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6 Best Breakfasts in Tulum – Go here trust us!

6 Best Breakfasts in Tulum – Go here trust us!

Looking for the best breakfast in Tulum? Tulum’s great restaurants offer an array of breakfast options, from traditional Mexican dishes, to tacos, avocado toast, smoothie bowls, and omelets. You name it, you can find it in Tulum.

If you are like us, you like to fuel up on a big breakfast before tackling all the things to do in Tulum or just being a beach bum at a Tulum beach club.

It’s impossible to go hungry in a city like Tulum. Left and right, there are endless restaurants serving flavorful, fresh food that unites traditional Mexican with modern Western. The best restaurants in Tulum give you an experience that combines value, flavor, and aesthetics.

These are the best breakfast restaurants in Tulum, and they are popular for a reason! Bookmark these spots to save for your next visit to Tulum. So let’s get to it. Here are our top spots to grab breakfast in Tulum.

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1. DelCielo

The breakfast is so pretty at DelCielo that you won’t want to eat it, but trust us, you’ll want to eat the food. It is REALLY good. We almost skipped this breakfast spot in Tulum because we thought it was too trendy and just an Instagram spot…Wow, we were wrong!

DelCielo is a popular breakfast and brunch restaurant in Tulum’s city center. Many call it the best breakfast in Tulum. DelCielo started as a bakery and became popular for its fresh-daily bread and pastries, which became the main attraction for their breakfast dishes.

DelCielo does American classics like fluffy French toast and pancakes (made with coconut flour), but they also have Mexican-style breakfast bowls and chilaquiles. We recommend trying one of their fresh fruit smoothies with your breakfast if you don’t feel like coffee. They are one of the most popular menu items and use fresh produce like pineapple, cucumber, and nopal cactus.

We’ve eaten at DelCielo both for breakfast and lunch and never left disappointed. It’s now one of the best restaurants in Tulum if you ask us.

  • Hours: Every day, 8am-2:30pm
  • Address: Satélite Sur 5, Tulum Centro, Centro
Don Cafeto breakfast in Tulum Restaurant

2. Don Cafeto

Don Cafeto is another Tulum breakfast favorite. They are open all day until 10 pm but quieter and more laid back during breakfast. It’s popular with locals, and they serve Mexican and old-style Mayan dishes.

They serve a wide variety of dishes for breakfast. They offer Western classics like pancakes and omelets if you have picky eaters (or just prefer something familiar yourself). But if you want to eat as the locals do, try the breakfast burrito, which is a generous serving size. At any time of day, one of their most talked about dishes is the escabeche—a spicy marinated vegetable dish topped with roasted garlic.

  • Hours: Every day, 8 am-10 pm
  • Address: Av. Tulum, Tulum Centro

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outside of Taqueria Honorio Tulum Mexico

3. Taqueria Honorio

Taqueria Honorio is not only one of the best Tulum breakfast restaurants but also serves up some of the best tacos in Tulum. In Mexico, tacos are considered a breakfast food, so we wanted to add Honorio to Tulum’s list of best breakfast places.

This is little more than a stand, and it’s unassuming and not fancy. But that’s often how you find the best places to eat. Taqueria Honorio is very popular with locals, and the slow-roasted cochinita pibil is probably why. It’s widely considered some of the best slow-roasted pork in Tulum and is used to make all their tacos and sandwiches.

This taqueria opens very early (six in the morning!), so if you want to beat the crowds, try to arrive early. It might be hard to get out of bed that early, but after a single bite of a fresh carne asada taco, you’ll be happy you did it.

Request a side of fresh fruit with your breakfast. The watermelon is fresh and juicy and is the perfect sweet side to such a savory breakfast.

  • Hours: Wednesday – Monday, 6 am-3 pm; closed Tuesday
  • Address: Satélite Sur Sm10 lote 3

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Yogurt bowls breakfast restaurant

4. Raw Love

Based on the name of this restaurant, you can probably guess what kind of food they serve. This is a raw vegan café on downtown Tulum’s main strip. Raw Love is often listed as one of the best vegan restaurants in Tulum.

If you’ve probably seen pictures of Raw Love on Instagram, it’s a super popular spot with a beautiful location. It’s probably the most over prices breakfast in Tulum for what you get, BUT you are paying for its location, popularity, and good ingredients. We like the açai bowls and smoothies.

Raw Love serves all kinds of fresh vegan food like smoothie bowls, fresh-pressed juices, açai bowls, and even desserts like cakes and brownies, all made with entirely plant-based ingredients. They are open all day, from breakfast through dinner. Their menu is well suited to breakfast with all the fresh fruit ingredients. They also have other vegan breakfast classics like thick-cut avocado toast.

There is an outdoor back garden area and an upstairs café. Be sure to bring your camera or phone to document everything. Even if you aren’t typically the kind of person to take photos of your food, the presentation is so beautiful here that you will want to snap a photo before you dig in.

Raw Love now has three locations, which is good because the original beach location gets really busy, and parking is difficult.

  • Hours: 9 am-7 pm every day
coffee shop coffee breakfast

5. Italdo Pasteleria

Italdo Pasteleria is at the outer edge of the Tulum tourist strip, so you may find it a little bit quieter than your average Tulum restaurant.

This is a comfortable and welcoming French-meets-Italian café. The front of the house has a display case of the most beautifully-prepared pastries like fresh fruit tarts, brownies, chocolate-drizzled croissants, and Danishes. Grab a warm, crusty pastry and a classic espresso for the perfect breakfast. Or, try one of their breakfast paninis made on warm ciabatta bread.

They also serve wood-fired pizzas, pasta, vegan burgers, and other European-style dishes that are perfect for lunch or dinner.

  • Hours:  Every day 8 am-8 pm
  • Address: AV. 5 Sur Manzana 892 Lote 6, Local 7
burrito amor tulum restaurant

6. Burrito Amor

Another one of our favorite restaurants in Tulum that serves not only some of the best tacos in Tulum but also Tulum’s breakfast. Burrito Amor offers one of the best all-day breakfasts in Tulum. While their tacos are delicious, their breakfast menu is impressively long, and we won’t blame you if you come here and choose to get breakfast instead of a burrito.

The breakfast menu is split into toast and pastries, the ‘cold bar,’ and egg dishes. Under toasts and pastries, you’ll find avocado toast on fresh-made seed bread, banana muffins, croissants, and macaroons. They even have gluten-free versions of some dishes.

The cold bar has yogurt and granola bowls or fresh fruit smoothie bowls. They even have dairy-free versions that use coconut yogurt instead of milk-based yogurt.

Their egg dishes are served with tortillas and toppings. Each dish uses different ingredients, like smoked pork, spinach, or marinated cactus.

  • Hours: Hours: Wednesday – Monday, 8 am-10 pm; closed Tuesday
  • Address: Av. Tulum Mz 05-Lote 03

Where do you think the best breakfast in Tulum is? We’re always on the hunt for new restaurants in Tulum to try!