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Barracuda Lake Coron Island | Everything You NEED to Know

Barracuda Lake Coron Island | Everything You NEED to Know

One of our favorite places to visit in Coron was the insanely clear Barracuda Lake on Coron Island. Often overshadowed by Kayangan Lake, this lake is more “under the radar” and has fewer people, which means more fun and fewer rules – but most importantly, Barracuda Lake is even clearer than Kayangan Lake. 

The water is so clear here that when you look through your mask down at your flippers, it’s so unreal that it looks like you are floating in the air – this water is truly some of the clearest I have ever been in!

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Barracuda Lake Coron Quick Facts

  • Max Depth: 40m (131ft) Approximately
  • Average Water Temperature: 28°C (82°F) all year, at 14 meters a thermocline exists with temperatures of 38°C (100°F)
  • Average Visibility: 20-30 meters, excellent
  • Local Name of Barracuda Lake:

How to get to Baracuda Lake

Most people reach Barracuda Lake as part of a Coron Island Tour. Some tour operators take guests here instead of Kayangan Lake, especially when it is busy or there is a cruise ship in.

If you want to visit this magical lake, be sure it is included as part of an Island Hopping Tour from Coron. If it’s not, you can book elsewhere or arrange your own custom tour – which we highly recommend, and we have a guide on that too.

The second most popular way to get to Barracuda Lake, and honestly the best, is to take a dive trip. To truly experience all that this amazing lake has to offer, you need to dive it. Hidden deep into the crystal clear water are surprises that most visitors miss.

Once you arrive at the docks for Barracuda Lake, there is a short walk up and over a ridge of limestone rocks. It’s a more leisurely trek than Kayanagn. The walk is on a wooden plank path with some stairs, but nothing too challenging. However, carrying dive gear back here can be a bit of a workout.

Underwater Mountains & Barracudas

The feature that has made this lake a must-visit place in Coron is the underwater mountains, as they have been nicknamed. The clear water here shows off the impressive lake wall, which is pretty much the same as you can see above the waterline.

The unique karst limestone rock formations that have made Coron such a hotspot can also be found under the water. There are rumors of Barracudas, too, but that is up for debate.

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Day Trips to Barracuda Lake

There are lots of ways to get out to Barracuda Lake, but the most scenic and relaxing way is to take a day trip to Coron Island that includes a stop at the unique lake.

There are many stops on Coron Island for the day tours, and not all tours include Barracuda Lake, so make sure you choose a tour that does – you won’t be disappointed!

Diver swimming underwater in El Nido near Miniloc island

Diving Barracuda Lake

Over the past few years, this lake has become a popular dive site in Coron. The crystal clear waters and deep depths make it a prime spot for beginners and more advanced divers. There are fascinating rock structures that lie beneath the surface at Barracuda Lake.

A dive here is best for Advanced Open Water certified divers since there are a few more treats toward the bottom of the lake. Divers are rewarded with two unique features: a thermocline and a halocline.

There are layers of fresh, brackish, high salt content water and standard salinity seawater.

As you make your way down the first few meters are fresh and migrate to brackish at around 4 meters. Then at about 14 meters (46ft) divers will encounter a substantial thermocline where the temperature increases from 28°C (82F) to 38°C (100.4F). This temperature continues down to 26m (85ft).
If you are lucky to be diving with a small group or on a less busy day in Barracuda Lake layers can be very visible. As you descend the clear water giveaway to blurred visions as you pass from one section to another. This reminds me very much of diving in cenotes in Mexico.  If the layer hasn’t been disturbed within the past few minutes it can be a razor-sharp horizontal line.
Below the 26-meter depth, the temperature declines back to 28°C (82F). Further down divers will encounter a silty murky layer of debris that breaks down on the bottom of the lake. It has become a tradition to stick your arm into the muck or even dive headfirst into it. The layer is several feet thick and there are a few creatures that call it home.

Barracuda Lake Halocline Thermocline Layer: 14m-26m (46-85Ft) | 28°-38°C (82-100.4F)

Dive Certifications Required: Best for Advanced Open Water Diver, Open Water Divers can still experience the Thermocline, but won’t be able to reach the bottom silt layer.

If you are looking for a dive shop in Coron Palawan, we have done multiple trips with Corto Divers, and we find them to be one of the most professional and knowledgeable in Coron. Be extra selective on which dive shop you choose, especially when diving the shipwrecks of Coron.

Related: Diving here in Barracuda Lake reminded me a lot of Cenote Diving in Mexico. While Barracuda Lake is not a cave or sinkhole, it has many of the same features and structures are reminiscent of the cenotes.

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Free Diving

If you are looking for even more adventure, consider free diving or taking a freediving course in Coron that includes a trip out to Barracuda Lake.

You can also free dive independently here too. In Kayangan, they have started to require everyone to wear life jackets in the water, which um… makes freediving a little difficult.

Here there aren’t as many rules, yet. Be safe, and find a buddy to go with and you are sure to have an amazing afternoon exploring the unique underwater terrain here at Barracuda Lake.

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Are there actually Barracudas in Barracuda Lake?

Well, that depends on who you want to believe. We haven’t talked to anyone who has actually seen a Barracuda in this lake. There are rumors that swirl that they were once there, and that’s how the lake got its name.

While others say there are rock formations that resemble barracudas on the rock walls of the lake. Lastly, there is supposedly a large skeleton found at the bottom of the lake. We didn’t see it or see any pictures online to verify it.

The short answer is, no, you will probably not see Barracudas in Barracuda Lake.

Kayangan Lake or Barracuda Lake, which is better?

Personally, I would hands down choose Barracuda Lake because it is less busy, and I found it to be clearer. Kayangan Lake is still amazing, and the rock formations in the shallow sections of the lake, plus the great viewpoint you have while hiking in are worth the visit alone.

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