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To Tip Or Not To Tip? Complete Tipping In Thailand Guide

To Tip Or Not To Tip? Complete Tipping In Thailand Guide

When traveling abroad it’s always difficult to understand the tipping culture in that country. Tipping in Thailand is no different. When should you tip in Thailand, are you tipping in Thailand enough?

Our first trip was on our Thailand honeymoon and since then we have lived in Thailand for the past 3 years, so we’ve put together a guide to tipping in Thailand to help you out.

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 Tipping In Thailand

tipping in thailand - how much and who to tip in Thailand

This tipping in Thailand guide is intended for tourists in Thailand, as it is not common for local Thais to tip. Even though tipping in Thailand is becoming more and more common.

Tipping in Thailand is not mandatory but always appreciated. Europeans will read this and tell us we are crazy for tipping this much and Americans will feel guilty for tipping this little, however, this is what is generally accepted for tipping in Thailand.

As a tourist in Thailand, please realize how little daily wages most locals are paid. The average Thai wage is less than 9,000 baht a month ($300USD). That extra twenty baht tip may be nothing to you but can really add up to the local server.

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Sit Down Restaurants

Tipping roughly 10% of the bill is a good tip, and rounding up or down just like you would do at home. If eating at a fancier restaurant and the bill is higher, you can ignore the 10% rule and give it based on how the experience was with a minimum of 100 baht tip. Always check the bill and see if a service charge was added, if a service charge was added no need to tip.

When tipping in a sit-down restaurant it isn’t a straight percentage of the check. Also, look at the cost of the meal and the service. Just like you would at home.

If you had a not so good waiter at home would you tip? Yes, you probably would tip but you’d just tip less. If you had an amazing server you’d tip a little extra. And if you had a terrible server and dining experience you probably wouldn’t tip. The same goes when tipping in Thailand at restaurants.

Suggested Tip:

  • 100 baht bill = 10-20 baht tip
  • 177 baht bill= 23 baht tip just leave all the change and round up
  • 830 baht bill= 70-100 baht tip
  • 1900 baht bill= 150 baht tip

Thailand Street Food Vendor

It is not common to tip street food vendors if you do tip they likely are confused and try to return what they see as an overpayment. Most street food items are fixed and have clearly labeled prices and no tips required and it is not acceptable to barter on the price of food. If you happen to see a tip jar at a street food stall and it was really tasty throw in a few baht coins.

Suggested tip: None

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Tipping At Bars

How much to tip in Thailand at a bar really varies from bar to bar. If it is a bar where you go up to the bar and order your own drinks no tip is required. If you are at a beach bar all day in Koh Lipe you may want to tip 10 baht on the first drink so that the waiter comes and checks on you later. If they don’t come back to check on you then don’t tip on the next drink. If you have been sitting at the bar for a few hours chatting with the bartender and having a good time tip 50 baht or so.

Always check the bill and see if a service charge was added, if a service charge was added no need to tip. It is common for the sky bars in Bangkok to charge a service charge, so no need to tip unless it was exceptional service and you want to leave an additional tip.

Suggested Tip: 10 baht for 2 drinks

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Fast Food Restaurants/Coffee Shops

No need to tip at fast-food restaurants or coffee shops like KFC, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Tom Tom’s, etc. If a server doesn’t come to your table no need to leave a tip.

Suggested Tip: None

Taxis in Thailand

Before entering a taxi in Thailand make sure to agree on a price in advance or make sure it will be a metered fare. It is common to round up the fare to the nearest bill and leave the change as a tip while taking a taxi in Thailand.

Suggested Tip: 111 baht fare= 9 baht tip

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Uber/Grab Taxi In Thailand

UPDATE: Uber is rarely in Thailand if at all but Thailand has something similar called Grab Taxi. Just download the Grab Taxi app, it works just like Uber. You mark your pickup and drop off addresses and it tells you an estimate of the fare and you can pay via the app with your credit card. We now typically use Grab if we are going somewhere complicated or aren’t near any taxis.

Uber/Grab Taxi is in Thailand and our preferred mode of transport in Thailand. Uber/Grab taxi in Bangkok is super easy and cheap. We have used Uber & Grab Taxi in Bangkok and Chiang Mai dozens of times. It’s great as you don’t have to agree on a price or try and communicate where you are going.

We asked several ex-pats living in Bangkok if they tip Uber drivers and they said yes on average at least 10 baht. For example, an 11 km ride that takes 23 minutes costs only 90 baht. Uber takes a large amount of your fare, and any tips the drivers will appreciate.

Suggested Tip: 10 baht minimum (depending on distance)

Tuk Tuk Drivers

tipping in Thailand Guide - What to tip a tuk tuk driver in Bangkok

Always negotiate the price before hiring a tuk-tuk. In Bangkok and other tourist cities, some level of bartering is expected over the fare. Tuk-tuk drivers in Bangkok especially are known for their scams of overcharging or bringing you to shops that they will get a commission from. We try and avoid using tuk-tuks if possible.

For tuk-tuk drivers in Thailand only pay the price agreed upon for the ride tipping is not expected.

Suggested Tip: None

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Thai Massage

After a relaxing massage wouldn’t you feel guilty not tipping? Being a masseuse is a hard job and it doesn’t pay well. Many masseuses get only a small fraction of what you pay for a massage. I try and tip at least 15%. Try to give it directly to the masseuse to ensure it goes to the correct person. One of our favorite things to do in Thailand on a rainy day is getting a massage or three.

