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How To Get From Puerto Vallarta Airport to Sayulita, Mexico

How To Get From Puerto Vallarta Airport to Sayulita, Mexico

Traveling from Puerto Vallarta airport to Sayulita is pretty straightforward and much easier than you’d imagine. There are several transportation options, from hotel shuttles to private drivers, rental cars, and local buses.

We’ve taken every mode of transport in Mexico, but when we’re in full-fledged vacation mode, we opt for a private driver. It’s usually not that much more money, and it gets you straight to your hotel and to the beach.

We’re going to walk you through all the options from Puerto Vallarta airport to Sayulita, and you can choose which fits your travel budget and comfort level.

Marival Residences Luxury Resort Day trip to sayulita

Private Driver

The easiest and fastest way to get to Sayulita is with a private driver. As soon as you pass through the immigration doors, you’ll see a sea of private drivers.

It’s nice to walk out and see your name on a clipboard and be on your way.

You could book one on the spot, but the cheapest option is to book online in advance prior. All drivers (private/taxis/shuttles) are going to be more expensive at the airport, and you’ll more than likely have to haggle back and forth on a fair price.

To avoid this headache, click here to check rates and book online. Prices from the Puerto Vallarta airport to Sayulita by private car vary based on car type and the number of passengers.

  • $145 Sedan Service up to 3 passengers
  • $145 Luxury Service (suburban) up to 6 passengers
  • $169 Van Service up to 9 passengers
  • $220 Group Service up to 16 passengers

a couple sitting on the roof of a rental jeep in Aruba during a honeymoon
Explore on your own
#1 Tip – Rent a car in Mexico
Have ultimate freedom and save tons of money on tours with your own rental car! Don’t worry – It’s safe (we’ve rented 20+ times), the roads are good, and it’s easier than you think! We always rent from Discover Cars, it’s easy & they have the best prices.

Renting a Car at Puerto Vallarta Airport

We personally always rent a car in Mexico. Before you think we are crazy, you must know that we have rented cars in Mexico 10+ times.

We love the freedom of driving ourselves and exploring new areas. We always rent with They have the cheapest rates. Click here to check the rates.

It’s also one of the cheapest ways to get from the airport, and then you’ll have a car to check out the surrounding areas. Rental cars are often only $10 a day or less.

There have been times when we’ve rented cars in Mexico for $1 a day. See the above screenshot for the price in May on

Before renting a car in Mexico, make sure to read our article, must know things before renting a car in Mexico.

This will help you know about the driving laws in Mexico, scams to watch out for, and where to find the best prices.

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taxi driving on the road going from Cancun to Tulum

Taxi to Sayulita from Puerto Vallarta

We have never taken a taxi from the airport to Sayulita as it never made sense dollar-wise. We have taken several dozen taxis in Mexico, and all have been fine.

Taxi drivers have a reputation for ripping you off, and when you are at an airport looking for a ride, you really don’t have much negotiating power.

The last time we were at the Puerto Vallarta airport, the taxi rates were comparable to the private driver rates. Taxi drivers are less likely to speak English, and private drivers all speak English.

If you travel like us with too much luggage, odds are your luggage won’t fit in the average taxi’s trunk.

We personally have had issues getting the taxi fares we’ve seen online or heard about. We usually get stressed out and yell before we agree on a rate.

To avoid this, you’d only spend a few extra dollars if you hire a private driver in advance. Click here to compare rates.

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Uber to Sayulita

Uber in Puerto Vallarta is new, and technically, the drivers are not allowed to pick up passengers at the airport. Several drivers still do, but most are afraid of the police.

Most drivers want you to leave the airport and want to pick you up on the other side of the bridge from the airport.

The app will say you can book an Uber but wouldn’t advise taking an Uber from the airport. Many Uber drivers will not drive into Sayulita due to local problems with taxis vs. Uber drivers.

Bus from Puerto Vallarta to Sayulita

There isn’t a bus that goes right from the airport to Sayulita. There is, however, a bus stop outside of the airport.

If you’re traveling on a budget to Mexico, this might be your only option. Quick things to note about the Sayulita bus:

  • No Air Conditioning
  • Uncomfortable
  • Buy tickets on board PESOS ONLY
  • Just show up and wait for the next bus about every 15 minutes
  • White & Green buses with a Sayulita sign in the window

We’ve taken the ADO bus from Cancun airport to Playa del Carmen, which leaves right from the airport and is a super nice bus for around $10. Sadly, there isn’t an ADO bus here in Puerto Vallarta.

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FAQ How to get to Sayulita

Can you fly to Sayulita?

No, there is no airport in Sayulita.

What is the closest airport to Sayulita?

The closest airport to Sayulita is in Puerto Vallarta.

Is Sayulita in Puerto Vallarta?

No, it is 24 miles/38 km from Puerto Vallarta airport.

How long is the drive to Sayulita from Puerto Vallarta?

The drive averages about an hour but could be more with traffic. If you take a shared transport or bus, it will be longer due to dropping off passengers at other hotels along the way.

Places in Mexico to Visit Before or After Sayulita

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Have you visited Sayulita? What is your preferred method of transport from Puerto Vallarta airport to Sayulita?