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Labadee Haiti – The Caribbean’s Most Adventurous Port

Labadee Haiti – The Caribbean’s Most Adventurous Port
Along the northern shores of Haiti is the action-packed port of Labadee. This pristine peninsula is a private resort leased by Royal Caribbean where they have built a huge arsenal of adrenaline-fueled activities for their cruising guests.
Tucked into the lush hills is an epic alpine coaster and the world’s longest flight line that takes you down to the calm turquoise waters 500 feet below. For those more interested in relaxing rather than rushing down a hill, Labadee Haiti has you covered too. Here is a full list of excursions and the best things to do in Labadee, Haiti.


Excursions and Things To Do In Labadee Haiti – Royal Caribbean’s Port

Dragon's Tail apline coaster in Labadee Haiti

Rocket down the hill on the Dragon’s Tail Alpine Coaster in Labadee

Dragon’s Tail Coaster – Labadee’s Alpine Coaster

One of the most epic activities in Labadee is the Alpine coaster named the Dragons Tail Coaster. This gravity-powered two-person coaster is sure to get your heart pumping.
To start the ride a cable pulls your cart to the top of the hill high above the beaches, from there gravity does all the work. You can take the hill as fast or as slow as you want. Built-in brakes allow you to be as adventurous as you can handle – but we dare you not to push the brakes at all.
Man riding the Dragon's breath flight line over water

From 500 feet up to just inches above the water – the Dragon’s Breath Flight Line is a lot of fun

Dragon Breath Flight Line – The World’s Longest Overwater Zipline

From the beach, you can see what looks like a tiny building high in the hills on the northern side of Labadee but is really a large launch platform 500 feet above the beach for the Dragon’s Breath Flightline.
Strap into a harness that will carry you 2,600 feet from the hilltop all the way down to the beach at speeds up to 50 mph. You’ll soar over the treetops and alpine coaster track and then the line dips down toward the ocean so close you could almost get your toes wet in the surf.
A couple parasailing in the Labadee port in front of the Oasis of the Seas Royal Caribbean ship

Cruising 400′ above beautiful Labadee


Glide 400 feet above Labadee tied to a colorful parachute while visiting the island. You’ll get stunning aerial views of the Labadee port and of the cruise ships parked in the calm bay. From high above you’ll see the true beauty of Labadee with its lush green hills and stunning beaches and colorful water.

Wave Jet Tour – Jet Skiing

Hop on a jet ski for a heart-pumping ride around Labadee. Prepare yourself for an adventurous ride around the port, this is not a lame ride putting around follow the leader style. The guide’s in Labadee will let you really ride. They keep you safe but still let you have fun.

Dragon's Splash water slide in Labadee Haiti

Arawak Waterpark

For those with kids or kids at heart, the Arawak waterpark with winding slides might be for you. Everyone’s favorite slide is the 300 foot long Dragon’s Splash Waterslide complete with 10 twisting turns. Climb the only icebergs in all of the Caribbean! The waterpark has enough water toys to keep the kids busy all day. 

Woman in crystal clear waters of Labadee Haiti

Relaxing Side of Labadee Haiti

There’s more to Labadee than just adventure sports. If that’s not your thing, don’t worry there are 5 beaches with sugar-white sand and crystal clear water. Included with your cruise is the Caribbean inspired grilled lunch with plenty of tasty options.
Passengers with a drink package can get drinks from one of the many full bars onshore. Those without a drink purchase can charge them to their SeaP5ass card just like on the ship. Order yourself the signature “Labaduzee” cocktail and just chill for the day.

Ariel photo of the beach in Labadee Haiti

Barefoot Beach Club of Labadee Haiti

Barefoot Beach Club is reserved for those guests staying in the Grand Suites are above. Park yourself on the beautiful barefoot beach or grab a floating mat. If you are splurging rent a private cabana.
Nellies Beach in Labadee Haiti

Drone shot of Nellie’s Beach

Nellie’s Beach – Labadee

If you are looking for a quiet place to spend the day head to Nellie’s Beach. It’s the furthest away from the pier and Adrenaline beach. Gorgeous turquoise water and a white sandy beach await. 
Couple sitting in the cabanas at barefoot beach in Labadee Haiti

Lounging in the Cabanas in Labadee

Beach Cabanas in Labadee Haiti

For more privacy in paradise, you can also book a private cabana for the day. Each cabana comes complete with a personal waiter to bring you food and drinks so you never even have to leave your lounger. Along with having a private space, you can swim in the less busy barefoot beach secluded from the rest of the passengers onshore. There is also a special lunch served in the VIP and cabana areas.

Labadee Haiti Craft Market

Royal Caribbean hasn’t forgotten about the local people in Labadee. The cruise line employee a sizable percentage of the local population and another few hundred vendors have stands at the craft market on the Labadee property. At the craft market, you can find anything from t-shirts to handmade souvenirs. Cash (U.S. Dollar) is suggested, and be prepared to bargain.

Oceanview Spa

For ultimate relaxation in Labadee book a session at the spa with a great view of the beautiful beaches. We’ve had some amazing massages around the world but the best ones are always on the beach.

Next time you’re deciding which cruise to take, make sure it makes a stop at Labadee, Haiti!

Labadee Haiti Caribbean adveture port and shore excursions

Things to do in Labadee Haiti

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This post was sponsored by Royal Caribbean. Thanks for inviting us on such an epic Caribbean cruise. As always all opinions are our own.