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Your Siem Reap tuk tuk driver can make or break your trip to the city and to Angkor Wat, so choose a good one. Which is harder than it sounds because as of 2015 there are over 10,000 registered tuk tuk drivers in Siem Reap all vying for your business to take you to the temples of Angkor Wat. We have a recommendation for a good Siem Reap Tuk Tuk Driver that we have used multiple times and have grown to be friends with. We would like to introduce you to Sok who we have hired on all of our trips to Angkor Wat since 2013 and have recommended at least 100 times and everyone’s feedback has been great.

MEET MR. SOK MENEA – Siem Reap Tuk Tuk Driver

We met Sok in 2013 while visiting Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples in Siem Reap with Hannah’s parents and since then we have hired him every time we are back in Siem Reap. When looking for a Siem Reap tuk tuk driver you won’t find anyone better than Sok.

We put this page together to help Sok find a few more passengers and to help you find the best tuk-tuk driver in Siem Reap. There are more than 10,000 registered tuk-tuk drivers in Siem Reap alone. So, there are a lot of choices, and finding a good tuk-tuk driver can be overwhelming. You can save yourself the hassle of finding a reliable driver in town and set your trip up before traveling to Siem Reap and heading to sunset at Angkor Wat.

***If you are looking for the best place for sunrise at Angkor Wat check out this article***


  • He’s always on time, bright and early at 4:45 a.m.
  • Friendly and courteous
  • Knowledgeable about the sites and how to make a good day trip
  • Fair and very reasonable prices without a bunch of negotiation
  • Good English, we didn’t have to slow down speaking to him and he even gets our humor
  • Responsible Driver, we always felt safe with Sok (we have seen some bad accidents)
  • Clean and comfortable tuk tuk
  • Sok has a cooler with ice cold waters, which are a must on those hot days in Angkor Wat
  • Everything you need in a good Siem Reap tuk tuk driver!

Book a Siem Reap Tuk Tuk Driver Online

  • BEST WAY to reach Sok is to find him on Facebook and arrange your tours. Make sure to add him as a friend to ensure he gets your Facebook message, otherwise, it might end up in the other message/message request folder
  • You can email Sok at [email protected] to set up your trip before arriving in Siem Reap/Angkor Wat. If you email him and you don’t get a response let us know, we talk to him weekly we can get ahold of him. He isn’t the best at checking his email but Facebook messenger he’ll respond within 12 hours.
  • Call him when you are in Cambodia at 092 9493 79 or 098 9291 12
  • Sok can pick you up at the Siem Reap airport as part of his service, he is always waiting for us at the airport with a sign and a smile.

Facebook: add as friend before messaging 

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 092 9493 79 or 098 9291 12

Airport pickup Siem Reap Tuk Tuk Driver

If you arrange your trip with Sok in advance he can also pick you up at the airport and bring your right to your hotel. That same day you can go buy your tickets for Angkor Wat for the following days. While you are there buying tickets you are allowed to visit that afternoon for sunset. Sok will work out a very affordable package for as many days as you want.

Book a Siem Reap Tuk Tuk while in the city

  • You can find Sok at what he calls his “Head Quarters”, on Pub Street in front of the Red Piano restaurant. At the intersection of Street 8 also known as “Pub Street” and Street 11. This is a popular spot for Siem Reap tuk tuk drivers to park.
  • If you’re already in town he can give you a lift across Siem Reap, or you can book a multi-day Siem Reap tour with him.
  • He also has a smartphone to get in contact with straight away.


The difference between a Driver and a Guide

Sok is a Tuk Tuk driver, but not a licensed guide. The difference is only licensed guides can accompany you inside the temples of Angkor Wat. For us this was our preferred way to see the temples, Sok can explain the history of the temples and then we are free to explore and take photos of the temples. If you would like a formal guide to accompany you, Sok can arrange this as well. Almost all drivers are not guides, and guides are not drivers, so you’ll need both if you want to go this route. For us the deep details of each and every temple is not as important as the general history and some nice photos, so for us riding with Sok is all we need.


Sok is one of those good people in the world that is trying to make it in a tough market, and this is our way of helping a good person out. We recommend him with confidence, we know he is going to take care of you. If you choose to ride with Sok you will have a good trip around Angkor Wat and you’ll leave friends as we did.

If you rode with Sok while in Siem Reap please leave a comment below on how your trip was!

