Water Cay – Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras

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Located on the western tip of the Island of Utila, lie a cluster of small white sand islands, set in bright blue water, and surrounded by coral. If you see a sign around town taking trips to Water Cay, go with them it’s a nice way to spend an afternoon. If you are diving some dive shops may take you as part of the course, if not there are weekly trips. One I know for sure is through the Bush’s supermarket, their white board will tell you what day the trip will be.

Map of Utila with Water key marked

Just chill on the beach

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Pack a cooler with some drinks and some snacks and make an afternoon of it. The northeast tip of Water Cay has some nice shallow crystal clear water to soak for a few hours. Apparently it hasn’t always been as clean as it was when we visited, but for the clean beach there is a small fee of 50L ($2.50)person.

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Or bring your snorkel gear

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The south side of Water Cay had a good amount of coral structure and marine life at snorkel level. As you work you way around to the western end the water gets much shallower and hard to snorkel in some spots, but much more fish. There are a few coral tunnels that if you had some skills you could free dive through, I did not attempt for fear of heavy coral cuts! Still cool to look into and see it full of bright blue fish.

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  1. Another beautiful place to look for a fun way to enjoy the beach. White sand, clear water and underwater activities are something to look for when visiting this place. Totally a great post, thank you.


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