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How To Get From San Juan Del Sur to Granada, Nicaragua

How To Get From San Juan Del Sur to Granada, Nicaragua

A step by step guide on how to get from the surfer’s paradise of San Juan Del Sur to Granada while traveling in Nicaragua. There are also transportation services you can hire to get from SJDS to Granada, but there isn’t a guide needed for that, transport can be arranged at many tour agents in the city center. If you want to travel independently here is our guide on how to take public transport and buses between San Juan del Sur and Granda, Nicaragua.

  • Total Travel Time: 2 hours
  • Total Cost: 95 to 105 Cords or $4USD
  • Comfort Level: ★★
  • Safety:★★
  • Difficulty:★★

1. Taxi from San Juan Del Sur to Rivas bus station

Head to the area around the market in San Juan Del Sur to find a cab heading to the Rivas bus stop. Make sure to ask for a collectivo, they will all either do private or a collective. The price is fixed for the collectivo to Rivas at 50 Cordobas per person. They will try and get you to do a private for much higher amounts but insist on waiting for others it never took us more than 10 minutes to fill our cab enough to go. There is also a bus for about 20-30 Cords, but then we didn’t think the time was worth the little difference in price. However buses regularly run this route, you can catch them near the market as well.

  • Time: About 30 minutes
  • Price: 50 Cords

2. Bus from San Juan Del Sur (Rivas) to Granada

San Juan Del Sur to Granada by bus - Chicken bus in SJDS Nicaragua

Once in Rivas the cab will drop you just outside the main bus stop (about one block) when you get into town they may ask you where you are going in Rivas, if your Spanish is a bit rusty just tell them “parade de Autobus”

Walk the one block into the bus stop and look for a bus labeled Rivas/Granada. We got on the 10:30 am and buses frequently, but check for the current schedule of times, it is best to get there a little early like a half hour or so to ensure a seat.

  • Time: 1:30 hours
  • Price: 30 Cords

3. Taxi from Granada bus stop to Granada

Once in Granada, the bus will drop you at the main bus stop unless you ask for sooner. Taxis are available at the station and most rides shouldn’t cost more than 15 Cords per person they will start higher especially if you have luggage, but just walk away from the first few and try and get the best deal.

Price and time depend on your destination in the city.

These directions are reversible, use in reverse order to get from Granada to San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua.

Tips for traveling from San Juan Del Sur to Granada Nicaragua

  • Keep your bags close to you, do not put your bags at the back of the bus
  • Be wary of any stranger asking for help, most scams start this was
  • Watch out for distraction scams, someone dropping something
  • Negotiate all taxi fares before getting in the taxi, and use this guide as a baseline


Saturday 17th of November 2018

November 2018. Posting prices to see if anyone thinks I was overcharged (been in Nica 1 week and still getting the hang of best prices):

Shared taxi to Rivas: 70 Bus to Granada: 80 Taxi (4 or 5 minutes to hotel): 30