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The #SeekerProject in San Francisco

The #SeekerProject in San Francisco


Couple walking past the painted ladies in San Francisco - Historic Homes - San Francisco Itinerary

We got matched with San Francisco and we didn’t need much convincing, it sounded like the perfect trip. San Francisco has a great blend of urban environments surrounded by nature. Here you can have all the luxuries of a big city, but also have pockets of the city all to yourself.

Our Weekend in San Francisco

I think the Seeker Program was more accurate than I first expected. We’ve been so busy lately that we really haven’t had a lot of quality time together. It has been all go, go, go. It was nice to slow down and just enjoy a relaxing time while we were surrounded by luxury.

couple eating breakfast in bed at the Fairmont San Francisco

On our first morning that we woke up in San Francisco, we decided to skip the alarm clocks and sleep in a little bit. We ordered breakfast to the room and just watched the city come to life from the top floor of the Fairmont San Franciso. Pancakes and Champagne is the best way to start a day on vacation!

Taking it easy in the morning was fun, but at heart, we love to explore and San Francisco is a great city for an adventure.

couple standing in front of a helicopter in San Francisco

One of the things that have been super high on our list of things to do in San Francisco is to take a helicopter ride over the Golden Gate Bridge. During our weekend visit, we jumped into a helicopter just before sunset to take a tour of the city.

View from a helicopter tour of San Francisco - Downtown San Fran - Must do things in San Francisco

We started south of the city passing over (and under!) the Golden Gate Bridge before making a loop around Alcatraz. The tour finished with 2 laps around the city’s skyscrapers for some insane views of the city’s iconic buildings. It was definitely one of our favorite adventures from the trip!

couple standing at Battery Spencer at sunset with views of the Golden Gate Bridge

Some of our other favorite memories was seeking out all of the best views of the Golden Gate Bridge. We tried to find new spots and angles to see the bridge from. Some of our favorites were Battery Spencer and Marshall’s Beach. One morning we decided to get up early and head down to the Presidio at sunrise. This was an extra special moment because we had the entire area to ourselves. Up by the famous trees and down on the beach we were the only ones there, we’ll definitely take away a lot of lasting memories from our Seeker Project trip.

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