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  1. We just had sunrise and big circuit tour with Sok’s brother Sunny. Compare to the previous day, which we spent with our hotel driver, Sunny was just a star. He would stop on many occasions for random pictures we wanted, was very kind and attentive. I was also surprised that price was exactly the same as our hotel driver would have been so thanks a lot for great recommendation 😉

  2. Four of us visited Angkor Wat for 2 days. We found Sok through this website and contacted him through Facebook Messenger. He was awesome!!!! Punctual, courteous, with great knowledge of the area. He has a small SUV now and we rented that instead of the tuk tuk because it was supposed to rain while we were there. We stayed dry when it rained and when the sun came out and the heat and humidity got bad, getting into his car was a very welcome respite and gave us more energy to explore further. If you can use Sok do it!

  3. My family and I have just done a 3-day trip with Sok and his brother Sunny. We’ve had a very enjoyable trip to Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom. Sok is the friendliest driver ever. He has good knowledge about the temples and has planned a very good tour for us to cover all important ruins. I’m very thankful for Sok and his brother’s professional service and I definitely recommend him.

  4. My wife and I just finished a visit to Siem Reap (April 2019) and we also had the great pleasure of meeting and enjoying Sok as our tuk tuk transportation specialist. He provided the most professional service and we highly recommend him. I discovered Sok through this website and I am very thankful to the composer of the original post. Thank you! Sok is so worthy of all the high praise.

  5. We recently did a tour of Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and Ta Phram. Sok set us up with his friend Adam. Adam was right on time at 4:30am and was reliable, knowledgeable and friendly the entire day. We couldn’t have enjoyed this tour more thanks to Adam!

  6. Because of this blog post I found out about Sok! He was quick to respond to emails and we confirmed a date for Angkor Wat day tour long before we were even in Cambodia. He was unfamiliar with where we were staying and went out of his way the night before to find us and then suggested a place for dinner. He was prompt this morning at 4:30 and had great tidbits of information to share with us throughout the day. He was fun and easy to be with. The cooler with water was unreal and so necessary as it is hotter than anything here. I would recommend him to anyone!

  7. Add us to the list of appreciative customers! Sok was our driver and friend over the course of our 4 days in Siem Reap, and we loved getting to know him, learning about Cambodian life, and hearing his recommendations for things to do and places to eat. He was kind, gracious, punctual, helpful, and accommodating in every way. We highly recommend the tuk tuk for all your around Siem Reap touring; the Lexus was great for the ride to the airport since we had large luggage to haul. Thank you, Sok— hope to see you again.

  8. We booked Sok after reading about him on this website. He was great!! From meeting us with a smile at the airport to picking us up for the sunrise he was always on time and lovely to be with. He made excellent suggestions about how to tour the temples and was always kind and considerate. Would highly recommend him for anyone travelling to Siem Reap. Thank you Sok!!

  9. We were in Siem Reap for three days at the end of January and prebooked Sok when we read this blog. He was a wonderful driver. He was there at the airport with a big smile and had great suggestions for how to spend our time at the temples. He drove us to our hotel then we were off to get tickets for the ruins. He was always prompt and courteous and guided us to a great vantage point for the sunrise. He then planned out the rest of our day so we saw a lot but didn’t over do it. His English is good and he has a good knowledge of the temples. We would highly recommend Sok for anyone travelling to Angkor Wat and Siem Reap!

  10. We just finished a week of temple hopping with Sok and his brother Sunny. They are both amazing guys and we had an amazing time. Both, Sunny and Sok, are very careful drivers and the tuk tuk as well as the car are in great conditions. We will recommend them to everybody we know going to Siem Reap to see Angkor. The brothers made our week!! Highly recommended!!

  11. We sadly just finished 3 days with Sok who we booked after finding this page. I cannot thank you enough for the recommendations and the great reviews from other visitors who booked with him as well.
    He is a great guy, very knowledgeable and speaks great English. The ice cold towels and water were a godsend after trekking round the temples in the heat.
    He was always on time/early every day and offered great advice and suggestions as well as answering all our questions about the local area and people.
    Do yourselves a favour and book Sok for your driving tours in Siem Reap. The place is awash with Tuk Tuk drivers all trying to get your business, many trying to massively overcharge! His Tuk Tuk and car are in great condition and he is a safe driver (andI’m a notoriously nervous passenger) on these bonkers roads!

