Best Bamboo Baby Clothes Brands – Softest PJ’s Ever

Our bamboo baby clothing journey started when my son’s eczema wouldn’t go away and was waking him up at night. We would watch the baby monitor and catch him scratching himself so much he would wake up. 

We had been working with a dermatologist for him since he was 3 months, and he had been to an allergist to see if he was allergic to anything. Sure hydrocortisone would make it look better for a day or two and then it would be back. We weren’t fans of using prescription creams all the time and knew there had to be something else. 

We asked our dermatologist what else we could try. She suggested trying eczema pajamas (don’t waste your money on these) or bamboo baby clothing as it is breathable and super soft. We purchased our first bamboo pajamas for our son in October 2020 and we haven’t regretted one dollar spent on bamboo clothing. 

We own bamboo baby clothes from all the brands below and will be adding them to the list as we try out new brands. Here are some of the best bamboo baby clothes brands on the market.

*Bamboo baby clothing isn’t just for children with eczema, it’s super soft and breathable. It’s great for all ages and adults, we even have bamboo sheets on our bed and adult bamboo joggers from Cozy Earth. Click here for 40% off use code STAMPED40.*

Best Bamboo Baby Clothing Brands

I suggest buying one piece from a brand and seeing how it fits your baby and what you think of the quality. I wouldn’t buy a ton in one brand at once. I buy from several brands because they all make such different prints and I take advantage of the sales when they have them. Again bamboo baby clothes are not cheap BUT there are sales throughout the year at brands and boutiques that I take advantage of and size up. 

1. Kyte Baby 

Kyte Baby was my first ever bamboo pajama purchase. All of our bamboo crib sheets and changing pads are from Kyte as well. 

Most people first purchase from Kyte for their sleep sacks. What is a sleep sack you ask, it’s basically a wearable sleeping bag for your child. Sleep sacks are much safer than having a blanket in the crib. Atlas wears one to bed every night (has since 6 months old and he is now almost two years old), we own six Kyte sleep sacks for him. Why six, well we have two in each TOG rating. See below for TOG rating system.

Their designs are a little more basic and not as busy most of the other brands. Most of the prints are on white. They don’t realize new designs/products every week like some brands. 

They offer blankets in the following sizes: swaddle, baby, toddler, and adult. We have a bunch of bamboo swaddles, each kid has one toddler bamboo blanket, and we have one baby blanket ( I wouldn’t buy the baby size again it’s too small). We don’t have an adult Kyte bamboo blanket yet. 

  • Click here for $10 off your first order
  • Sales – Kyte sales happen twice a year, Black Friday and July (this year it was August). 
  • Adult lounge & sets available, not necessarily family matching, slings, bibs, hats, and more. 

2. Posh Peanut

Posh Peanut has some of the cutest designs, especially for girls. Since I just had my daughter my Posh Peanut collection has been growing FAST! Posh Peanut has several sales (often short notice) and small boutiques often have Posh Peanut bamboo pieces are on sale. 

They also have a ton of cute boy prints too. Their designs are more detailed/patterned, they are way different than Kyte. 

We also love Posh Peanut sleep sacks, swaddles, and blankets. I personally prefer the adult loungewear over Luxe loungewear. The Luxe is much looser, and I prefer the look and fit of the standard loungewear. 

Stay tuned for our family photo in our matching Halloween pajamas. 

  • Click here for current sale items
  • Posh Peanut Promo Code Use code GETTINGSTAMPED for 10% off your first order
  • Get $20 off your first order ($80 min)
  • Sales – They have items on sale all the time and have sales throughout the year. Most recently they had 40% everything. 
  • Posh Peanut nickname in the bamboo world: PP
  • Posh Peanut has matching family bamboo pajamas too, swimsuits, robes, and more. 

3. Little Sleepies

I just really started buying Little Sleepies when our daughter Isla was born. They sell bamboo baby clothing in premmie, not many brands do. Little Sleepies lasts forever too, the feet & hands fold over so they can last longer. Our daughter was born at 6lbs 5oz and she just turned two months old and she is still in her premmie size. 

I really like their adult pajamas too. Stay tuned for our family photo in our matching Christmas pajamas. 

  • Click here for current sale items
  • Little Sleepies Promo Code Use code GETTINGSTAMPED for 15% off your order
  • Sales – They have items on sale all the time but their big sale is during Black Friday. 
  • Little Sleepies nickname in the bamboo world: LS

4. Angel Dear

I bought a bunch of Angel Dear on Zullily before our daughter was born. I am talking like 17 bamboo baby pajamas (ranging in sizes newborn – 12 months) for just over $200. They were around $10-15 apiece, which is crazy cheap for bamboo pajamas. 

So far I only have girl pieces from them and I am really liking them. My daughter has the most newborn bamboo pajamas in Angel Dear, and she has had a good amount of blowouts in them all and I have been able to get them out using Puracy stain remover. They have washed and held up great. I can’t wait until she fits into more pieces!

5. Laughing Bub

My friend Anna started the company, Laughing Bub. She first started off making pickler triangles and other Montessori kid toys. I introduced her to bamboo baby clothes (sorry to her husband lol) and she too has been hooked ever since. She has two sons and got sick of all the cute girl designs and lack of boy designs, so what did she do? She started her own bamboo clothing brand! 

