputed. Have fun trying out the water sports (so many to choose from), or hide out on a sheltered bay that’s way off the beaten track. Check out the colorful marine life. Aruba can be just as amazing under the sea as it is on land, so snorkeling or diving is a must.

Some enjoy the best beaches in Aruba by simply taking it easy on a sun lounger, and who could blame them when the views are this good, the setting is so perfect, and the sun is high in the sky — it’s the ideal way to spend your day.

Couple holding a map on the beach in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica - couple travel tips
#1 Tip – Rent a car in Aruba
Explore on your own 
See all the best beaches in Aruba by renting a car. Driving in Aruba is super easy and safe. They drive on the right side of the road, the steering wheel on the left the same as in the USA. There is very little traffic in Aruba. Renting a car gives you so much more freedom! We always rent from Discover Cars, it is super easy, and they have the best prices.

pastel beach umbrellas on Eagle Beach - Aruba Honeymoon

1. Eagle Beach

The award-winning Eagle Beach is the broadest beach in Aruba and is revered for its silky white sands. Stretch out and enjoy the sun or grab a shady spot and enjoy a snooze (sun-worshipping and dipping your toes in the water can be hard work, you know)!

Feeling reinvigorated? Great, then you will be able to go and try out some of the exhilarating water sports on offer or watch the locals engage one another in competitive tennis matches that often take place at the weekends. This beach is also favored by turtles as they search for the ideal spot to lay their eggs.

We’ve stayed on Eagle Beach and think if you’re planning an Aruba honeymoon, this is the best beach to stay on. It’s not on top of the nightlife, and it’s not too far either.

Best Hotel On Eagle Beach – Amsterdam Manor Resort

Beachy Fact: There are two Divi trees on Eagle Beach that have starred in numerous promotional campaigns. Come and take your own photo of this famous pair!

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Best places to stay for an Aruba honeymoon - Baby Beach in Southern Aruba

2. Baby Beach

Located in the South of Aruba, the sea here at Baby Beach is amazingly clear, and there are breathtaking vistas — it certainly deserves its spot as one of the best beaches in Aruba.

Hire a lounger on the crescent-shaped beach, and if all the sun gets too much, head for one of the cabanas. You can swim out quite a distance from the beach as the water isn’t too deep; it’s a great place for a spot of snorkeling (you can hire snorkeling and dive equipment nearby).

We always suggest bringing your own snorkel equipment. You can buy online here on Amazon for as cheap as $15.

There’s also a grill restaurant close at hand. It’s popular with locals and tourists alike. Grab a burger from the BBQ or feast on a filling platter of appetizing seafood. There aren’t a lot of hotels in Baby Beach. The best place to stay is in an Aruba Vrbo near Baby Beach.

Beachy Fact: Shallow, calm waters make this bay an excellent great choice for those holidaying with little ones.

Palm Beach Aruba top honeymoon destinations

3. Palm Beach

Situated in the West, Palm Beach is certainly one of the best beaches in Aruba and has so much to offer. It’s a haven for beach-lovers who enjoy lazing on white sands and paddling in azure waters. The two-mile expanse is popular with tourists (it fronts many of the high-rise resorts in Aruba), so there’s a vibrant atmosphere here.

Swim in the tranquil water, top up your tan on the smooth sands, or enjoy the water sports on offer. Palm Beach boasts many of the best Aruba restaurants, bars, and hotels nearby, so when it comes to eating and drinking, there’s plenty to choose from.

If you aren’t renting a car in Aruba, you’ll want to stay at a hotel in Palm Beach. Everything you need is in Palm Beach. However, we would strongly advise you to rent a car. There are so many things to do in Aruba. Having a car makes it easy to explore, and it’s super easy to drive in Aruba. Rental cars in Aruba are cheap, around $30 a day.

On our last trip, we rented a car for three days for $110, and it was only a block from our hotel, Barcelo Aruba. Click here to check car rental rates in Aruba on

Best All-Inclusive Resort on Palm Beach – Barcelo Aruba

Beachy Fact: You will find Bubali Bird Sanctuary to the South – climb the observation tower and view various species of migratory birds. The Old Dutch Windmill and a butterfly farm are nearby if you fancy a break from the sun, sea, and sand.

