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11 Fun, Quirky and Unique Things to do in Liechtenstein

11 Fun, Quirky and Unique Things to do in Liechtenstein

Nestled away in between Austria and Switzerland, Liechtenstein is one of the smallest countries in the world and is definitely worth a visit if you have the chance!

Full of amazing mountain scenery, its picturesque valleys are home to some incredible views and hiking trails, while there are also some magical fairy-tale castles for you to discover.

Despite its location in the heart of Europe, Liechtenstein receives relatively few tourists, so you’ll often be able to enjoy its wonderful sights all by yourself.

Although Liechtenstein doesn’t have its own airport, it is one of the wealthiest countries on Earth. Its small population of just 37,000 people enjoys a very high standard of living.

In addition to this, its beautiful setting amidst the Central Alps and the Rhine Valley means that there is lots of fabulous scenery for visitors to explore.

To help you discover all the incredible sights in Liechtenstein, here is a list of our 11 favorite things to do in Liechtenstein.

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Liechtenstein Fun Facts

We should probably mention at this point that the sixth smallest country in the world is actually a principality and is still ruled by a prince. This, of course, only adds to its fairy-tale feel!

While it is still very much off the beaten path, the principality has lots for you to see and do; you’ll almost certainly come away impressed with this hidden gem.

The Principality was founded in 1719 when Prince Johann Adam bought the territory, which was still part of the Holy Roman Empire at that time. It only became a sovereign state in 1806.

Since its founding, 11 generations of the House of Liechtenstein have ruled over the country, and the title of Head of State is passed on hereditarily. Out of all of them, only the current Prince actually grew up in the country; most of them ruled from afar.

Every year on August 15, every resident in the country is invited to Vaduz Castle to celebrate Liechtenstein’s national holiday with the Prince and the royal family!

After an official reception, there is food and drinks for guests to indulge in, as well as some traditional dancing. It is a fun and festive occasion, and there aren’t many places in the world where everyone in the country gets invited to just one party!

Now, for a country that doesn’t actually have a military, Liechtenstein is infamous for a couple of quite sweet moments that have happened to it over the centuries. In 1866, for example, Liechtenstein sent 80 men off to fight in the Austro-Prussian War; they came back with 81, as a friendly Italian decided to join them on the way!

Over 100 years later, Switzerland accidentally invaded Liechtenstein in 2007 when its army got lost in the mountains. The Principality only found out when they received an official apology!

Top 11 Things to Do in Liechtenstein

From the beautiful scenery and magical castles to quirky museums, here are some of the best things to get up to in the country!

Paved path leading to Vaduz Castle royal palace - Things to do in Liechtenstein with mountains in the background

1. Vaduz Castle

No visit to Liechtenstein can ever be complete without stopping by the awe-inspiring Vaduz Castle. Perched on a hillside and surrounded by mountains, the picturesque castle is set in an incredible location and really does look as if it was designed from a book of fairy tales!

Remarkably, the castle is first mentioned in history books all the way back in 1322, although it has changed quite a lot since then, as each generation has left its mark. There are some fantastic photos just waiting to be taken here, so make sure to bring your camera!

Overlooking Vaduz, the castle is just a 15 to 20-minute hike away from the center of the capital. As it is still home to the royal family of Liechtenstein, visitors are sadly not allowed to enter. However, it is certainly still worth visiting, as the scenery is stunning, and the castle itself looks impressive.

Along the trail to Vaduz Castle, you’ll find lots of information points and signs that will tell you more about the castle and the royal family themselves. Definitely one of our favorite things to do in Liechtenstein, Vaduz Castle looks magical, and you’ll find some awesome views of Vaduz near the foot of the castle.

Black stone exterior of Kunst museum of Liechtenstein - Things to see in Liechtenstein

2. Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein

Opened in the year 2000, the Liechtenstein Museum of Fine Arts (as it is known in English) is one of the most impressive and distinctive buildings in Vaduz. Made up of one large, shiny black building and one bright white building, it looks very modern and is fascinating to explore.

The collection inside features mostly modern and contemporary artworks, and sometimes it even has some pieces from the Prince’s own private collection on show.

While it mostly has art from local artists on display, there are quite a few works by international artists for visitors to enjoy. Wandering around the collection is a lovely way to spend a couple of hours, and some of the installations and exhibitions look amazing.

On your way around, you’ll find everything from sculptures and paintings to conceptual pieces and interesting abstract shapes. Well worth a visit, the national art collection is a must if you like contemporary art.

black and red Liechtenstein stamp in a passport - Things to do in Liechtenstein

3. Get a Liechtenstein passport stamp at the Liechtenstein tourist office!

Okay, so while you don’t actually need to get your passport stamped when visiting Liechtenstein, it’s not every day you can get a stamp from one of the smallest and least visited countries in the world!

As it is one of only two double-landlocked countries on Earth (the other is Uzbekistan!) and doesn’t have an international airport, this means you’ll have to enter through Austria or Switzerland.

Although you don’t need a stamp from these countries to enter Liechtenstein, you can always get one anyway if you want to show off one of the rarest stamps in the world – only around 70,000 people visit a year.

Head to the Liechtenstein Center or the tourist office in the center of town to get one for just three euros!

tall church in the center of Vaduz Liechtenstein - Things to see in Liechtenstein

4. Vaduz Cathedral

Also known as the Cathedral of St. Florin, Vaduz Cathedral is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the capital, and you’re almost certainly going to pass by here at some point. Located at one end of the main street that runs through Vaduz, the Neo-Gothic cathedral was built in 1874 and has some nice features that are worth checking out.