She sells both girl and boy bamboo clothes. Since she is a small company she doesn’t have a huge selection of designs but what she does have is great quality, unbeatable customer service, and you’re supporting a small woman-owned business and fellow mother.  

Her bamboo blankets are some of the best on the market, and they are HUGE. They measure 65″ x 65″ and are double-lined, I love our retro surf blanket. 

4. Sweet Bamboo

I personally only have daytime wear items from Sweet Bamboo. I like their cute rompers for both girls and boys. I recently took advantage of their BOGO sale, so each item was only $10. Sweet Bamboo is also on Zulily at times, my first Sweet Bamboo item was from Zulily actually. 

They also sell full/queen bamboo sheets for those older kids not in a crib. They always have items on sale too!

5. Little Bum Bums 

I like all the tropical prints from Little Bum Bums. I have several flamingoes and tropical leave prints from Little Bum Bums in pajamas, twirls, and matching bows. 

  • Click here for current sale items
  • Sales – They have items on sale all the time but their big sale is during Black Friday. 
  • Little Baby Bums nickname in the bamboo world: LBB

6. Spearmint Love

I stumbled upon Spearmint Love when looking for cat bamboo prints, yes I am a cat lady. I found them! They were even on sale for $19, winning! I am not a snap pajama person, zippers for life in this family, but I actually don’t mind their snaps. 

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7. RAGS to Raches

RAGS make the coolest boy’s clothing, it’s super trendy and cute in my opinion. They also make fun girl clothes, it’s on the edgier side. 

Not everything they sell is bamboo so make sure you look at the product details and the fabric content. 

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8. Birdie Bean 

I only have one piece from Birdie Bean, the Junk Food zipper pajamas in 2T. I got a really good price on them at an online boutique. I will for sure be watching out for more sales from them. My toddler is a mess and these wash great! 

9. Kate Quinn

Katee Quinn sells some bamboo baby clothes but most of her items are organic cotton. When shopping on their site make sure to shop by fabric if you only want to see bamboo items. 

Kate Quinn has some of the best sales and you cheapest bamboo baby clothes you will find, and it’s cute! They usually have max amounts of types of items you can purchase, so make sure to pay attention to that when ordering or they will cancel the order.

My biggest complaint with Kate Quinn is that shipping takes forever, like several weeks. Usually, they will let you know it might take some time, but no one really expects it to take nearly a week. 

Here is our detailed guide on how to get a free breast pump through insurance, it’s crazy easy and only takes a minute!

10. KicKee Pants

KicKee Pants was the second bamboo baby pajama I bought for my son, I just got a pair on Amazon. They run a little smaller and the toddler bamboo footie pajamas are tighter than some brands. I only have one pair from them because I am just not in love with their designs. 

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Other Baby Bamboo Brands

There are tons of new children bamboo brands popping up every month. I haven’t tried these brands yet so I can’t really say how there are as far as quality, how they wash, how they feel, price point, any sales, etc.

Make sure to look a the product details because not all products the vendors sell are bamboo.

  1. Muse Threads – 15% off here
  2. Free Birdies – $10 off here
  3. Brave Little Ones
  4. Goumi – $40 off here
  5. Caden Lane
  6. Bellabu Bear – $10 off here
  7. Emerson and Friends – $10 off here 
  8. Gigi and Max – $5 off here
  9. Milkbarn
  10. Lark Adventurewear
  11. Lev Baby


TOG Rating System for Bamboo Sleep Sacks

Bamboo sleep sacks are sold in different TOG ratings. TOG is a system that measures warmth and it calculates how fast a fabric uses heat. When choosing which bamboo sleep sack is right for you, you’ll want to purchase based on the temperature in your child’s room. 

We own two sleep sacks in each TOG rating. Because we live in Wisconsin we have two bags for the winter months, two for spring and fall, and then two for the hot summer months or when we travel somewhere warm. 

Several brands sell sleep sacks, we only have Kyte and Posh Peanut brand sleep sacks. 

  • 0.5 TOG: 23 – 26 °C / 74 – 78 °F 
  • 1.0 TOG: 21 – 23 °C / 69 – 73 °F 
  • 2.5 TOG: 16 – 20 °C / 61 – 68 °F

How to Wash Bamboo Clothes

The best way to maintain the softness of bamboo fabrics is to wash them in cold water, with free & clear laundry detergent on a gentle cycle (ex. delicates). Don’t use too much detergent, I like to add an extra rinse cycle, not necessary. It’s also better to do bamboo only loads, I was my bamboo sheets with other bamboo clothes. 

Hang to dry or lay flat to dry. I am guilty of throwing it in the dryer often because I don’t have the patience for it to dr. If you do dry bamboo make sure to use a low heat setting.

These are the laundry products we use when washing bamboo clothes:

Things we tried for baby eczema before switching to bamboo baby clothes

  • Hydrocortisone 2.5% (helps but I didn’t want to put it on every day) – prescribed
  • Hydroxyzine syrup – prescribed
  • Mupirocin 2% ointment – prescribed
  • Tubby Todd all over ointment – it did an okay job but not for the price
  • Mustela Stelatopia skin-soothing pajamas for baby eczema – didn’t work at all and hard to get on and off and very expensive 

Other Recommended Items that helped our child with Eczema – We still use these

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