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Best Sushi in Key West – Top 7 Restaurants

Best Sushi in Key West – Top 7 Restaurants

There’s just something about being in a tropical paradise and enjoying sushi. It’s like they totally go together, right? Sushi in Key West, yes please!

I mean, after a day in the sun on the water at one of the best beaches in Key West, doesn’t it just make sense that you’d be craving sushi? Just picture it, rolls with light and fluffy rice, fresh and clean fish, salty soy sauce, and seaweed wrapping it all together. You can’t get a better combination than sushi and an island getaway.

Well, when you’re in Key West, there’s no need to let your craving go unsatisfied there are tons of amazing restaurants in Key West. This little slice of paradise has so many sushi places that you can actually be a bit picky. This list of the best sushi in Key West can help you decide where to grab your next sushi fix.

Sushi platter in Key West

1. Sushi Song

Sushi Song is known throughout southern Florida as the best place for sushi hands-down. Sushi Song offers the classic sushi dishes everyone loves but with flavors and quality that are superior. Sushi Song is also known across the state as a great late-night place to eat.

At Sushi Song, you can get classic rolls like California, spicy tuna, and veggie. You can also take it up a notch with rolls like the dancing eel, which is BBQ eel on top of a California roll.

If sashimi is more your style, of course, Sushi Song does an excellent job with it too. You can order it separately or in a combination plate for the best.

Signature Rolls like the Sweet Ocean are also killer at Sushi Song. Rounding out the menu Sushi Son also has a great selection of fried rice, teriyaki, and ramen to choose from.

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Thai Island Key West Restaurant Sushi Boat

Photo Credit Thai Island via Facebook

2. Thai Island Restaurant & Sushi Bar

Thai Island has what you love. Great sushi, a killer view, and outdoor seating. In Key West, these things create the great Thai Island Restaurant & Sushi Bar.

If you happen to head to Thai Island for lunch, definitely consider having a bento box. They are super yummy and will leave you satisfied. The sushi at Thai Island is something you can and should order any time of the day.

To get the full Thai Island experience order a boat load of sushi. That’s right. Order a whole boat of sushi and sashimi. It’s a great idea if you’re in a group of 2 or more. And the visual of your meal as a boat stuffed with sushi is totally Instagram-ready.

Fresh sushi in Key West

3. Origami Sushi Bar

Origami is a serious Japanese restaurant that specializes in sushi. So to be very honest, they know how to make some really stellar sushi in Key West.

They have all the different types of rolls you’re looking for, from California to Rainbow. Specialty rolls like the Volcano and Wee are also super yummy and two of our favorites.  The rest of the menu is filled with things you can’t help but gobble up. Finish it up with some mochi or fried ice cream.

The atmosphere is chill and relaxed. Although it’s not the biggest place, Origami has seating inside, outside, and at the bar. This way, you can choose the seat right for you.

Sushi rolls closeup

4. Misohappy

Misohappy is a great place to grab sushi, pretty much any time of day. What’s so great about Misohappy? It’s solidly good-quality sushi.  No mess, no fuss, just good food.

The sushi menu at Misohappy is really quite extensive. You’ll find the tried and true like California and the spicy tuna. Specialty rolls like the Key West Conch roll reflect the Key West vibe.

Instead of ordering things a la carte at Misohappy, consider getting a Bento Box. This way, you can have a sampling of a few different things at once. Or, if you’re in a larger group and want to share, you may want a boat. This is a major combination of sushi and sashimi, so you all can try things together.

Misohappy also has a fabulous Thai menu. You’ll find all the food you love, like Pad See Ew and Thai donuts. If you have read some of our other articles, you know we lived in Thailand and love Thai food! 

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5. Seagrass Thai & Sushi

There are so many different rolls on the menu at Seagrass Thai & Sushi, it’s crazy to try to count them. With so many options, chances are you’ll find your favorites from back home offered right here in Key West.

But you’ll also find some that you may have never tried before. What about the Gator Roll? Why not give it a go? It’s made of gator tail tempura, avocado, cucumber, spicy mayo, sriracha, and masago on top. Bet you can’t get that back home.

In the end, no matter which sushi or sashimi you choose, you’ll be happy you decided to eat at Seagrass That & Sushi.

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  • Located in the Overseas Market

Sushi from Wicked tuna in Myrtle Beach

6. Thai Cuisine and Sushi Bar

Thai Cuisine and Sushi Bar is a great place to pop in and grab some delicious Key West sushi. And maybe sip some sake too.

Located in the center of Key West, it’s easy to get to. As you’re strolling around town, you’ll likely see folks enjoying a meal out front. So why not join them?

Serving up authentic Thai food is their specialty. But don’t underestimate the sushi is just as awesome. You could go a la carte or pick one of the sushi dinner specials to get a sampling of different things together.

Sushi boats are also an option. And you don’t have to share with others. Boats are available for 1-5 people to enjoy.

7. Mangoes

In Key West, Mangoes is known as a fabulous place to grab a drink and have a great meal. You can even enjoy some drunken drag brunch, which is super fun and entertaining.

Mangoes has also been known to have some pretty darn good sushi. That’s right. Pairing sushi with your chilled cocktail in this Key West establishment is such a great thing to do. Mangoes specializes in fresh fish dishes so it’s no surprise that it’s the same for their sushi.

If there’s someone in your group that’s not in the mood for it, there are tons of other delightful options on the Mangoes menu. Items like the Key West Pink Shrimp Scampi and the Caribbean Lobster Ciopinno show off their Floridian & Caribbean flare.

Where do you think the best sushi in Key West is?

We are always looking for a new sushi restaurant in Key West to try!