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24 Mar The Best Place to Buy a Camera or Camera Gear in Chiang Mai

If you need camera gear, repair, our anything camera related there are only a handful of quality options on Chiang Mai. In my two times living in Chiang Mai and buying a lot of camera gear here, the best place to buy a camera or camera gear in Chiang Mai is the Pantip Plaza. However, there are a few others that aren't bad either. For the best selection of camera gear in Chiang Mai head to...

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20 Mar Northern Thailand Road Trip With #packprAna

It's been over 3 months since we moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand. We've been catching up here like crazy on the website, working on some new projects, and of course traveling a little. We have made time to travel to explore Angkor Wat and visit our friend Sok in Siem Reap Cambodia. Found ourselves exploring Bangkok in 3 days with a friend from home. We took a boat ride back to our favorite island in the world Koh Lipe...

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13 Mar Best Sky Bar in Bangkok

Ever since 'Hangover 2' was filmed in Bangkok sky bars have been popping up all over the city. We have found one that's affordable with some great views. With so many options, it might be hard to choose the best roof top bar in Bangkok, but I think we have found it 55 floors above Bangkok in Red Sky Bar. How to get to Red Sky You can reach red sky from anywhere in the city by...

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05 Mar Is Street Food Safe? – A Guide to Survive Street Food

Working the last 10+ years at a meat processing plant has done two things for me: #1 Worked me to the point of burnout, and ultimately pushed me to take our RTW trip. Secondly, has given me more knowledge than most people would care to have on foodborne pathogens (Food Bugs). Please don't hate me for working in an industry that has a less than stellar reputation. Before you click off this article for principal reasons,...

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27 Feb A Day in the Life of a Travel Blogger in Chiang Mai

As many of you know, Adam and I moved to Chiang Mai in November. After 500+ days of nonstop travel we needed a place to call "home" and unpack our bags and catch up on the website for a few months. Within 24 hours we had signed a 5 month lease on a one bedroom apartment, a huge commitments for us travelers. Friends and family are constantly asking "Why Chiang Mai" so we wrote this article,...

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17 Feb Why We’re Living in Chiang Mai

Friends and family ask us all the time why we are living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. So, we thought we’d further explain why we like this place enough to call it home for a few months this year. It’s Thailand, but it’s not Thailand It may seem like a strange thing to hear, but once you have been here you'll know what it means. There is a higher standard of living in Chiang Mai, there are lots...

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