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Everything you NEED to know before visiting Burg Satzvey Castle

Everything you NEED to know before visiting Burg Satzvey Castle

Nestled away in the wonderful Rhineland Region of Germany, Burg Satzvey is lovely to visit and is one of the most beautiful moated castles in the country. It’s extra special because it’s one of the castle hotels in Germany, we highly suggest staying in this castle hotel.

Appearing as if out of a fairytale, the castle dates all the way back to 1396 and looks very impressive, with its walls reflected in the water around it. There are lots to see and do here at Burg Satzvey, and guests can combine their visit to Burg Satzvey with a trip around some of the nearby castles in Germany.

As well as taking a guided tour around the Burg Satzvey castle’s old and impressive interior, visitors can stay the night or host a wedding or birthday party at Burg Satzvey. In addition to this, the castle organizes lots of different medieval-themed events throughout the year. As such, visitors can give archery a go, learn to ride horses, or even participate in a banquet with jugglers and dancers! Other events come in the shape of markets, dinners, and theatre performances, which are equally fun and festive.

It is a lovely place to visit, and the Rhineland is one of the most beautiful parts of Germany. Whether it’s staying in one of the elegant rooms, touring around the castle, or taking part in one of its entertaining events, you’re sure to have a good time here. To help you out, here is everything you need to know before visiting Burg Satzvey.

Burg Satzvey FAQ & Facts

  • Q: When was Burg Satzvey built? A: Date of construction: 1396 – 1406
  • First owner of Burg Satzvey: Heinrich von Krauthausen
  • The castle was remodeled and expanded in 1878 to look like it currently does.
  • In 1737, the Gymnich family came to possess the castle and have owned it ever since.

woman in a red dress walking into the historical Burg Satzvey in Germany

History of Burg Satzvey

The first mention of Burg Satzvey itself dates back to 1368, when Otto von Vey was appointed bailiff of the manor. You can see the ‘vey’ part of his name in Burg Satzvey to this very day. While he didn’t build the castle himself, his son-in-law Heinrich von Krauthausen did. It was built between 1396 and 1406 on an island surrounded by a moat.

The von Krauthausen family, however, didn’t keep hold of the castle for long. A series of different noble families ruled, with Wilhelm Spiess von Bullesheim eventually taking control of it in 1561. After swearing allegiance to the Archbishop of Cologne, his son became the first feudal lord of Burg Satzvey. The family did a slightly better job of hanging on to it this time and only sold it on to the Gymnich family in 1737.

Remarkably, it has remained in the family ever since. The Gymnichs were the last people to expand the castle in 1878, adding many of the features that we see today. It is the current owners, Countess and Count Biessel of Gymnich, who have been so active in promoting the castle’s rich historical heritage by organizing medieval festivals and other events.

Consequently, the castle is very well known in the Rhineland, and people flock from all around to attend its fun and festive historical events.

Inside photo of the rooms at Burg Satzvey Castle Hotel in Germany

Staying in Burg Satzvey Castle

Another reason we love this castle so much is that you can actually spend the night here! Plus, it’s just as cheap, if not cheaper, than most hotels! A stay at Burg Satzvey is a great way to experience Germany’s historic castles in a deeper way.

While some of the rooms are in the castle itself, others are located in the manor of the castle, so make sure to check where they are when you’re booking. Prices vary based on the season and demand. Here are how the prices break down:

  • Double room: From 98€ a night
  • Manor suites: From 125€ a night
  • Castle apartments: From 140€ a night

We booked our room right on Vrbo here. We found the prices to be slightly better on Vrbo. The owner is very responsive to messages. We plan on staying another night or two on our next trip to Germany.

Things to Know Before Visiting Burg Satzvey

1. Guided tours to the interior only – To visit the inside of the castle, you have to take a tour. Burg Satzvey tours take place on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays. If you want a tour in English, you’ll have to book one in advance here.

2. Lots of medieval events take place here – Before visiting Satzvey Castle, make sure to check out their events calendar as there are lots of fun things going on throughout the year. Some you may want to visit, and others may not be your style, and you’ll want to avoid.

View of the red painted Burg Cafe inside the Burg Satzvey Castle

3. There are two restaurants – The Mustard Mill and the Castle Bakery both serve up local artisanal products. Both have very atmospheric interiors with a good assortment of rustic dishes, wines, and homemade cakes for you to sample.

aerial photo of Burg Satzvey Castle in Germany - Castle Grounds and buildings

Burg Satzvey Interior, Courtyards, and Shops

While the architecture of the castle is lovely, the interior of Burg Satzvey is just as impressive to gaze upon. You can only see it, however, if you go on a guided tour or book a night in the castle hotel. Other than this, the castle boasts some delightful courtyards and a number of interesting shops where you can also take workshops or classes.

Courtyards: Free to visit, the courtyards are one of the highlights of the castle, and many of its historical events are held in them. With the red brick walls all around you, you’ll feel like you’ve just stepped back in time, and there are lots of great photos to be had here.

Hall of Crests: This spectacular banquet hall has a large fireplace at one end; here, you’ll find all the family crests of the nobles who used to own the castle.

Hall of the Bourbon Lilies: Another part of the castle that is used to host festivities, the delightfully named Hall of the Bourbon Lilies is one of Burg Satzvey’s most elegant rooms. As well as the beautiful furniture, the room is most known for its luxurious tapestries that coat the walls.

Vitalhaus Burg Satzvey: At the castle’s spa, you can enjoy a deep tissue massage, a Turkish hammam, or relax while listening to singing bowls!

Glass Times workshop: Here, you can learn how to work with glass and develop your own designs and unique artwork.