Pink flamingo on the beach in Aruba - top things to do Aruba honeymoon
Come to visit the cute pink flamingos in Aruba!

4. Flamingo Beach

One of only two private beaches on Aruba, Flamingo Beach is located on Renaissance Island, a manmade island spread over 40 acres. It may be private, but you won’t be alone. Along with other tourists staying at the resort, you will have to share with a posse of pink flamingos!

The flamingos are exceptionally tame (and used to curious visitors), so they won’t mind you joining them for a little fun in the sun.

Renaissance Hotel – The Only Way To Guarantee Visiting Flamingo Beach

Beachy Fact: If you’re not staying at the resort, you can visit Renaissance Island and Flamingo Beach as a non-guest, providing you purchase a day pass. This will allow you to utilize the ferry service and spend time on the beach. Fingers crossed, you will get to see a few pink feathered friends! There is a limited amount of guest passes that are sold. Click here to read our guide for visiting Flamingo Beach.

Aerial Photo of Manchebo Beach in Aruba - top honeymoon places

5. Manchebo Beach

A wide expanse of fine, white sand close to the hotel amenities, Manchebo Beach, lies on the western tip of Aruba. It sits next to the Manchebo Beach Resort and offers a fairly laid-back experience, so if the hustle and bustle isn’t your thing, this place could top your list of the best beaches in Aruba. The sea conditions can vary from gentle and calm surf to more rousing waves.

Manchebo Beach is where Hannah and I stayed when we renewed our vows in Aruba in 2017. We loved the peace and quiet of Manchebo Beach, and the resort was gorgeous. It was the perfect place to call home for the week.

Best Hotel On Eagle Beach – Manchebo Beach Resort &Spa

Beachy Fact: If you prefer to stay away from too many tourists and like your beach on the quiet side, then this could be for you.

Pelicans on old pier posts in Aruba's best honeymoon beach Drulf Beach

6. Drulf Beach

This is a beach that offers the best of both worlds; it’s relatively near to Oranjestad (the busy downtown area that has lots going on) but far enough away to enjoy a little peace and quiet, too. Laze on the long expanse of sand and gaze at the stunning views, or go for a swim in the calm waters.

If you’re feeling energetic, you can try your hand at the plentiful water sports on offer or perhaps have a game of volleyball with fellow holidaymakers. You could also take a nice long stroll, as Drulf Beach links to many other beaches in the vicinity.

Best Hotel On Drulf Beach – Divi Village Golf & Beach Resort

Beachy Fact: Pelicans think this is one of the best beaches in Aruba too! You might find one or two perched here – so keep your eyes open.

7. Andicuri Beach

Looking for a tranquil place to lay your head and soak up the rays? Look no further – this hidden gem will allow you to retreat far from the maddening crowd. Rugged and natural-looking, Andicuri Beach is truly stunning; the rocky cliffs provide the perfect backdrop — and a shady spot to escape the sun.

Located on the windward coast, this place is favored by locals, which should tell you exactly how lovely it is.

You won’t find places to eat or drink on Andicuri Beach, which adds to its well-preserved charm. Just pack a picnic for the day to feast on. If you’re thinking of heading out for a swim, beware, the currents are strong here, and it’s not a place for novice swimmers.

Beachy Fact: Bodyboarders adore this place – it has great waves and powerful surf and is home to lots of local competitions

Best Honeymoon Destinations for ALL Budgets

a couple sitting on the roof of a rental jeep in Aruba during a honeymoon

8. Bachelors Beach

Located in the southeast point of the island, Bachelors Beach is small in stature but has a quaint feel to it that will transport you to a romantic scene in a novel. You won’t find restaurants and bars here, it’s just not that type of place, but this is one of the best beaches in Aruba if you like charming and unspoiled spots.

What you will find is a gentle but constant breeze blowing through, so this is the perfect spot to learn to windsurf — or to perfect your skills. The waves aren’t huge, so you won’t get knocked off just when you’ve learned how to stand up.

Bachelor Beach is also considered to be a great place to snorkel and dive – there’s a huge variety of fish, and you might even see a sea snake or two! However, it’s worth keeping in mind that the currents can be feisty here, so it’s not really the place for you if you’re not a strong, competent swimmer.

