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8 Reasons To Visit George Town In Penang, Malaysia

8 Reasons To Visit George Town In Penang, Malaysia

If you like your towns and cities steeped in history, with atmospheric streets lined with heritage architecture, George Town in Malaysia should be on your travel bucket list.

George Town is one of those rare frozen-in-time cities which mingles with today’s modern lifestyle lusts. It caters to the history buff and travel photographer but also the shopaholic and foodie fanatic.

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Georgetown Penang Malaysia

George Town, the capital city of Penang state, is located on Penang Island in the North-West of Malaysia. It might be Malaysia’s second largest city after Kuala Lumpur, but it’s nowhere near as crazy and in your face as the country’s capital. Especially in its quaint old town center.

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street view in Georgetown Penang Malaysia

We fell in love with George Town five years ago and have been going back ever since. We can’t get enough of its unique multicultural charm and have seen it change over the years.

It’s become a popular place to visit, but even with a growing number of tourists, it still maintains its laid-back vibes that keep us coming back for more.

8 Reasons To Visit George Town In Penang, Malaysia

1. UNESCO World Heritage Site

Rooftop view of Georgetown Penang Malaysia

Over 500 years, George Town has grown from a small Malaysian village into what it is today. During that time, the influences of Asia and Europe have endowed this city with a unique multicultural heritage that can be witnessed around every corner. With all the gorgeous history around town, in 2008, George Town was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

Georgetown has over 12,000 old buildings consisting of Chinese shophouses, residential jetties, churches, temples, mosques, and grand British colonial government offices and monuments. Most of these buildings are condensed in the Lebuh Acheh historical enclave making it easy to explore on foot.

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2. Street Art in Penang

Street Art George Town Penang Malaysia

Since wearing its UNESCO crown, an amazing street art scene has exploded in George Town. It started with a government-commissioned exhibition back in 2008 called“Sculpture at Work.”  These 52 ironwork showpieces can be seen all over old town and tell the story of George Town’s history and people.

Since then, more artists have been invited to create pieces on the crumbling walls of heritage buildings. Highlights include many works by Ernest Zacharevic and Julia Volchkova.

A lot of tourists, including us, make it their mission to see every piece of street art using available street art maps. Have Instagram at the ready!

To make sure you don’t miss any street art, consider going on this street art tour with a local. We love going on tours with locals. We also like to pick their brain for their favorite restaurants in George Town, hidden gems in Penang, etc.

3. Coffee Shops in Penang

Coffee shop in George Town Penang Malaysia

Like a lot of towns and cities in Asia, the coffee shop scene has exploded in George Town. The coffee shops in George Town not only make excellent coffee but also serve it in appealing, quirky spaces. The artsy vibe that started on the streets has spread inside and encouraged the growth of creative coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. The kind is usually seen in the hipster areas of London, Berlin, and New York.

The alternative is visiting a traditional Kedai Kopi shop serving the famous Ipoh White Coffee that we became so addicted to. Whichever you choose, most coffee shops are inside one of the many Chinese shophouses, so you can enjoy a cup of Joe inside a piece of Malaysian history!

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4. Street Food

Street food scene in George Town Penang Malaysia

Penang is famous throughout Malaysia for its gastronomical delights. Nowhere else competes. There are so many delicious dishes from this area of the country, and all can be enjoyed on the streets of George Town.

If you’re worried about eating street food, you really shouldn’t be, especially in Malaysia. Food hygiene standards have improved dramatically.

For not much more than $1.50 a plate, delicious highlights include:

  • Assam Laksa – A sweet and sour noodle soup cooked with fruit juice.
  • Char Kway Teow – A spicy dry noodle dish with prawns, cockles, chicken, and shallots.
  • Pasenbur   An Indian salad with potatoes, tofu, fish, and cucumber, covered in a sweet-nutty sauce.
  • Popiah – A type of spring roll filled with soybean curd, eggs, vegetable stew, and Chinese lettuce.
  • Nasi Kandar – A mixture of amazing curry sauces poured over a mountain of rice.
  • Cendol – A shaved ice dessert sweetened with palm sugar and coconut milk and topped with red beans and sweet corn, which actually works!

