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27 Feb A Day in the Life of a Travel Blogger in Chiang Mai

As many of you know, Adam and I moved to Chiang Mai in November. After 500+ days of nonstop travel we needed a place to call "home" and unpack our bags and catch up on the website for a few months. Within 24 hours we had signed a 5 month lease on a one bedroom apartment, a huge commitments for us travelers. Friends and family are constantly asking "Why Chiang Mai" so we wrote this article,...

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17 Feb Why We’re Living in Chiang Mai

Friends and family ask us all the time why we are living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. So, we thought we’d further explain why we like this place enough to call it home for a few months this year. It’s Thailand, but it’s not Thailand It may seem like a strange thing to hear, but once you have been here you'll know what it means. There is a higher standard of living in Chiang Mai, there are lots...

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04 Jan Back in Chiang Mai – Our New Apartment {Video Post}

We just paid our rent and electricity bill after our first month living in our new apartment in Chiang Mai (weird to be paying bills again). So, we figured it was time to show you guys where we will be calling home for the next few months. This will be our second time staying put in Northern Thailand, last April we did a short term rental in Chiang Mai. Our friends and family seem to have...

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24 Jun 28 Countries in 365 days of travel~ Hannah’s Top 5 countries revealed

Over the past 365 days on our RTW trip we have traveled to 28 countries, and backpacked through countless cities. The first 50 days flew by so fast, and we learned early on that keeping a blog up to date and traveling is HARD work. We have so many stories and information to share with you, but haven't had enough time. Stay tuned...

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12 May Open WIDE! Tooth pain drove me to visit the dentist in Chiang Mai, Thailand…

The pain has been on and off for well over a year on this one specific tooth. My dentist back at home told me something about the gums/root was disolving, but since the pain was on and off nothing to worry about. Well I must of done/ate something in Laos that irritated it, because for 3 days straight it would hurt on and off. My gums had gotten swollen, it was not fun. This tooth had...

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05 May Eating Fire in Bangkok!

Capsicum annuum or as you may know it 'Bird's eye chili' or the Thai Chili'. One of the hottest peppers in the world. Each pepper holds over 100,000 Scoville units of fiery power. So, why would I attempt to eat one of these little fireballs? Well, I have been challenged. Not just to eat one, but 10. The Lub D hostel in Bangkok has a challenge to all travelers, to see if they are man (or woman),...

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