Beachy Fact: The locals often refer to Bachelor Beach as Boca Tabla, and it sits next door to its neighbor, Boca Grandi.

9. Boca Ketu Beach

Situated in the Arikok National Park, it’s no easy feat to get here, but that’s part of the attraction. Some are too put off by the journey to visit Boca Ketu Beach, so they don’t bother. This means you might not have to share this gem of a beach with anyone at all.

Once you’ve made it to the park, you have to head towards the Conchi Pool and then North across some very coarse ground – this is a place where an off-road vehicle will come in very handy! DO NOT attempt to drive to the Natural Pool or Boca Ketu Beach without having a 4×4 vehicle. We rented a Jeep in Aruba, and it was the best thing ever. We were able to off-road and explore so much more of the island.

However, you can walk it if you’re feeling active; head from Daimari Beach along the coastal path to the Conchi Pool. There are several ATV tours in Aruba that visit Boca Ketu Beach and the Natural Pool.

Book Now Secret Beach & Cove Pool ATV Tour

Beachy Fact: You might benefit from visiting Boca Ketu Beach as part of a “day of exploration.” Hire a guide and take advantage of their local knowledge. Ask them to show you the best — and some of the less touristy — attractions on the island. Be sure to add Boca Katu to your list).

Arashi Beach Aruba Drone View

10. Arashi Beach

A family beach that’s begging to be explored, Arashi is great for a day filled with sunbathing, splashing in the sea, and marveling at the plentiful fish as you snorkel just below the surface. Rent a beach chair and umbrella and stay for the day.

It’s nice and calm here, so the ocean is suitable for children and nervous swimmers to take a dip in. There’s moderate surf from time to time, which means newbie body borders get to have a bit of fun too. Amenities-wise, it’s pretty good also; there are showers so you can wash off sandy feet and flip-flops, and there’s a bar, too, which sometimes has live music. There is ample free parking.

Beachy Fact: The locals like it here, and this is a great place to catch a stunning sunset.

11. Boca Grandi Beach

You will know you’ve made it to Boca Grandi – there’s a big red anchor to welcome you to one of the best beaches in Aruba. This place is ideal If you fancy something other than the usual sunbathing and swimming — not that there’s anything wrong with traditional beach pursuits!

However, if you’re more of an adventurous type, you will certainly enjoy what’s on offer at Boca Grandi. This place is a mecca for kite surfers (but no newbies – it’s far too challenging here for those just starting out). Grab a beverage from the little bar and gaze in awe as you watch talented kite surfers jump and prance over the sand and surf.

Beachy Fact: Beachcombers also like this place; there’s often driftwood and interesting things from the ocean washed up on the shores. Go for a scavenge and see what you can find.

Rodgers Beach Aruba

12. Rodgers Beach

If you’re not keen on pitching up at a tourist hot spot, Rodgers Beach will suit you well. Enjoy swimming in the clear water and taking it easy on the narrow, sandy bay. Rodgers beach has an authentic feel to it. Fishing boats line the bay, and locals flock here at the weekends.

During the week, it’s nice and peaceful, so take advantage of sitting on the smooth sands and enjoying the latest blockbuster. If you like the idea of snorkeling or diving, you can hire equipment here — there’s also a shower to freshen up. Hungry? Head to the restaurant to sample the local fare. If you fancy trying somewhere else, head to Baby Beach. It’s mere minutes away and certainly worth a visit.

Beachy Fact: The beach was named after a British fellow – Captain Rodger. He set up the very first oil refinery in Aruba back in 1928.

So Many Beaches So Little Time

Aruba might be a small Dutch Caribbean island just off Venezuela, but it provides a huge welcome. The weather is great, the temperature remains around a constant 27°C (81°F), and the annual rainfall stays below 20 inches in general.

The sands are perfect, the surf is fine, and the architecture nods towards European and Dutch design. Thinking about visiting the island? Now you’ve had a chance to read about some of the best beaches in Aruba, we can’t say we blame you!

We can’t choose the best for you, so why not visit as many as you can? Take the opportunity to sample cocktails, try out sun loungers, and check out the many water sports that will leave you feeling exhilarated.