If you’re looking to try a bunch of local food, consider going on a food tour in Penang, you won’t leave hungry if you book this food tour!

For the highest concentration of street food vendors, head to Lebuh Chulia, Lebuh Kimberley, and Medan Renong food court.

5. Little India

Little India George Town Penang Malaysia

George Town’s Little India is a small but buzzing Indian neighborhood within the historic old town. We’ve visited other Little India communities in many cities around the world, but George Town’s is our favorite.

The colorful streets are full of rainbow sari shops, spice-scented Indian grocery stores, Hindu temples, tempting Indian eateries, and Bollywood music cranked up over loudspeakers.

The best time to go is in the evening when everything is open. Hanging multicolored lights illuminate the streets, and stalls set up selling Indian sweets and other treats.

6. Shopping

inside shopping mall George Town Penang Malaysia

There are some nice little boutique shops within the Chinese shophouses selling things like crafts, home furnishings, fashion, and jewelry, but if you want a full-on shopping experience, head to Komtar. Just on the very edge of old town, the Komtar shopping mall has five levels of high street and designer shops. Brands include H&M, Sony, Cotton On, Nikon, and Digi.

On the top floor is the Komtar food court, with a large selection of Malaysian and Western dishes to choose from. Prices are only a few cents higher than food stalls found on the streets, but portions are much bigger!

7. Hotels in Penang

hotel in George Town Penang Malaysia

George Town attracts every kind of traveler, so it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for 4-star luxury or a bunk in a budget hostel. George Town has it covered. This is our favorite hotel in George Town

There are plenty of modern hotels to choose from with all the amenities you’d expect, but the best places to stay in George Town are within the restored colonial buildings. 

These places have bags of character. Epically high beamed ceilings, creaky wooden floorboards, and atmospheric internal courtyards. Choose the right place, and you’ll want to stay forever!

8. Penang National Park

Penang National Park Malaysia

If you feel like escaping the mild crowds in George Town, Penang National Park is an awesome place to explore. At just 90 minutes away, by a single public bus from George Town’s old town, the park requires minimal effort to get to. It might be Malaysia’s smallest National Park, but it’s full of signposted walking trails through lush jungle.

The trails, taking an average of 3 hours to return to compete, lead to some almost empty sandy beaches. The most popular are Monkey Beach and Turtle Beach, but there are others to choose from depending on the distance you want to walk.

If you’re feeling lazy, then there are also boats from where the bus drops you off that make trips to all of the beaches. But we recommend walking at least one way through the jungle to see wildlife like monitor lizards and monkeys.

Reasons to visit Georgetown Penang Malaysia 4

For now, George Town remains laid back with plenty of peaceful streets that are almost traffic free. The more popular streets might be too touristy for some, but for us, the vibe of the place has the right balance of travelers and locals without feeling too overcrowded.

George Town should be visited now before it goes too far. With its fast-growing popularity, there’s no doubt it will. We also recommend checking out up-and-coming Ipoh. Ipoh may be in its infancy, but it has the same elements that make George Town so popular.

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Monday 25th of March 2019

Thank you for the informative review I am off to Penang this summer for a training for three weeks. Not sure what to see exactly there, hence I appreciate your guidance in this regard.


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Aww thanks we love to hear that. We hope to get back to Penang soon.

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Monday 16th of July 2018

My husband and I will be heading to Geroge town in September, we have a great plan to fly from Brisbane Qld to Singapore. So we don't miss much we plan to train or bus from Singapore to Johor Bahru then to Melaka then Kuala Lumpur then to Ipoh??? (to check it out) then to George Town and last but not least Langkawi. Fly form Langkawi back to Singapore then home. We have 3 nights spare would love some ideas where to spend them as we would love to retire in one of these beautiful towns in 2020. Thanks for all the tips so far....

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Thursday 5th of July 2018

Thank you so much for all the information! Your photos really add to the feel of the city. I will be travelling to George Town in September as a port of call on a cruise. So much to see, so little time!!!

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Thank for this. I'm off to Penang soon. Cannot wait!

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