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How to get from Granada, Nicaragua to Ometempe Island, Nicaragua

Step 1:

Catch a taxi from where you are staying to the bus stop located near the Pali supermarket. Should be around 15 cords per person. Buses run at 9:30am, 1:30pm


Step 2:

Catch the Chicken bus marked for Rivas. 30 cords per person, 1.5 hours in a converted school bus. About 90km


From the bus stop in Rivas take a taxi to the ferry station should be about $1 per person if its shared. Confirm the price before you leave, we agreed on $1 per person then it changed halfway through our ride. This wasn’t the first time in Nicaragua when our price changed mod ride, if this happens just be firm and say no and repeat the prices stated earlier, good Spanish helps here.

We got on a 12pm ferry, but check the ferry schedule for up to date timing.

Paul Stanley

Sunday 9th of April 2017

Hey there, love your posts, Im planning on doing this route in May, do you have any other details on the bus stop at all? Is this the only place you can get the bus from? Thanks


Tuesday 11th of April 2017

There may be something in SJDS now but when we were there the best options were to take the taxi to Rivas, which was only a few dollars. I would check in town when you're there, but I am pretty sure we did when we were there and found this info out. Good luck, safe travels!