    • Sok delivers again! He is such an amazing guy and it’s great that we have connected you and so many others to him. We can’t wait to go back and visit him and see his new car, he is so excited to offer customers Tuk Tuk or car.

  12. Thank you so much for this post!
    We got in contact with Son through facebook last night, within an hour although he was booked for today he recommended his friend Mr Kimerang who was amazing! We had the best day, was at the hotel 4:25am making sure we were first in line for tickets! Had fresh cold towels & water at each stop. Very safe, funny man who made our day 10 times better! Do yourself a favour & organise a tour with them!!!

  13. My mum and I booked Suk when we were in Siem Reap and he was wonderful! Suk brought us to get tickets the day before our tour which was so great and then watched a beautiful sunset over Angkor Wat. He then picked us up the next morning for sunrise. Suk was so helpful and showed us all the best spots and hidden treasures all around the temples. Such a great guy and we were sad to say goodbye. Thank you for finding suk and I can’t wait to tell everyone to use suk.

  14. My fiance and I just finished a 2-day, unforgettable trip through Angkor Wat with Sok’s brother, Sanny. We contacted Sok through Facebook, who was very responsive but already had a tour booked during our dates. He referred us to Sanny and outlined our 2 day itinerary – numerous temples, including the sunrise at Angkor Wat, along with the Cambodian Land Mine museum and Butterfly Garden.

    Sanny was incredibly helpful – we cannot emphasize enough how easy it was to have him take us around. Our flight was 2 hours delayed arriving in Siem Reap but Sanny was still waiting for us at the airport to take us to our hotel. The next morning he met us at our hotel at 4:30 AM to take us to the Angkor ticket office, where we were first in line. At each temple he provided some history and then explained where to meet him once we were done, making for a seamless transition from site to site. He provided us with waters and had great restaurant recommendations. Even with tip his service was less expensive than a guide, and the information he provided was exactly what we were hoping to get from our tour.

    Sanny and Sok are very hard working, friendly people and we wish them the best. We will absolutely work with them again / recommend them to anyone who asks. Look no further when booking your transportation in Angkor!

  15. Sok took my sister, newphew, son and me for two days of temples, the Landmine Museum and the Butterfly Museum in a car (Lexus RX). He was very professional, really nice, flexible, knowledgeable, and safe. He suggested the itinerary and we made tweaks with no problem. The cold face wipes, water and a/c were refreshing. I would definitely recommend Sok to anyone. Thank you Sok for a wonderful time.

    • Great to hear you had a fabulous time in Siem Reap and Sok gave you his 5-star service. Did you ride in his Tuk Tuk or his new vehicle? He is so excited he got a Lexus SUV for customers that prefer that. He is such a great guy! Safe travels.

  16. HI, my husband and I have made plans to go SR this December! I just got a message from our hotel that they have a tour program…for example for Day 1 it is $32 for the tuktuk driver and with a guide it’s $55 (still not sure if they meant $32 + $55 OR if it’s $55 overall for both driver and tour guide). Does that sound reasonable? If not, I’m seriously considering your friend as a driver. Also, what tips do you give drivers at the end of a full day of driving your around. Thanks so much for this blog!

    • I would NOT book a tuk tuk through your hotel. The hotel takes a big cut of this payment. Your best bet is to just contact Sok directly his rate will be half theirs and he is legit. I usually would tip Sok an extra $5-10 bc he is sooo cheap the way it is. I would also invite him to lunch with us and pay for his meal.

      Have a blast in Siem Reap.

  17. I used Sok and his friends to get around Siem Reap after reading this article and can attest that the information in this article is spot on. Sok arranged for 3 tuk tuks to take us from the airport to our hotel as well as a trip to Angkor Wat for the day. We got the 4:45am pickup for the Angkor Wat trip and Sok and his friends were all on time at 2 different hotels to pick up our entire group. I friended Sok on Facebook using the link in this article and the used Facebook messenger to communicate with him. I recommend using Sok and his friends to get around Siem Reap!

    • So glad Sok took care of you and your friends and help arrange some fellow Tuk Tuk drivers to accommodate your large group. He is a legend in Siem Reap for sure. Safe travels and thanks for the review.