There are some lovely bronze statues, for instance, which lie beneath the steps leading up to it; they make for some great photos, together with the cathedral in the background. The other main things to see are the Royal Box – where the Prince sits when he attends church – and the Princely Vault, where members of the royal family are buried; this is located just behind the cathedral.

5. Postage Stamp Museum

Part of the Liechtenstein National Museum, the Postal Museum is a surprisingly fun and interesting place to visit. You don’t even need to love stamps to appreciate it!

Free to enter, it takes you on a whirlwind journey of the history and use of stamps in Liechtenstein, as well as how they have been used throughout the world. You can see all the printing presses that were used to make them, and there are lots of cool stamps on show.

It is a very well-presented and organized museum, which, funnily enough, ended up being one of our favorite things to do in Liechtenstein!

green and yellow grapevines in the foreground with the Vaduz Castle in the background in focus - Things to do in Liechtenstein

6. Go wine tasting in the Cellars of the Prince of Liechtenstein

Yet another unique and quirky thing to do in Liechtenstein is to go wine tasting in the Prince’s cellars! The country produces some fantastic wines, and you can sample a number of reds and whites at the Prince of Liechtenstein Winery.

Located in Vaduz, the winery has some lovely vineyards for you to explore; its scenic setting in the Rhine Valley only adds to the special occasion. It’s not every day that you can drink delicious wine in a Prince’s cellars!

7. Explore its fabulous Hiking Trails

As you might have gathered, Liechtenstein boasts some jaw-droppingly beautiful mountains and delightful Alpine valleys, so it’s definitely worth going on a hike or two when in the country!

For instance, the Liechtenstein Trail takes you through some of the most incredible scenery you’ll ever see. On the way, you’ll pass cute little mountain villages, lots of wildflowers, and breathtaking views.

Like everything in Liechtenstein, the paths and trails are very well-signposted and well-kept, so there is no way you’ll get lost amongst the mountains!

The Liechtenstein Trail takes you around the country, and visitors can check out 135 points of interest. In addition to the fantastic nature that you pass through, you’ll also be able to visit some interesting historical sights and castles along the route. As it only stretches for 75 kilometers, you could probably see all of Liechtenstein in just a few days!

Aerial Photo from high in the mountains of Triesenberg - Things to do Liechtenstein

8. Stay in the peaceful village of Triesenberg

With its beautiful setting high in the Alps, the village of Triesenberg is absolutely gorgeous. Its quiet, relaxed pace of life makes it a lovely place to stay for a night or two. Its quaint little houses hug the mountain slopes, and the views of the Rhine Valley and Liechtenstein below you are simply jaw-dropping.

While there is not much going on in the village, the stunning scenery is what people come for, and there are a number of paths and trails for you to explore in the surrounding area. Triesenberg is definitely worth visiting for its picturesque setting and is one of our favorite things to do in Liechtenstein.

When looking where to stay in Liechtenstein, we ended up staying at a really cute Vrbo in Triesenberg. It was a really great deal compared to Vaduz hotel prices. We woke up to the most amazing mountain views right outside our doorstep. We would stay in Triesenberg again next time we travel to Liechtenstein.

9. Go skiing in Liechtenstein

With so many mountains scattered around the country, it comes as no surprise that Liechtenstein has some great pistes and slopes for visitors and locals to enjoy.

The mountain resort of Malbun is the premium place to head to; during winter, many Swiss and Austrians cross the border to enjoy the pristine snow. With over 23 kilometers of slopes for you to ski or snowboard down, Malbun is lots of fun to visit.

The views of Liechtenstein are incredible as the country stretches away below you. There are lots of different trails that cater to all levels; there is even a ‘Kinderland’ park if your children want to try out skiing for the first time.

10. Visit the Rotes Haus in Vaduz

Another of the capital’s main sights, the Red House (as it is known in English) is one of the oldest buildings in the country and was built back in 1338. Although you can’t go inside, it is still worth visiting due to its scenic setting, with trees surrounding it and mountains in the background.

The building itself also looks gorgeous with its delightful tower and red brick walls; as such, there are lots of great photos to be had. Mitteldorf – the area it lies in – is also worth exploring; it is full of traditional houses and picturesque vineyards.

View from Berggasthaus Sareis restaurant Triesenberg Liechtenstein at mountain restaurant - Things to do

11. Enjoy a delicious lunch up in the mountains

If you’re looking for a memorable lunch with a stunning view, then head to the fantastic Berggasthaus Sareis restaurant in the mountains. At over 2,000 meters above sea level, the restaurant’s terrace makes for an exceptional lunch experience; you can see the whole country laid out below you.

While the panoramas and food are incredible, the surrounding area also has some great trails for you to explore, as well as some of the best skiing in the country if you want to take to the slopes. One of the best things to do in Liechtenstein, this mountain restaurant’s unique setting makes it a special place to enjoy a delicious meal.

Drone photo of Gutenberg Castle - Things to do in Gutenberg-Castle-Things-to-do-in-Liechtenstein

Bonus – Gutenberg Castle

One of the best castles to visit in Liechtenstein is Gutenberg Castle, which is perfectly placed on a short hill surrounded by impressive mountains. In this castle, you can tour the exterior rose garden and the chapel during summer. Guided tours can also be arranged by appointment.

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