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03 Mar Four Chiang Mai Activities You Should Think Twice About

Chiang Mai's reputation is outstanding, for tourists and travellers who spend anywhere from two days here through to finding themselves still there two months later. There's an abundance of Chiang Mai activities to do yet there are a few 'once in a lifetime activities' you should think twice about doing in Chiang Mai due to ethical reasons. Visiting Tiger Kingdom You’ve probably seen a friend who has been to Thailand proudly displaying a new Facebook Profile of...

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you are crazy if you go to thailand and miss this island - Featured Images

02 Feb You’re crazy if you go to Thailand and don’t visit Ko…

See I told you. Just look at that water. This is Koh Lipe Thailand. Arguably the most beautiful of all the Thai islands. In my opinion, it’s no contest, Koh Lipe wins.So, you went to Thailand and you didn’t go to Koh Lipe? I guess it’s understandable, it’s still a lesser known island, and it’s kind of a bitch to get to honestly. Koh Lipe Thailand isn’t exactly the easiest island to get to with...

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Chiang Mai Cooking Class - Cooking School - Featured Images

29 Jan Reasons Why To Take Chiang Mai Cooking Class

We have spent over 6 months living in northern Thailand in the city of Chiang Mai. We decided to live in Chiang Mai for many reasons, but one of the main reasons THAI FOOD. Let's get real Thai food is amazing. Whenever someone asks me what is a must-do in Chiang Mai I tell them you must take a Chiang Mai cooking class.  A visit to northern Thailand should include taking a Chiang Mai cooking...

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Purr Cat cafe - Bangkok Thailand - Featured Images

27 Dec Meow Cat Lovers Heaven ~ Purr Cat Cafe Bangkok

Are you a cat lover heading to Bangkok? If so, you MUST make it to Purr Cat Cafe Bangkok. To say I am a cat lady is an understatement. 3 out of my 4 tattoos are cat related. I have heard about cat cafes in Asia, and put it on our day 1 Bangkok itinerary. Here are the in's and out of a visit to Purr Cat Cafe Bangok.Where is Purr Cat Cafe Bangkok? Purr Cat Cafe Address: Soi...

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2 weeks in thailand - Featured Images

31 May Two Weeks In Thailand

We have assisted in helping plan many trips to Thailand and we get questions often while people are planning their two weeks in Thailand holiday. So, we thought we would write our suggestions on how to spend two weeks in Thailand. Thailand is a long plane ride from most places in the world and two weeks in Thailand is a good amount of time for a Thailand holiday.There are many ways to spend two weeks in Thailand...

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