  18. Thanks for connecting me to Mr. Sok! He wasn’t available this past week, but he connected with his friend Mr Ly (pronounced “Lee”) who was amazing. Mr. Ly did airport pick-up and drop-off for me, drove me to the ticket counter the day before I wanted to see the sunrise to avoid the lines the morning-of, and he shepherd me around the temples and town for two days.

    Mr. Ly always greeted me with a smile, he always managed to angle his tuk tuk to the front of the waiting area, and he was patient with me when I was tired or wanted to stop to take monkey photos. He told me where to walk around the temples, and he knew the best place to catch a sunset at the spur of the moment the afternoon of my arrival. I’m happy I got to spend three days with Mr Ly! I did meet Sok one of the days–I got to see him, Mr Ly, and other drivers played badminton with their feet (and, honestly, that feat is more spectacular than some sunsets!).

    Mr. Sok’s friends are definitely top-notch!

  19. Hi Guys,
    Thank you for your recommendation!
    We had had a bad tuk tuk experience on our first day at Angkor Wat so, after reading your post, we sought Sok out. What a difference it was!
    Unfortunately he was ill on the first day but was able to arrange a friend of his (Kimreang) to pick us up at 4:45 instead. We thought this was excellent considering the time. His friend was amazing. Very polite, well mannered and friendly. If, for whatever reason, Sok is ever unavailable ask him to put you in touch with Kimreang. Highly recommended.
    We finally met Sok on our last day at Angkor and he could not have been more helpful. We explained where we had been over the last two days and, before we had even started, he planned a new route out to accommodate what we wanted. His English was excellent and very easy to chat to. Very helpful and full of tips and interesting stories.
    We will be putting both Sok and Kimreang onto our blog to help anyone looking for a great tuk tuk experience. Would you mind if we put a link to this page so people can see how great he is?

    Thank You!

    • Sorry to hear you didn’t find Sok right away and instead had a bad tuk-tuk day 1. But nonetheless, you did find our article and get to ride with Sok. He is such a great guy! Yes nowadays he does get super busy because of this article so he has to enlist some friends, but they are all great too as he wants to keep up his good name. Def right a blog post about Sok. The more business we can send him the better.

  20. Me and my wife just got from siem reap, we were there from 9/Nov/2017 to 13/Nov/2017 with Mr. SOK.
    I have no words to describe the days we had with him. Everything was simply perfect, he is not just the best driver but also he is very knowledgeable about every temple and Cambodia history.

    To everyone how is going to siem reap, don’t search anymore…just talk to Mr. Sok and I guarantee you that you will have a perfect experience in siem reap. I really want to thank to Mr. Sok and this blog because we had 4 astonishing days in siem reap, thanks to Mr. Sok.

    Thank you!!!

    • Thank you so much for your review of Sok the best Siem Reap tuk tuk driver. We are so glad we could you lead you to him and make your trip to Siem Reap amazing. I will make sure Sok Reads the most recent comments.

  21. I don’t see a year anywhere on this page. I don’t even know if Sok is still in this business or he moved to the US 3 years ago. 🙂

  22. We just got back from visiting Siem Reap. Had Sok with us for four days. He’s easily the best decision we made for our whole trip. Just an excellent guide, and a really great guy too. Thank-you for being part of his online presence we’re so glad we were lead to him. I can’t even imagine going there without him. Anyone else contemplating hiring him… Stop, Now!! Save yourself time and worry. Just book him right now. You will never regret it.

    • We love love love to hear this. Sok def is the easiest and best decision you make when visiting Siem Reap and Angkor Wat. And he is super affordable too. We are so glad we lead you to him and I am sure you now have a lifelong friend. He’s a great guy and we can’t wait to go back to Siem Reap to hang out with him again. Safe travels.

  23. Hi Hannah, we are visiting Siem Reap next month on 12th. We are interested to hire Sok’s tuk tuk service and just sent an email to him. Hope he can reply my email soon.

    • Hope he is available to show you are Siem Reap and bring you to sunrise at Angkor Wat. We highly suggest sending him a Facebook message he is on there daily and will get back to you faster there.


  24. We had two days with Sok visiting sunrise at Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples then a second day exploring further away and sunset at Pre Rup. A great companion for our travel in Siem Reap and couldn’t have asked for more. Thanks for the recommendation and assisting his business with this blog.

