My interest in beer goes a bit deeper than the warm buzz obtained from the golden goodness. Beer to me is similar to how I feel about traveling, I want to try/see everything. When I go to a restaurant its a rarity to find something I haven’t tried, so when I do I know instantly what I am going to get. While on our trip I will be seeking out every beer I can find. I will be doing it for you, the readers, or maybe it is simply my justification for indulging.

Beers of Costa Rica – 2010

Home Brewing

I don’t know about you, but at any given time I have 20-30 gallons (80-120L) of beer in my basement. It may sound excessive, but I love making and sharing my beer with friends and family. For those of you who are unsure what home brewing is, it is as the name suggests, making your own beer at home! Maybe its my engineering mind, but I love learning, understanding, and making things. Beer making fits all of those very well, and has become a top hobby of mine. Brewing has also increased my knowledge and appreciation of beer tasting and quality. While on the road I plan to give you taste updates on any and all beers I can get my hands on.

Standard Beers

Unfortunately most of the world has been convinced that the basic lager beer is what beer is supposed to taste like. There are some regional differences but for the most part, all too many beers taste like the Heinekin’s, Budwiesser’s, or Corona’s of the world. All of these beers are decent in there own right, but to me its the travel equivalent of an all inclusive resort, if you have seen one you have seen em’ all.

Exotic interests

The beers I am most excited to try are in Vietnam, Bia Hoi, a ‘home brewed’ beer of sorts. Made locally and distributed to restaurants and food vendors, its a low-alcohol beer to accompany a meal or snack. Just knowing that other parts of the world are making their own beer is the part that interests me most. I would love to participate in brewing some beer or any kind of alcohol with a local person. A few other places on our RTW trip have a heritage of making some kind of fermented beverage: Peru has Chicha, Laos has Lao-Lao, and probably many others I haven’t hear of yet, but I’m dying to try!

Other highlights I hope to find on our trip are the small out of the way brewery’s making something other than the norm. Toward the end of our trip we will be near some of the beer meccas of the world in Western Europe. I just have to talk Hannah into wandering around Belgium, Germany, and England for a bit. The perfect end to our trip for me would be traveling this region during late September and October when the beer related festivals are happening.

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  1. Agreed – beer is basically the best thing ever. And I’m also super excited to head to those cheap Bia Hoi joints. Sounds like yeasty heaven.
    David @ That Gay Backpacker recently posted..My favourite temple, like, ever: Wat Chedi LuangMy Profile

  2. You’re going to have so much fun on your travels tasting different beers from around the world. I don’t think I’m as much of a beer lover but there’s nothing better than a drinking a cold beer while watching the sunset after a busy day travelling and sight-seeing.

    Looking forward to seeing what beers you come across during your travels!
    Monica recently posted..Incredible views from Table Mountain, South AfricaMy Profile

  3. Trying new beers is one of my favourite parts about travel. I love the labels and the strange names almost as much as the taste. You’re going to have a blast trying new beers on your RTW trip. Here’s a few from our travels if your curious –
    I’m curious to know what beers will stand out for you!
    Cam @ Traveling Canucks recently posted..A few photos from our trip to MexicoMy Profile

    • Cam – I can’t wait to start sampling my way around the world! We just got back from Tulum, Mexico and tried every beer I could find, I thought I read you guys were just near there too, what was your favorite?

      We had a bunch of good ones, and some that really needed some lime & salt to help!
      Hannah recently posted..Taking Sparting Risks My Profile

  4. You should come visit San Francisco (and Oakland) – we have more craft beers here then anywhere else I’ve seen :)
    jill recently posted..Chasing Lava Flow in Big Island, HawaiiMy Profile

    • Jill – We were in San Fran & Sonoma Last year and we tried to make to every brewery we came across. We went to Rouge and Thirsty Bear in the city, and Bear Republic and Lagunitas to the north. We had one of the most interesting beers ever at Lagunitas, a perfect combo of wine and beer, a Pinot Barrel aged stout, Amazing! I am sure we didn’t even scratch the surface! Any breweries we shouldn’t miss next time?

      Love your site we have been following along for a while!
      Adam recently posted..Our Wedding – One year ago today!My Profile

  5. If you like beer, you would love Belgium! I’m not much of a beer drinker but I became one when I went there :D If you find yourselves in the Philippines, I’ll buy you both a round of San Miguel beer :)
    Aleah | recently posted..5 Money Saving Tips in Chiang MaiMy Profile

    • Aleah – I would love to wander around from Abbey to Abbey in Belgium! Hopefully time allows while we are in Europe.

      We would definitely take you up on the San Miguel’s!!! We plan to be in the Philippines sometime between January and March 2014 for a few weeks. What Island are you on? Where should we go while in the Philippines?

      Safe Travels!
      Adam recently posted..Suicidal SUVMy Profile

  6. I’m a spoiled beer drinker–I live 5 blocks from Barcade and almost never have the same beer twice. I was impressed with Iceland’s microbrew culture. I’ve heard stories of expats opening brewpubs in Shanghai and Beijing as well (of course they weren’t around when I lived in China).
    chinamatt recently posted..Observing BeijingMy Profile

  7. Adam, I LOVE this post and I echo your sentiment totally! I collect beer labels and even bottle tops from some of my recent beer missions and I always try new ones!! Cheers!
    Jonny Blair recently posted..Working Wednesdays: How to Start A Travel BlogMy Profile

  8. love trying the beers while travelling! if (or when) you do head to Philippines. do try their beers! red horse. san miguel pale. san miguel light. san miguel with lemon and with apple.. i could go on and on about it! =P beers from China are not too bad too! =D

  9. Yixiu,

    We for sure will make it to the Philippines some time real soon! I have have San Miguel light while in SE Asia, I will have to look up the other flavors while traveling!


    Adam recently posted..The Worlds Best BarsMy Profile

  10. As a fellow home brewer, traveler, and beer enthusiast, I can very much relate! SE Asia has been a bit rough, but I’m looking forward to Belgium and Germany this September. Have you made it there, yet?

  11. Hey Adam! Have you tried coca beer? I had it for the first time in Bolivia, not only quenches the thirst but helps you cope with altitude sickness (jury is still out on the latter point for me…swapping altitude sickness for a hangover maybe!).
    Brigid recently posted..6th Festival of Street Dance FinalsMy Profile

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