How to get from Belize City airport to San Ignacio

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Welcome to Belize!

So you’ve you landed in Belize City airport, NOW WHAT?!?!  Well, that’s what we’ve asked ourselves in the past.  You don’t really have many options getting out of BZE International airport.  Your either going to be picked up by a pre-arranged drive/hotel company or you’re going to have to take a taxi.  Neither option is going to be cheap either, so come prepared with cash.

Step 1: Taxi

Once you have your luggage and cleared customs & immigration head towards the exit.  There will be taxi drivers approaching you offering to take you.  You really have NO negotiation they have this system on lock-down. We heard another couple going to the bus station and asked if they wanted to split a cab, assuming the price would be the same…NOPE they wanted $50 for all 4 of us.

They informed us we don’t know each other and are not friend’s, therefore we could not split a cab.  Well, that failed…. So no matter if you are going to the bus terminal in Belize City or if your headed to the water taxi ferry and headed to Caye Caulker or Ambergris Caye you are going to have to fork over $25.


Time: About 15 minutes, Price: $25 USD

Step 2: Chicken Bus

Once at the bus terminal get on a bus heading to Benque. The bus terminal was quite easy to navigate, we hopped on the right bus within minutes after arriving.  The bus should cost $8BZE or $4USD it is best to have exact or close to exact, breaking bills and making change is always a task.  The bus will stop in Belmopan, you may or may not have to switch buses.  Oh and watch out for chickens on the bus, we had a fatal accident

chicken bus belize

Private shuttles from the airport to San Ignacio can be booked for around $70-120 USD.