    • 3 days in Siem Reap is the perfect amount of time and Sok is the best tuk tuk driver in Siem Reap for the job. We are so happy we wrote this article years ago and have brought him so much business. Not only for him has the article helped but also the tourist looking for a reliable tuk tuk driver in Siem Reap can be tough and Sok is more than reliable. Safe travels!

  25. SOK sounds great. So you say he gives information about some temples? Do you think we would need a guide as well or you were happy with the information you learnt from Sok? Thanks

    • Sok is amazing. He is not a licensed guide so he cannot accompany you in the temples. He can tell you so history from outside the temple. If you want a guide he can for sure recommend one and arrange one.

  26. Thank you for the recommendation , We had Sok for 4 days showing us around . he is a good listener he tells you what you can do and help us , he is always on time , he speaks good English He is such a nice guy ,easy going and funny he makes our holiday in Siem reap so memorable .
    We wish him all the best for future clients , and will definitely recommend his service to any one going to Siem Reap .

  27. My partner Adam and I have just come to the end of our 4 nights in Siem Reap.
    After our first night we were slightly worried we weren’t going to find a Tuk Tuk driver we really liked. We were told by friends to find one we liked in town and book him for 3 days, but we really struggled. That night at the hotel we found this blog post. We messaged Sok on Facebook messenger and went to sleep hoping to wake up to a reply from him in the morning.
    We really hit the Jackpot!! Sok replied in the morning and was free for that day! We then booked him for a full 3 day tour.
    Sok was a million times better than we could have hoped for, he is friendly, knowledgeable, passionate and speaks fantastic English!
    I cannot thank you enough for making this post, and we cannot thank Sok enough for making our time in Siem Reap the most enjoyable. He took us to all the temples, picked up us at 4:45am on day 2 and out to the floating village on day 3. He was punctual every time and always offered cold water and cold wet wipes after every visit ….which was needed! Genius!
    Another thing we noticed was how he seemed well respected and liked amongst all the other drivers- which I think speaks for itself! Sok is a wonderful guy with a huge heart.
    We can’t wait for our next visit to Siem Reap sometime in the future- we will 100% be seeing Sok again (if he’ll have us)
    Amy & Adam

    • Our first night in Siem Reap we were like you looking for a good driver and thankfully we found Sok, he actually cracked a joke with my dad on the street. My dad said he like this guy and the rest is history. We’ve been back since and Sok is still great as always. He provides amazing service, great English, and his prices are insane. I am sure Sok will have you again. I will send Sok a message now and tell him you left a kind review. We still talk to him weekly. Safe travels.

  28. My boyfriend and I hired Sok to be our Tuk-tuk driver for 3 days. He was just like how everyone shared it, very nice, knowledgeable, and always punctual. The cold water after each temple visit was a lifesaver! Just a tip: best to reach him now via Facebook versus email, as he doesn’t check the latter as often. Plus, I don’t think he stays at Pub Street anymore so do contact him via Facebook 🙂

    I personally could not thank you enough for putting up this blog post for him! I can just imagine how much this has helped him – and us, in getting the opportunity to meet such a genuine man 🙂 He is a big factor on why our Siem Reap trip was unforgettable. Thank you so much, and thank you Sok!

    • We chat with Sok on a weekly basis and we are so glad we are able to send him customers via our website. I agree Facebook is the BEST way to get ahold of him. He IS the reason why we love Siem Reap so much and we know we’ll go back to see our friend. Thanks for leaving this review, it only helps him get more and more bookings.

  29. We have just used Sok and fnound him to be punctual, friendly and knowledgeable,.
    He picked us up at our hote.l at 4:45am to see the sun rise at Angkor and made some very useful suggestions for viewing.
    We took a break for breakfast and arranged to be picked up later in the day. He was right on time and made sure we saw the key sights.
    Last but not least his price was very reasonable.
    We would certainly recommend his services to anyone visiting Siem .Reip.

    Thank you for recommending Sok.

    a break for breakfast

  30. Thank you for the recommendation! I just got back from Cambodia and Sok Menea was my driver on one of the days I visited the temples. Contacting him via Facebook Messenger was very easy and convenient and he really is an excellent driver. I only wanted to do a half-day tour of a few of the main temples and he knew exactly how much time I could spent at each temple to get through my itinerary. He gave me some facts and background info about each temple we visited and had a cold bottle of water waiting for me when I returned. For sunset he suggested Pre Rup, because I wanted a place with less tourists.

