Barracuda Lake Coron Island

One of our favorite attractions in Coron was a trip out to the insanely clear Barracuda Lake on Coron Island. Often overshadowed by Kayangan Lake, this lake is more under the radar and fewer people means more fun and fewer rules.

The water is so clear here that when you look through your mask down at your flippers it’s so unreal that it looks like you are floating in air – this water is truly some of the clearest I have even been in!

Underwater Mountains of Barracuda Lake

The feature that has made this lake a must visit place in Coron are the underwater mountains as they have been nicknamed. The clear water here shows off the impressive lake wall which are pretty much the same you can see above the water line.

The unique karst limestone rock formations that have made Coron such a hotspot can also be found under the water.

Day Trips to Barracuda Lake

There are lots of ways to get out to Barracuda Lake, but the most scenic and relaxing way is to take a day trip to Coron Island that includes a stop at Barracuda Lake. There are many stops on Coron Island for the day tours and not all tours include Barracuda Lake, so make sure you choose a tour that does – you won’t be disappointed!

Diving Barracuda Lake

Over the past few years, this lake has become a popular spot to dive. The crystal clear waters and deep depths make it a prime spot to beginners and for more advanced diver there are fascinating rock structures that lie beneath the surface at Barracuda Lake.

Swimming in Kayangan Lake - Clearest Lake in Asia

Free Diving Barracuda Lake

If you are looking for even more adventure consider free diving or taking a freediving course in Coron that includes at trip out to Barracuda Lake.

You can also free dive independently here too. In Kayangan they have started to require everyone to wear life jackets in the water, which um makes freediving a little difficult. Here there aren’t so many rules. Be safe, and find a buddy to go with and you are sure to have an amazing afternoon exploring the unique underwater terrain here at Barracuda Lake.

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