Reasons Why To Take Chiang Mai Cooking Class

Reasons Why To Take Chiang Mai Cooking Class

We have spent over 6 months living in northern Thailand in the city of Chiang Mai. We decided to live in Chiang Mai for many reasons, but one of the main reasons THAI FOOD. Let’s get real, Thai food is amazing. Whenever someone asks me what is a must-do in Chiang Mai, I tell them to take a Chiang Mai cooking class.  A visit to northern Thailand should include taking a Chiang Mai cooking class.

I know what your thinking, who wants to go to “school” or “cook” on vacation. Well, here is 6 reasons why you should take a Chiang Mai cooking class:

Because Thai food is Awesome

Thai Cooking School Chiang Mia - Pad Thai-6

Let your taste buds go on vacation and explore some new Thai dishes you didn’t know existed. Pad Thai is good but there are tons of other dishes you haven’t even discovered yet. Let the teacher of your Chiang Mai cooking class introduce some new dishes!

Visit  A Local Market

Thai Cooking School Chiang Mia - Market-7

Chiang Mai cooking class usually start with a walk through a local market to get everything to make the dish. Start the day off just as the locals do at the local market. Don’t expect to purchase any fake ray-bans or Chang tanks tops here! Part of Thai cooking is going to the local market daily to get fresh ingredients.

Learn the Names Of Ingredients

Thai Cooking School Chiang Mia - Green Curry

What the heck is this in my curry? Ask the teacher, they will walk you through all the ingredients used in the Chiang Mai cooking class dishes. Make sure to ask him for the English name, so that when you are back at home you can find it at your local Asian grocery store. Also, see if there is a substitute ingredient you could use just in case you can’t find that exact ingredient at home.

Appreciate Curry

Thai Cooking School Chiang Mia - Green Curry-4

Curry is my go-to dish at any Thai restaurant. I love them all green, red, Penang, yellow, you name the curry I want it. On your Chiang Mai cooking class, you will learn how to make curry paste, which is necessary for all curry recipes. Be prepared for a workout, a lot of elbow grease is put into making curry paste by hand. After what seems like an eternity of mortaring I now have a new appreciation for every bite of curry I take.

Enjoy a Tasty Thai Meal

Thai Cooking School Chiang Mia - Pad Thai-9

After slaving away in the kitchen it’s time to eat all the tasty dishes created. For some reason meals always taste better to me homemade, I know what it took to make the dishes. No need to find a restaurant for dinner after your Chiang Mai cooking class, you’ll be stuffed!

So You Can Make It At Home

Bring a little part of your vacation home with you all the recipes from the Chiang Mai cooking class. Impress your friends with your new found cooking skills, and bring back memories from your time in Thailand at your Chiang Mai cooking class. I know every time I make curry (I cheat and buy the paste now), I think back to the time in my Chiang Mai cooking class that I made it by hand the very first time.

Chiang Mai is an amazing city and I hope you have time to take a Chiang Mai cooking class while in town. If not, make sure to check out our favorites in Chiang Mai.

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