Sunrise over Lake Malawi

One of the highlights of our time along Lake Malawi came on the day when I braved a 4:45 am alarm clock to watch the sunrise over the lake. I crept out of the tent to not disturb Hannah or our other campers. I even took care not to trip over the group that partied at the bar until well past 1 am, almost making me forgo my early rise. I resisted kicking the few that were too drunk to make it back to their tents and now lie on the bar floor as I walk past making my way to the beach. A few moaned in protest as my flashlight passed over their faces in my attempts to avoid them. Once I was past the drunks and my feet were in the sand I was glad I made myself get up and dig my camera gear out.

I set my DSLR on top of my large tripod to shoot long exposures before the sun crested the horizon, and I had my GoPro setup on another small tripod and set to time-lapse mode. Once the sun was about to break over the water and mountains I put my DSLR on a 5 second time interval for a close and higher definition time lapse of the first few minutes of the day’s sun. The above video starts with the wide shot taken from the wide angle GoPro, and the second it the DSLR footage was taken at 270mm focal length.

Malawi Kandi close TL-57

The sun was a fiery orange that morning with pinks, purples, and oranges in the sky. There were a few clouds, but I think the added to the interest of the sunrise.

Malawi Sunrise Kande Beach

In addition to the time lapses I took several long exposures to catch the low light colors of the pre-dawn sky. Most were taken at 30 seconds and between f8-f11 in shutter priority or manual mode.

Malawi Sunrise Kande Beach-5 Malawi Sunrise Kande Beach-2

While waiting for the sun to poke over the horizon I also got a chance to see the beach come to life with fishermen and village people preparing for the day.

Malawi Sunrise Kande Beach-6 Malawi Sunrise Kande Beach-14 Malawi Sunrise Kande Beach-8

I am usually more of a sunset type of a person, but they are just more convenient. I think sunrises are more colorful. Maybe I will try and make it to more of them.

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