  31. Thanks for all the information in this thread- really useful!

    We’ve provisionally booked Sok for two days, so what kind of itinerary would you suggest for two days in and around the temples? What are the must-sees?!


    Dan and Han

  32. Hi Hannah!
    Well, we just finished two amazing days with Sok! He is wonderful. All you described and more. He made our stay in Siem Peap a highlight of our SEA travels. We spent our first day at the Angkor Complex. Sok knows so much about it, I wish he could have been at our sides throughout each temple, but unfortunately law prevents. So between temple sights he filled us in on all the details as we cooled off with the cold wet cloths and water he provided. On our second morning, Sok introduced us to the Floating Forest. What a blast. Loved getting out into the countryside and on the water. TWo perfect days with a perfect gentleman. We enjoyed getting to know him and learning about his family. You can’t go wrong with Sok. Thank you so much for the recommendation!

    • So glad you had a great visit to Siem Reap with Sok! He really is a great guy. Thanks so much for putting together a video about Sok. I’ll go ahead and link in the video into the post if you don’t mind. We might head back to him to make a video as well, but last time he got really shy on camera for us. Feel free to add a link to this article in the description.

  33. My wife and I just returned from Siem Reap. We hired Sok for two days of visiting the Angkor temples, and it was the best decision we made in Cambodia. He was prompt, friendly and knowledgable. Sok provided excellent service. His cooler full of cold waters and cold towels was just what we needed after exploring temples on hot and humid days. We whole-heartedly recommend his services to anyone visiting Siem Reap!

  34. Thanks to your blog we booked a three days tour to the temples of Angkor with Sok in November 2016…and we absolutely LOVED it! Sok is a great guy – always friendly, reliable, on time and greeting us with a big, genuine smile. We think his service is excellent value for money, he not only drove us from temple to temple but also was very knowledgeable about the different sites. His English is very good, it was a pleasure to talk to him and learn more about Cambodia. When we emerged from a temple, Sok offered cold water and cool towels – exactly what you need in the heat of the day! He also clearly told us where he would wait for us outside, we didn´t get lost a single time.
    You may get a cheaper tuk tuk service on the street but you certainly WON`T get the great service that is offered by Sok – it is worth every Dollar! He truly is one of those good people that tries to make it in a tough market!
    We will confidently recommend Sok to our friends and book him again, when we return to Siem Reap! 🙂

    • I am so glad you had an amazing time with Sok. He really does go the extra mile for his guests. You are right you might get a tuk tuk driver for $1 or 2 cheaper but they won’t necessarily have free water/cold towels, they definitely won’t give you the Sok treatment! We made this article hoping we could bring him more business, as it is a tough market and he is a genuine great guy.

  35. Hey Guys,

    We booked Sok off your recommendation and spent 4 days with him in July. Just wanted to report that Sok was fantastic and absolutely wonderful with our kids. There was 5 of us and without Sok I don’t think we would have had such a great experience.

    Thanks for the recommendation.

  36. I chanced upon your blog and booked Sok for my Siem Reap trip next week based from the recommendations here. Email communication with him was pleasant and negotiations were a breeze. Looking forward to my trip with Sok as my tuktuk driver/tourguide!

    • Just wanted to add this after my trip —- As expected, Sok was awesome as my tuktuk driver for the whole 3 days I was in Siem Reap! He was always on time and always ready to go. Thanks to your blog! He also showed me a great spot to watch the sunset away from all the crown in Bakheng Hill, it was near a rice paddy/lotus pond and we got the wonderful view all to ourselves!

  37. We booked Sok through Facebook for a 3 day tour in August 2016 thanks to this blog… and it was the best decision we could have ever made. He picked us up from the post office minivan we took from Phnom Penh and took us to our hotel. For the next 3 days he drove us not only to the Temples in Angkor (including an awsome sunrise) but also to the flodded forest and even to Kbal Spean and Beng Melea temple. Always on time and waiting for us with fresh water and towels. We made the most of our 3 days there thanks to him. Super affordable price We wish him all the best and we hope he gets a lot of customers!!! We will for sure recommend him to anyone we know travelling to Siem Reap.

    • This is so great to hear, I am going to message Sok now and tell him to keep up the good work. We talk via Facebook on a weekly basis. Sounds like he brought you all over the place! Some tuk tuks in Siem Reap are late and make you miss the sunrise, not Sok he is always early and ready. Safe travels!

