Doona Car Seat Stroller Review – Is it Worth it? (3 years & 2 kids)

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Every time I’m out and about with our Doona Car Seat Stroller, I get tons of questions and requests for demonstrations on how the Doona stroller works. People are always skeptical is it really that easy? Can a car seat really instantly be a stroller too? YES, yes, it can!

A common phrase I hear is: “Is that a transformer? Did that car seat just do that?”  Nope, it’s just the Doona car seat stroller, and it’s amazing.

I am a real mom that has been using the Doona car seat stroller exclusively with my son from 3 months to 17 months old and now with my daughter since birth (I brought her home from the hospital in the Doona). I CAN NOT imagine life without it.

The Doona just makes life easier with a newborn. And let’s get real, anything to make your life easier with a newborn is worth the money. Make sure to see my newborn must-haves post for products that save you time and are worth every penny.

Back to the Doona, in this Doona review article, I’m going to go over everything you need to know about the Doona and why it truly is the best car seat stroller combo for newborns.

Doona Car Seat FAQ

How much does the Doona cost? – The Doona cost $550. It isn’t cheap, I’m not going to lie, BUT you won’t need to purchase a traditional car seat ($200+) or a stroller until they outgrow the Doona, which is typically one year to 18 months. We moved my son out of it at 17 months, and my daughter is still in the Doona at 13 months old. 

Is the Doona stroller worth it? Yes, it is worth every single penny! Keep reading, and you’ll learn why the Doona car seat stroller is worth it.

Where to buy a Doona car seat stroller? You can buy the Doona on Amazon here, at several baby stores, or direct with Doona. Make sure to only purchase on Amazon here, where the seller is Doona. There have been reports of fake Doona strollers on Amazon, so make sure the seller is Doona click here to go to their storefront.

Do baby registry completion discounts work on the Doona? Yes, if you create a baby registry on Amazon, you can use your completion discount code 10% or 15% for prime members. Make sure to read my baby registry must-have article for other great items to add to your baby registry.

Can you use the Doona car seat exclusively as your main car seat? Yes, and you should! There is no reason to purchase another traditional newborn car seat. Save the $200+ you’d pay for a traditional car seat. You can purchase an extra car seat base for $149 here. We have a base in my car and one in my husband’s car. The base is super easy to move between cars if you don’t want to purchase a second one. 

What age is the Doona for? From birth to 35lbs. We highly suggest using the Doona from the get-go with your child. Plan on bringing your baby home from the hospital in the Doona. The hospital will require you to bring your car seat into the hospital in order to go home with your baby. They will do a baby car seat safety check.

Is the Doona car seat stroller safe for newborns? Yes, the Doona is safe for newborns. If it weren’t, I sure wouldn’t be using it. It features 3-layer side impact protection, anti-rebound bar crash testing, a superior 5-point safety harness, and an ergonomic infant car seat.

How long can a baby stay in the Doona? This is going to vary from child to child. The weight limit for the Doona is 35lbs/16kg. For most babies, this will be somewhere between 12-15 months old, but for those parents with little peanuts, some have been able to use the Doona up until 24 months. We used it with my son for 17 months and then moved him to the Nuna Rava. He could have stayed in it a little longer, but we were preparing to have our daughter. Our two little ones are 20 months apart. Yes, we are crazy!

How heavy is the Doona car seat? The Doona weighs 16.5lbs, and I agree that sounds heavy considering there are traditional car seats on the market under 7 lbs. But you will only lift the car seat from the ground into the car when locking it into the base. You will never be carrying the car seat so that you won’t be bothered by the weight.

If you opt for a traditional car seat, you will carry it a ton, which gets heavy & old fast. Just think of the distance from your house to your car, from the parking lot to inside the doctor’s office. Now just imagine being able to stroll in.

Sure, you could attach the car seat to a stroller, but you’d have a stroller in your car at all times, AND you’d still (most likely) have to carry the car seat from your house to a car. Save yourself the hassle and your arm, and just get a Doona car seat stroller.

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Doona Car Seat Stroller on an airplane

Is the Doona airplane approved? Yes, it is. It has the approved aircraft sticker on the back of the Doona, as well as the instructions on how to put on the airplane seatbelt securely.

We have 20 flights where they allowed us to bring the Doona on the airplane and put it in the window seat. The car seat always has to go in the window seat. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve had plenty of empty seats and happily given us the free seat. 

Does the Doona stroll down the airplane aisle? Yes and No. I would say half of the flights we’ve been on, it has fit down the aisle, and I was able to push it to my seat. 

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Our Doona Car Seat Stroller Review & Story

We used the Doona with our son Atlas exclusively from 3 months to 17 months and with our daughter since birth. I originally used a traditional car seat that I loved (Clek Liing), and I didn’t start using the Doona until our trip to Mexico when he was three months old. After using it for the month’s vacation in Mexico, I was pissed off at myself for not using it sooner.