Suggested Tip:

  • 150 baht massage = 20-50 baht tip
  • 300 baht massage = 50-100 baht tip

Bell Boys

If you are staying in a nicer Bangkok hotel, they will most likely send your luggage up to your room. What you should tip depends on how much baht you have. I personally don’t like tipping coins, so typically my tips will be 20 baht/50 baht/ 100 baht.

Again there is no tipping in Thailand rule, but you will notice the bell boys hang around the door when exiting. They will graciously accept a tip.

Suggested Tip:

  • 1 bag= 20 baht
  • several bags= 50 baht

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Tipping Housekeeping in Thailand Hotels

This one can be tricky. Tipping maids in Thailand is common in higher-end hotels. You will notice this when you see a tip envelope in your room. Place your tip in the envelope for the maid.  If you are staying at a 3-star hotel or less, tips are not common.

If there is no envelope the maid might not know the money left in the room is a tip and not take it. This may sound strange, but if you left a 50 baht bill on the bed they might move it to the desk assuming you left it behind. This has happened to us. The best for tipping the housekeeping in Thailand is to literally hand it to them or make it super obvious that it’s a tip. A thank you note with the money on top, etc.

Suggested Tip:

  • 1 night = 50 baht
  • 3 nights= 100 baht

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Adam getting his first tattoo by a monk in Thailand

Thailand Tattoo Artist

Getting a tattoo in Thailand is a souvenir that will be with you forever. Even better would be getting a Sak Yant tattoo, a traditional Thai tattoo. If the tattoo artist draws you up a custom design that you totally love show him your appreciation with a tip usually 10% or at your discretion.

Suggested Tip:

  • 2,000 baht tattoo = 200 baht tip
  • 4,000 baht tattoo = 300 baht tip

Hair Stylists

As a general rule 10% is a good tip for a hairstylist. Higher-end hair salons in Thailand will most likely have a tip jar at the checkout, even though I always prefer to hand my tip directly to the person helping me.

If visiting a local Thai hair salon there is no need to tip but a 20 baht tip would be nice. I personally go to an Aveda salon in Chiang Mai that is very pricey and I am sure every customer tips something.

Suggested Tip:

  • 200 baht appointment = 20 baht tip
  • 500 baht appointment = 50 baht tip
  • 3,000 baht appointment = 200 baht tip

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Tour Guide

Every tour is different and the tip will vary tour by tour. We’ve had amazing tours in Bangkok where our guides went out of their way to make sure we had a great time. Several of our tour guides showed us things we would have never found on our own and gave local tips.  We’ve also had some tours that were really boring. No matter what suggest tipping the tour guides something and a little more to the awesome guides.

Suggested Tip:

  • Half-day tour = 150+ baht
  • Full day tour = 300+ baht

Bathroom Attendants

Not every place will have bathroom attendants but if you’re out at night you’ll see them at some restaurants/bars. Also, note that is common to pay to use the restrooms usually 10 baht and pay a few baht for some toilet paper. I usually carry a small think of kleenex in my purse, you can purchase this from the ladies or right at 7 elven.

If you notice a tip basket and you see that an attendant is in the bathroom the whole time then I’d tip them. Would you want to be stationed in the bathroom all night? If you visit the bathroom several times in the evening no need to tip every time.

Suggested tip

  • 10 baht if you didn’t pay to use the restroom
  • No tip if you had to pay to use the restroom

Knowing what to tip in Thailand or who to tip is frustrating. Hopefully, our tipping in Thailand guide has helped you figure out how much to tip in Thailand for all sorts of situations. We would love to hear how much you tip where you are from. Leave a comment below!

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Ryan del Mundo

Friday 9th of April 2021

Regarding massage tipping. Most massage staff get about half what you pay. So you may consider tipping more for a lot more (percentagewise) for a 150B massage than for a 300B massage. For any massage from 100B-150B now I'm tipping an extra 100. They certainly need the help in this time of COVID, and I consider myself lucky to have cheap massage promotions available!


Tuesday 24th of November 2020

Great info. Thanks, your info Will help us alot when we returnere to Khao-Lak.


Monday 10th of February 2020

Glad to know. Thank you for the tip 😍 Going to Bangkok in April for 2 days. Definitely helpful.

Hannah Lukaszewicz

Monday 6th of April 2020

I remember our first time to Thailand, we never knew who to tip what and everyone we encountered deserved a tip. So glad we could help you!


Tuesday 14th of January 2020

This is a fantastic guide!! I used it on many occasions thanks! One thing missing on higher end hotels - butlers (concierge).


Thursday 6th of February 2020

Hello! Thank you for your very sensible advice. Just a quick question. we visit Koh Samui regularly & I always go to same massage centre. After the massage you are taken to a seat & given a box with your bill inside. I normally pay the bill & tip around 100 baht. I'm now panicking in case my masseuse isn't getting the tip as she takes it straight to the checkout till. I have tried to pay direct but no one will accept the money. Is it likely that the masseuse will be getting her tip do you think?

Hannah Lukaszewicz

Wednesday 15th of January 2020

Glad we could help! We'll make sure to add a section on higher-end hotels & tipping butlers in Thailand.


Friday 25th of October 2019

Thank you, very helpful!