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7 Unique Views of Dubrovnik

7 Unique Views of Dubrovnik

Walk the Walls of the Old City

Dubrovnik - City Walls - Croatia-5

The city of Dubrovnik revolves around the 12th-century limestone walls. A favorite activity is to climb up to the track that runs the perimeter of the old city on the top of the walls. Some on the best views of the city are had from the top of the walls. Plan your time right to stay for the sunset. The best sunset we had was on the night we stayed until sundown on the back wall of the city.

Paddle Outside the City in a Kayak


For a less common view of the city take a paddle around the high walls of the city on a small sea kayak. From here you get a much different view than anywhere else in the city. Also part of the kayak tours the guides will take you to one of the limestone caves in the area for a swim.

Jump Off the Walls


This might be where the term hole in the wall originated, if not it should have. Cafe Buza is hung on the outside of the old city walls and even has a spot for you to jump. Take the leap or simply enjoy the views from this unique spot in Dubrovnik.

Watch the Sunset Over the Walls

Dubrovnik Pano-1

One of my favorite memories of Dubrovnik was watching the sunset over the beautiful city. There are a few places to watch the sunset in Dubrovnik first is the top of the walls at the back of the city, away from the sea. Second there is spot on the south-east side of the city walls that gives views of some of the church tops, the city, and the sunset altogether.

Get a Birds-Eye View of the Walls


A short ride outside the city of Dubrovnik to the south is an impressive outlook that gives a nice view from above the city. Steep roads are carved into the cliffs around Dubrovnik and around a few of the corners there are areas to pull off for photographs of the city walls. Or if you don’t have a car take the cable car to the cliffs above the city for some stunning views. Either way you do these are some of the best unique views of Dubrovnik.

Climb Under the Pile Gate

Dubrovnik - City Walls - Croatia-2

An ofter overlooked area of the old city is the area right up against the walls. Just off to the right side as you enter the Pile Gate take the steps down to the rocky beach area. From here you get a nice sunset view during the right time of year. Also down here is an area made famous by the TV series ‘Game of Thrones’, called the King’s landing in the show. In real life, there is a massive rock with a look out building perched on top.

Hike up to a Peaceful Part of the City

Dubrovnik - city walls - croatia

When you have had enough of the busy little town head up to one of the quiet back streets toward the back end of the town. Make your way here for some great views and an escape from the mid-day tourist rush. Grab a snack and a drink and take a seat on the steps in the peaceful area of town.

Wayne Seto

Sunday 17th of May 2015

I've heard so many great things about Dubrovnik. I have yet to make it out to Europe, but your photos definitely make me want to go. Stunning!

Angelica @BkChickTravels

Saturday 9th of May 2015

Croatia is definitely calling...

I would have to spend a few weeks there I think. Too much to see!


Wednesday 6th of May 2015

LOVE the last photo! Oooh, I think Croatia is calling!