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Koh Lipe Sunset Tour – The Perfect Ending to the day

Koh Lipe Sunset Tour – The Perfect Ending to the day

When visiting the best island in Thailand, which we all know is Koh Lipe, you have to build in time for some of the best Koh Lipe day trips to the nearby islands. If you are a sunset lover like us, you’ll love the Koh Lipe Sunset tour.

There are a ton of things to do in Koh Lipe, but getting out on a boat and exploring the nearby islands is the best. Here is everything you need to know about the Koh Lipe Sunset Tour.

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Koh Lipe Thailand Travel Guide - Things to do Koh Lipe - Thai Long Tail Boats at sunset

Koh Lipe Sunset Tour: Jabang, Koh Hin Ngam, Koh Yang, and Koh Adang

Koh Lipe is known for its remarkable sunsets, which paint the skies vibrant shades of pink, oranges, yellows, and gold. Although you’ll be treated to these fantastic landscapes practically every night of the week. The best beach in Koh Lipe for sunset is Sunset Beach. You can’t be the views from an evening sunset cruise.

However, there’s more to a sunset cruise than simply boarding a boat and cruising around for an hour. Koh Lipe’s sunset tours are a combination of snorkeling, island hopping, and sunset watching, which means it’s an action-packed evening of exploring the best of what the Andaman Sea has to offer.

This half-day adventure starts with a trip to Jabang, where you’ll have to opportunity to go snorkeling amongst some of the most spectacular coral reef systems in the area. The coral reef pinnacles are unique to this island, which makes it one of the biggest highlights of the tour.

Red and purple soft corals while diving in Koh Lipe - Top dive sites in Lipe Island

From Jabang, you’ll be taken to Koh Hin Ngam, a small, volcanic island with black pebble beaches. You’ll have the option to roam the island (make sure to build a stacking rock structure from the pebbles for good luck) or go snorkeling in the shallow bays off the coast. It’s common to find schools of clownfish and soft corals just a few feet from land.

The next stop on the sunset tour is Koh Yang, another popular spot for swimming and snorkeling. Although there aren’t any white-sand beaches for you to relax on, there is a plethora of colorful coral gardens lurking beneath the waves for you to explore. Your boat will likely dock offshore, so you can go snorkeling around the waters, admiring all the marine life at your leisure.

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Gift pointing at Koh Adang viewpoint 3 sign

Your last stop is Koh Adang, one of the largest islands surrounding Koh Lipe. Depending on how much time you have on the island, you’ll have numerous options for outdoor activities here. Lounge in the sun on the long stretch of white sandy beach, embark on a short hike up to the Koh Adang viewpoint, or go snorkeling in the shallow waves amongst tropical corals and marine life.

Some tour operators choose to watch the sunset from the shores of Koh Adang. Others might take you back towards Koh Lipe, where you’ll be able to admire the views from the comfort of your longtail boat.

We’ve also seen several tours that make the roundtrip journey back to Koh Lipe, where you’ll post up on Sunset Beach to watch instead. If your tour includes a drink at Benny’s on the Beach Restaurant, then you’ll be watching the sunset from Koh Lipe. If you prefer one place over the other, make sure to check with your tour guide before booking a ticket.

How Long is the Koh Lipe Sunset Tour?

Koh Lipe sunset tours embark at different times, depending on the season and sunset schedule. Most tours leave around 12:00 or 1:00 PM (after lunch) and end around 7:00 or 8:00 PM. If you’re watching the sunset from Benny’s on the Beach Restaurant, then you can stay there as long as you like after the tour ends (the town is a short five-minute walk back into town).

How Much Does Koh Lipe Program 2 Cost?

The cost for the sunset tour is around 900 to 1,000 baht per person. Your ticket includes snorkel equipment (fins, life jacket, mask), water, snacks, and possibly drinks from Benny’s.

As with the other Koh Lipe tours on this list, you might be asked to pay an additional 200 baht for the National Park Fee, so it’s a good idea to bring cash with you. The ticket to the national park is good for five days, so make sure to keep the receipt so you won’t pay double if you decide to go on any of the other island-hopping tours during your visit.

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If you haven’t already, make sure to check out day trip Program 1 or Program 2 to visit even more islands near Koh Lipe. There isn’t a bad day trip from Koh Lipe!

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What is your favorite Koh Lipe day trip? Leave a comment below!