For some reason, I had it in my head that the Doona was used when traveling and therefore was saving to use it on our first family trip.

After my son outgrew it, we bought the Doona Liki trike for him. If you are looking for the best stroller trike, this is it. My biggest mistake again here was not buying it sooner. I should have started him with it when he turned one. Make sure to read my Doona Liki trike review here

WRONG, the Doona car seat stroller is not just for travel. It should be your everyday car seat. Yes, it is the best travel stroller for newborns and doubles as the best travel car seat for newborns.

Every pregnant friend I see, I tell them they need to get a Doona, and usually, after they see my Doona in action, they add it to their baby registry.

I LOVE LOVE the Doona. Our next baby will come home in the Doona stroller!

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Doon Car Seat Stroller Review Video 

Is the Doona really that easy to convert from car seat to stroller?

The Doona goes from car seat to stroller in a matter of seconds. I, too, was skeptical, but now I don’t even think about what I am doing. It just comes naturally and takes seconds. Not only can I easily convert the Doona car seat to a stroller, but my husband, mother, and in-laws can also.

The first time I tried it at Buy Buy Baby, I did struggle, but that was because I didn’t know what I was doing. If you try it at the store and can’t get it to work, ask for an associate to show you. It does take a few times to get the hang of.

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Doona Stroller on the beach

Tips for Converting the Doona Car Seat to Stroller

1. Put the brake on

This is the first thing I do. It isn’t necessary, but it’s good to do so that when you pop it back into stroller mode, the brake is automatically on.

2. Remove the snap-on storage

If you read my Doona accessories article here, you know my #1 Doona accessory is the Doona snap-on storage. If you have it attached to the back of the Doona, you need to remove it before converting the Doona from a car seat to a stroller.

I often forget to take it off first, and then when I try folding the car seat down, I realize I can’t because it’s still attached. It is no big deal. I just remove it then.

3. Make sure the wheels are straight

If the wheels aren’t straight, the Doona won’t lock into the car seat mode. You won’t hear that clicking sound which means it’s folded down.

Doona car seat accessories

Doona Accessories

Many complain that the Doona stroller doesn’t have any storage or even a cupholder. But it actually does. You just have to purchase them separately. I have an article dedicated to my favorite Doona accessories. You can easily add a snap-on storage bag and a cup holder for $50. 

newborn baby in Doona

Traveling with the Doona

Being travel bloggers, the Doona is one of the best inventions ever! It makes traveling so much easier. You no longer need to check a car seat AND a stroller. Just bring the Doona car seat stroller, and you’re set!

If you plan to fly with a newborn, you’ll want a stroller for your trip and at the airport. The Doona travels great. We suggest purchasing the padded Doona travel bag (pictured above). We gate-checked our Doona on several flights and have had no issues.

If you are renting a car on your vacation or taking a shuttle, you can install the Doona car seat without a base. You just use the lap-shoulder belt European installation. See the instruction manual for directions. There is no need to travel with the base if you don’t want to. When we went on a five-week trip to Mexico, we did bring the Doona car seat base. We rented a car in Mexico while we were there and knew we’d be in the car every day.

Joolz Aer folded on luggage

The base and Doona fit in the padded travel bag, which is free to gate check at the airport. It won’t cost you any extra to bring it with you, and the only downside is you’ll have to carry it through the airport if you choose to gate-check it. I warn you. The bag is huge but worth it to keep the stroll safe.

If you are going on a road trip with a newborn, you most likely won’t have a ton of free space in the car. If you had to pack a traditional stroller, that would eat up a good amount of trunk space. Just another reason why we love the Doona stroller.

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Doona Cons

Honestly, the only con I have with the Doona is I wish it were a little taller/the handlebar was longer. It just seems a little short. It’s not uncomfortably short; we just wish it was a little longer.

Most people won’t even notice this but remember. We are both tall. Adam is 6’5, and I am 5’10.

Doona Stroller in Mexico

How Does the Doona Drive

We really put the Doona to the test on our one-month in Mexico trip. We visited the gorgeous Isla Holbox, an island with no paved roads. That’s right, it is all sand & gravel.

We drove the Doona up and down the beach in the sand and really didn’t have too many issues. Of course, when I was in deep loose sand, I’d have to lift it over, but it had no issues when we were in packed sand.

I was a little nervous about the effect all the sand would have on the stroller in the future, and I am happy to report three months later and no issues. However, if we were to have an issue, Doona replacement wheels and parts can be purchased here.

The Doona turns easily and easily does a 360 turn. If our son is fussy in the house, we will put him in the Doona and push him around the house in circles. It just takes up so much less space, and I would never be able to push my big stroller around the house without hitting things.

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newborn and toddler Doona


So yeah, the Doona car seat really is that awesome. I am nervous for the day our daughter Isla outgrows it…but excited for the day I bring home another baby from the hospital in it (NO, I’m not pregnant, mom).

Do yourself a favor and purchase a Doona, just click here and hit buy! And make sure to start using it from day one.


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