Claudia’s Middle Ages and Fantasylades: In this shop, you’ll find everything to do with the Middle Ages, whether it’s tarot cards and scarves or jewelry and tunics.

How to Get to Burg Satzvey

The two nearest cities to Burg Satzvey are Bonn and Cologne. Neither of them is too far away, and it generally takes around 40 minutes to an hour to get to the Satzvey castle, whatever form of transport you choose. While most people go by car so they can visit nearby places and castles in the surrounding countryside, public transportation will also get you there.

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Burg Satzvey Address

From Bonn to Burg Satzvey:

  • 55 km
  • By car: 45 minutes
  • By train: 65-90 minutes

From the center of Bonn, head west out of the city center on bundesstrasse 56. Follow it until it turns into the 266; this should take you to the outskirts of Euskirchen. From here, follow the 51 south and turn off onto the L178, which you continue on all the way to Satzvey, where you’ll find signs pointing you to the castle.

As there are no direct transport links to Burg Satzvey, you will have to change trains at some point on the way. The easiest option is to take a train from Bonn Central Station to Euskirchen, where you change and take a train for just one stop to Satzvey. Once you arrive, the castle is then less than ten minutes walk away. At Euskirchen, you can also opt to take a 15-minute taxi ride to the castle if there’s a long wait for the next train.

From Cologne to Burg Satzvey

  • By car: 40 minutes
  • By train: 1 hour

Head southwest out of Cologne on bundesstrasse 265. Turn off onto autobahn 1, heading south just before Erftstadt. Follow it until exit 111-Wisskirchen, where you turn off; from here, you should see signs pointing you to the castle in Mechernich.

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From Cologne, direct trains run to Mechernich-Satzvey quite regularly, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get from one to the other. Hop on a train at the main station in Cologne; once you arrive, it is a ten-minute walk to the castle. You’ll certainly see signs pointing you in the right direction.

Hours of Burg Satzvey Castle and Tour Prices

The castle, its courtyards, and restaurants have various opening times. It is well worth planning your visit in advance, as it often hosts events, and this impacts the times you can visit.

The courtyards of the castle and restaurants hours

  • Friday 3 pm – 7:00 pm
  • Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Burg Satzvey Castle Hours

  • Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays: 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

You can only visit the castle by taking a guided tour. These take place during the times mentioned above. It takes about 45 minutes to go around the whole castle, and tours in English have to be arranged in advance. You can arrange a tour outside of the times mentioned, but you’ll have to call up and arrange it in advance.

Price for Satzvey castle tour

  • Adults: 5€
  • Children 4 – 12-year-olds: 2€
  • Children below 4: Free
  • Guided tour for less than 5 people: 25€

Special Events at Burg Satzvey

Over the course of the year, the castle hosts a number of courses and seminars which visitors can sign up to attend. While most of them are for horse riders and teach you how to ride a horse amongst fire or do circus tricks (!), others teach you the art of fencing. All of them have a medieval, castle, or horse-related theme.

The best time to visit Burg Satzvey is probably when it hosts one of its amazing events that are very fun and festive to take part in. Whether it’s for an Easter market, a witches’ night, or a knight’s festival, the castle always makes for an impressive setting.

Taking part in one of its events makes for an even more magical and memorable trip, so check out what’s going on when you’re there. You may find yourself as part of a Brothers Grimm fairytale, at a scary Dracula dinner, or enjoying a snowy Christmas market! You can find its calendar of events here: Burg Satzvey upcoming events.

In addition to all that, you can also rent out the castle for weddings, private parties, corporate events, and conferences. One option is to hold a medieval-themed banquet, which is hosted in the castle with music, dancing, and juggling going on. Talk about a fairytale wedding getting married in a castle!

At Burg Satzvey, you can also organize an eight-hour ‘Ritterschule’ – or Knights’ School – where you and your guests learn how to put on armor, practice archery, and see what it takes to be a knight.

Neo-Gothic Spires of Cochem Castle

Nearby German Castles

Just an hour or two away from Burg Satzvey are a number of other great castles in Germany for you to visit. They all look very magical and make for a perfect day out. Here are the best ones for you to aim for:

Cochem Castle: An hour and twenty minutes away by car, Cochem Castle is spectacular to visit and is surrounded by lovely vineyards. Here, you can take a tour of the interior and castle grounds. The picturesque town of Cochem is also lovely to visit, and it is right next to it.

Eltz Castle: Also an hour and twenty minutes drive away, Eltz Castle looks absolutely magical and is definitely worth visiting if you have the chance. Set amongst a lovely forest, you can take a guided tour of the castle as well as its glittering treasury. Due to its proximity to Cochem, you could almost certainly visit both in one day if you get your timing right.

Schloss Heidelberg: While it may be around a two-hour-and-a-half drive away, Heidelberg is a treat to visit and looks incredible. The complex is fascinating to explore and is also home to the largest barrel in the world! The university town of Heidelberg is also lovely to walk around.

Burg Frankenstein: Just a short drive away from Heidelberg is the yellow-walled Burg Frankenstein. The castle has a long and exciting history, which makes it a great place to visit. In addition to this, the views from the castle of the surrounding countryside are breathtaking.

If you want to visit as many castles as possible, make sure to drive the Romantic Road. This is our favorite road trip in Germany. There are so many picturesque German towns you pass and castles galore and ending with the most famous Neuschwanstein Castle.

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Have you visited Burg Satzvey? We’d love to hear from you, leave a comment below about your trip. If you’ve stayed in any other German castle hotels let us know we are always on the lookout for unique accommodations.


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