  38. We just finished our three day tour in siem reap with Sok Menea as our tum tuk driver and guide. He gave us the best service on can get. Polite, informative, dependable and trustworthy. Thank you for the reccomendation.

  39. We also used Sok during our 9 days in Siem Reap and he was fantastic. He was always on time, he promptly responded to emails, he helped us manage our time effectively and he always had a cold bottle of water ready when we got back from our hot and dusty walks. In a town that is quite pushy, he was a delight to deal with. Thanks for the tip!

  40. I’m so thankful to have found this website, and got a hold with Mr. Sok before we went to Siem Reap. He replied to my email promptly, quoted me with a very reasonable price. My friend and I spent a wonderful 4 day vacation there. Mr. Sok is very knowledgeable about the area, has told us stories, and gave us good recommendations. He’s a fun person to be with. If I go to Siem Reap again, I definitely will ask for his help again.

  41. I went with my mom and aunt to Siem Reap last week, and we booked Mr Sok Menea to be our one-day tuk-tuk driver to see the Angkor Wat He spoke good English, honest and ensured that we are comfortable during the entire trip.

    Thanks Mr Sok! More success to you! Until we meet again!

  42. It is good to see you promote a tuk-tuk driver and make a better life for him. This is very easy to do for someone like you which cost nothing, but can make a big change to someone else’s life. I hope this could be an example to all the travelers which they can follow.

  43. So thankful for this recommendation! My boyfriend and me called Sok when we were in Siem Reap last December. And we really did not regret it. It was a pleasure to drive with Sok! Always really nice and polite. Price also very OK (free cold water!). So don’t hesitate to connect Sok, he’s cool!

  44. Great post! I really love that you called out Sok specifically here. There are so many amazing people we all meet along the road like this and they so often go unheralded so this is a wonderful way to help him as well as other travelers. If he is busy, another wonderful tuk-tuk diver is Mr. Tasan and he’ll be there well before dawn. While I no longer have his direct contact info, I know you can book him out of the Rithy Rine hotel in Siem Reap even though I totally agree about not booking drivers through a hotel’s front desk Hannah. It is a sad.situation. Thanks for sharing!

  45. Hi Hannah,

    Cheers for your recommendation. I called Sok yesterday and unfortunately he was already booked, however he offered to send us his older brother Sonny. We had a great day with Sonny. Great english, very polite, great sense of humour.

    If anyone is ever disappointed that Sok isn’t available, ask him if his brother is 🙂

  46. We’re off to Siem Reap among other places in Cambodia and Vietnam in November. Really grateful to have your blog. When would be e best time to book Sok?

    • Send him an email or Facebook message now and he will get it on the calendar. I would still follow up with him the week before. He is really good an answering messages, if he doesn’t let me know I talk to him weekly.

      Safe travels to Asia!

  47. We booked Sok for several tours in Siem Reap, Everything works brilliant and Sok knows many interesting facts about Ankor Vat, the city and anything else. If you would have a lovely stay in Siem Reap, so going to book Sok. In the case that we ever visit Cambodia especially Siem Reap again only Sok would be our driver.

    Greetings form Germany Jana andChristian

    • Sok is super knowledgeable about Angkor Wat and Cambodia. Always book directly with the local vendors, specifically Sok. When booking with the hotel’s front desk the tuk-tuk driver is only getting a fraction of what they charge you and they charge the tuk-tuk drivers a monthly fee to be on “their list” of drivers they call…it’s very sad

  48. We booked Sok in February and he was wonderful. Clean Tuk-Tuk, stocked with cold water, safe driver, and he always had a friendly, positive attitude. I had some friends that told me about having a bad experience with a driver in Siem Reap. You won’t have to worry about anything if you book Sok.

    • Sok is just the best, and great to hear he gave you his 5 start treatment he is known for. I too have heard of drivers who don’t show up and then those customers miss out on Angkor Wat sunrise…this would NEVER happen with Sok!

    • Tess that is great to hear! Sok messages me several times a week and is keeping me updated on all the customers from the web. He is soo happy with all the customers. If you love him as much as us I hope you to write an article. Also don’t forget to tip him as he is so generous, also a great guy to take to lunch and get to know and ask questions to. Tell him I say hi!

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