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Everything You NEED To Know About Banana Island (Coron, Philippines)

Everything You NEED To Know About Banana Island (Coron, Philippines)

If you’re looking for a unique day trip away from the crowds, then make sure to spend a few hours on Banana Island.

Whether you’re looking to lounge on a hammock or wade in the warm waters, you’ll have no problem finding something relaxing to do.

aerial drone view of Banana Island near Coron Palawan

Despite its name, there are no bananas on the island, nor is the island shaped like a banana – and no one had a real good explanation on why it’s called Banana Island. You might also see it called Dicalubuan Island, but not very often. The Banana name seems to have stuck.

However, you can expect clear turquoise waters, white-sand beaches, and lots of sunshine! This is a great day trip island from Coron with some unique options to actually stay on the island.

Drone photo of two boats anchored infront of Banana Island on a day trip from Coron Philippines

How to Get to Banana Island

If you are staying in Coron, you will need to take a boat to reach Banana Island. It’s approximately a 1.5-hour boat ride, so you should take that into consideration when planning your trip.

It’s possible to visit Banana Island on your own if you want to hire a private boat. This is how we visited on our last trip to Coron. We hired directly with the boatmen down at the marina.

However, most visitors join an island-hopping tour, which takes them to several destinations in one day. If you want to spend more time on Banana Island, there are several resorts and hotels where you can spend the night.

Recommended Hotel in Coron – Corto del Mar Hotel

What Tours Go to Banana Island

Aerial view of Banana Island with boats, people swimming, large beach, and small huts to stay

Coron Island Hopping Tour C

The most popular group tour that goes to Banana Island is the Island Hopping Tour C. Not only will you get the chance to hang out on Banana Island, but you’ll also visit two other remote destinations nearby.

The tour starts with a visit to Malcapuya Island. You’ll have a few hours here to swim and have lunch. Then, you’ll head over to Banana Island before ending the tour with a trip to Bulog Dos Island. The best part about visiting Banana Island on a tour is that most activities are included, such as lunch and entrance fees.

Things to do on Banana Island

Hammocks hanging in Palm trees on Banana Island - Coron

1. Relax in the Hammocks

The most famous shots of Banana Island are of the cute hammocks hung from tall palms right in front of crystal-clear waters. This is just a really chill place, and if this is all you accomplish on your visit, you’ve done it right.

Small wooden Huts on the beach of Banana Island that you can rent by the night

2. Spend the Night on Banana Island

If you want to make the most of your time on Banana Island, consider staying overnight. There are several cottages and huts around the island. Once the island-hopping tours and boats leave for the afternoon, you’ll practically have the entire place to yourself! It feels like you are on your own private island.

At night, you’ll be able to listen to the sound of crashing waves. When you wake up in the morning, you’ll have the opportunity to catch the sunrise on the beach. Staying overnight on Banana Island is truly one of the most unique things to do in Coron!

over under photo of the waters near snake island in El Nido

3. Snorkeling

When you’re on Banana Island, you must go for a swim. Not only are the waters warm and calm, but they also have a good amount of corals right off of the sand.

When snorkeling from the shore, you’ll find tropical fish and some colorful corals. Just be sure to swim in the designated spots, there is boat traffic nearby.

4. Kayaking

If you’re looking to get in a bit of exercise, then consider spending a few hours kayaking around Banana Island. You’ll get to see the island from a completely different perspective while enjoying a gentle workout.

Although it’s possible to rent kayaks from one of the resorts, they often sell out quickly. If kayaking is high on your list, we recommend joining a tour group that includes kayak rentals.