Hiking Phi Phi

Hiking Phi Phi

Ko Phi Phi Don is a beautiful gem in the Andaman Sea. Situated between the island city of Phuket and the city of Krabi. Koh Phi Phi is the only inhabited of the six Phi Phi islands. The best views of the island come with a little work. A steep hike is the only way to reach the peaks that look down onto the thin stretch of land between the two lobes of the island. Well, that’s not entirely true, there are dirt bike taxis that will take you up and down the steep hills for $10-$15 each way. Once up there three viewpoints await you, each providing a great photo-op.

You just need to know where you are going. If you are not starting your hike with a steep set stairs you are not in the right spot. We found this out the hard way. While following the signs on the island and asking around we started our trek up a large hill. After hiking for 45 minutes the road we were following ended and turn to dirt. We stuck with it and eventually found signs to lead us to the viewpoints, but we definitely took the loooong way.

Bring water

There are two small stores on top of the hill selling drinks but you will be happy you have the water for your climb. Late March was the time of year we made our trek, and the temperature was over 100 F. It got so hot that day I think it broke our thermometer, it was never right afterwards. Even with our misadventure we made our own fun and the views were worth ever step.

Even the cats are thirsty up here!

We found the right way coming back down! From the viewpoint, there are also paths that lead to several beaches you can explore. We started down one of the beach trails but after 25 minutes of hiking, we were still really high up. Figuring it would be more of a walk than we were up for, after our already long trek, we turned around. Moral of the story talk to a knowledgeable person about the hikes and you can make a nice day of it.

The viewpoint are a must if you find yourself on this beautiful island!

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