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Cenote Suytun – Is it The Best Cenote in Mexico?

Cenote Suytun – Is it The Best Cenote in Mexico?

One thin stone walkway stretching out into a perfectly still pool of turquoise water has slowed thousands of thumbs as they scroll Instagram feeds.

When I first saw a picture of Cenote Suytun, my first thought was, I have to go here, and second, it reminded me of a scene from a Tomb Raider movie.

Cenote Suytun is naturally stunning, but the simple stone pier that was placed inside the cenote makes it look so mysterious. 

How to Get to Cenote Suytun

Located a short distance from Valladolid and the world-famous Chichen Itza, it makes a great alternative to the beautiful, busy Ik Kil Cenote that is often paired with the Mayan ruins.

The best way to get to Cenote Suytun is to drive. Getting a rental car in the Riviera Maya is easy and very cheap – here’s how to do it.

  • By car from Chichen Itza – Time: 50 minutes | Distance: 55km
  • By car from Valladolid – Time: 13 minutes | Distance: 8km
  • By car From Tulum – Time: 1 Hour 19 minutes | Distance: 94km
  • See Map

Navigation Tip – If you do not have a Mexican sim or cell service in Mexico, you can still use Google Maps without data. Before you leave your hotel, load the directions while on WiFi. GPS will still work and help guide you even when you leave WiFi – just try not to get too far off track because it won’t re-route you. 

By Tour: There are a few tours that visit Cenote Suytun as part of a trip to see Chichen Itza, or you can arrange a private tour to keep the group size small and more enjoyable. 

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Facilities at Suytun

There are changing rooms and bathrooms located right after you pay the admission. Life jackets are mandatory to swim in Cenote Suytun. You can rent life jackets for 30 MXN pesos.

The cenote has a nice paved staircase with a handle & ropes leading down to the water. Walking down, it looks like you’re entering a dark hole, which could be considered steep to some people.

Hours & Admission

  • Entrance fee 200 MXN Pesos
  • Life jacket rental 30 MXN pesos (less than $2 USD)
  • Open daily 9 am-5 pm

Cenote Suytun Time Limit

Due to its recent popularity, there is now a time limit to your stay at Cenote Suytun. You can stay for one hour, and you are allowed to stand in line once and get your picture on the famous walkway.

The owners of the cenote have implemented this system so everyone can have time and get a picture here if they want. It’s not perfect, but they are trying to accommodate. If you are a slow picture taker, be prepared to get a whistle blown at you. 

Is Cenote Suytun Flooded?  

Since sometime in 2021, the water levels have been higher in Suytun Cenote, sometimes waist high.

In the second half of 2022, the water levels have, at least for now, returned to a semi-normal level where the platform is exposed again at times, or ankle-to-knee deep water is present. 

View from the entrance of Suytun Cenote with stalactites hsnging from the cave cenote ceiling

Suytun Cenote Structure

Cenote Suytun most closely resembles a Cenotes-aguadas or basin-type cenote. The walls of the cenote are tall, but the main pool is relatively shallow, which makes it an aguadas cenote.

In addition to the pool of water, Suytun Cenote has massive open cathedral walls with its ceiling almost completely intact. There is only a small hole a few feet in diameter where trees and vegetation have started to break through to open the cenote.

woman standing in a sunbeam inside Cenote Suytun near Valladolid mexico

Sunbeams in Suytun Cenote

Instead of being a flaw, this small crack is probably one of the cenote’s best assets. The hole is located in a perfect spot that shines a light down right in the middle of the cenote.

What times are best for seeing the sunbeam at Cenote Suytun? You will need a bright sunny day with a few clouds to get visible beams of light.

However, you need to be there at the right time of the day. Early afternoon is the best time when the sun will hit the crack in the cenote and send a beam of light down into the main chamber. 

Another factor of seeing the light beam is inside the cenote. You need a lot of humidity or some dust or particles in the air to make the beam visible – or else the floor will just look like a bright spot.

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woman standing at the end of a pier inside Cenote Suytun near Chichen Itza Mexico

Cenote Suytun Pier

The owners of the cenote have constructed a stone pier that stretches out right into the middle of the body of water, and if you time it right, the sunbeams from the hole in the ceiling beam down to the round end of the pier.

Talk about an epic Instagram. Even if the sun doesn’t cooperate, this place is still a photographer’s gem.

Second Cenote at Suytun Site

Most of the attention goes to the main cenote, but there are actually two cenotes at this one site just outside of Valladolid. The second is slightly smaller, and its top is much more open with shorter walls.

Its openness is in stark contrast to the main cenote at Suytun. Different but still beautiful this cenote offers a different type of experience with more bird and plant life.

Wide Photo of Cenote Suytun near Valladolid Mexico - Large open cave with formations and large but shallow pool of water

Suytun Cenote FAQ:

Q: Can you snorkel in Cenote Suytun?

A: Yes. Snorkeling is allowed in Cenote Suytun. You can also rent gear if you didn’t bring any and you are not on a group tour.

Q: Can you dive in Suytun Cenote?

A: No, Cenote Suytun is not commonly dived. It is a relatively shallow cenote.

Things to Pack for a Visit to Cenote Suytun

Biodegradable sunscreen – As we have said before, the water and environment inside the cenotes is fragile, and we risk losing some of the unique wildlife in these cenotes if we continue to use normal sunscreen here. Please use biodegradable sunscreen or avoid using sunscreen at all inside cenotes. Click here to get a cheap bottle on Amazon

Snorkel and Mask – Avoid having to rent a snorkel and mask at every cenote you visit, and just bring a quality snorkel and mask. Fins are helpful too if you are experienced with freediving. Click here for options on Amazon.

Waterproof Flashlight – The interior of the main cenote can be dark, especially if the sun is not directly hitting the hole in the roof or if it is cloudy. Even when it is bright out, there are many dark corners in this cenote, and a good waterproof flashlight would be nice to have at Cenote Suytun. This one is a good cheap option for under $20.

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Wednesday 23rd of September 2020

Hi, did you see any crocs by any chance?


Thursday 11th of February 2021

No crocs in this cenote. You only find tiny caymen in a very few open-top cenotes where they are allowed to stay - not here though.

Kassy Tee

Wednesday 1st of July 2020

What time did you go to get this beautiful photo alone?


Thursday 11th of February 2021

It has to be sunny and around midday and early afternoon to get good light beams.

Isabelle Westra

Friday 6th of December 2019

Hi, we were there yesterday and the entrance price was $120 pp. Just to let you know.

Hannah Lukaszewicz

Monday 6th of April 2020

Thank you for the updated price!