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Veer Cruiser Wagon Review – Is it Worth it?

Veer Cruiser Wagon Review – Is it Worth it?

If you’ve landed on this page, you’re in the market for a stroller wagon and debating if the Veer Cruiser wagon is worth the price tag. I get it. We read Veer cruiser wagon review after review. That was us last year.

We invested in the Veer when our daughter was nine months old, and our son was two. We are a real family that owns and uses the Veer wagon.

If you are a family on the go and often find yourself on off-roading adventures, skip the double stroller and get the Veer Cruiser. Whether hiking through the woods or on sunny beach day adventures, the Veer wagon is what you need!

child sitting in the veer wagon stroller with brother next to it

The Veer Wagon is the best way for a family to stroll through adventure after adventure. This stroller wagon has the safety and reliability of a premium stroller and the fun of a traditional pull wagon.

For any off-road adventure, we find ourselves reaching for our Veer wagon over any other stroller or wagon we own. And we own a few too many. Finding the best stroller wagon for you can take a little trial and error.

In this Veer wagon review, we’ll go through all the features, specifications, and things to know about the cruiser.

The Veer Wagon is the Rolls-Royce of Wagons

Collapsing the veer wagon

What is the Veer Cruiser Wagon?

If you are looking for a wagon stroller that doesn’t take up your entire car when you bring it along and was built for all terrains, the Veer is for you! So many wagons on the market literally take up your whole trunk, not the Veer.

It literally is everything you could possibly ask for in a wagon. It isn’t the cheapest wagon on the market, but it isn’t the most expensive wagon, either.

The Veer Wagon (also called the Veer Cruiser) is a stroller-wagon hybrid. It brings together all the things to love about a wagon, a premium stroller, and all-terrain adventures.

Like a wagon– It’s got the look of a traditional pull wagon. Giving little ones the big-kid feel of independence. Like a stroller– Its high-quality design and safety are what premium strollers are all about. Specifically, the Veer Wagon acts like a stroller in the following ways:

  • It can be pushed or pulled
  • The handlebar can be locked in the upright position
  • Kids are restrained in 3-point harnesses
  • The brake system keeps it securely stopped

All-Terrain – The large, rugged wheels make it possible to cross nearly any surface, including sand and snow. It does really well on snow-covered roads here in Wisconsin during the winter. If you are looking for the best beach wagon, this is it!

Quick Overview

  • Real seats and the footwell in the wagon lets kids sit comfortably
  • Holds up to 110lbs (55lbs in each seat)
  • Able to be pushed and pulled
  • Great turning and maneuvering capabilities
  • 3-point safety harnesses keep little ones secure
  • All-terrain wheels make it easy to cover sand, snow, and rugged ground
  • Adjustable handlebar for various heights
  • Easy to clean– just hose it down
  • One touch brake (and release)
  • Easy to fold flat (and unfold)
  • Collapsible footwell so it can be even more compact
  • Self-standing for easy storage
  • Quick release locks to remove wheels
  • Breathable backrests
  • Snack & drink tray for kids included
  • 2 Adult cup holders included
  • Car Seat Adaptors available (sold separately)
  • Nap System available for infants up to 20lbs (sold separately)
  • Storage Basket can hold up to 15lbs with an expandable zipper closure (sold separately)

Unique Features

The Veer Wagon has the best pull steering compared to other stroller wagons on the market. It’s also the best to cover rugged terrain.

The convenience of the fast fold/unfold is a top feature. It makes getting out for a stroll a breeze. Hosing down the wagon at the end of the day is my fav.  Just spray it down and let it dry– it can’t get much easier than that.

Would We Buy It Again?

Yes, we would buy the Veer Wagon again and again. With two little ones and an adventurous family, we definitely use it regularly.

It is great for our beach days, pumpkin patches, hikes, farmer’s markets, zoo, things to do in Milwaukee, our hometown, and more.

boy and girl in wagon stroller

FAQ Veer Cruise Wagon

What Does the Veer Cruiser Cost?

The Veer Cruiser Wagon costs $699. This includes the wagon, the snack tray for the kids, and two cup holders that can be placed at four different points on the wagon. The accessories that I consider pretty essential are extra.  Here’s what I have attached:

  • Canopies ($59 each) – I have two for each of my kids
  • Storage Basket ($79)

You can order the wagon on Amazon here or direct with Veer here. They are the same price at both places. We personally usually do Amazon because shipping is fast, free, and returns are easy.

Is the Veer Wagon worth it?

Yes, but… The Veer Wagon is a high-quality wagon but with a high price tag. The add-ons like the canopies and storage basket make it even more expensive.

There are other stroller wagons on the market at a lower cost that include canopies and storage, like the Evenflo Xplor Pivot wagon. We have the Xplor wagon, too, and it is the next best option, but with the lower price comes lower quality.

The Veer wagon is built to last, which justifies the cost for us. We can definitely see that we’ll continue to use it as our little ones grow.

Disney stroller parking area with a ton of strollers.

Can you Use a Veer Wagon at Disney?

No, all wagons are banned entirely from Disney. Disney has new stroller rules that only allow strollers that are 31 inches wide and 52 inches long or smaller.

The new rules specifically ban all wagons and stroller wagons from the parks. Click here to read our article on the approved best strollers for Disney.

Can you Gate-Check a Veer Wagon?

Yes, you can check the Veer Wagon at the gate. When you arrive at the end of the jetway, fold it down (super easy), and it’s ready to be checked.

It is recommended to use the Veer travel bag so it’s secure during the flight. You can buy the Travel Bag on Amazon.

Veer brake button

Breaking with the Veer?

This is probably my favorite break on all of our strollers/wagons. I often wear sandals when out for a walk, and with so many strollers, brakes are hard to do with sandals. With the Veer brake, you just brush down to lock and push in to unlock. It is super easy.

Can you Push a Veer?

Yes, the Veer Wagon can be pushed and pulled. This is one of its major features. To switch between the two, just adjust the angle of the handle. To be pushed, the handle stands nearly upright.

When pulling, it’s much easier when it’s at the lower position. Something to note is that when pushing the Veer Wagon, the larger wheels are in the front. Therefore, the smaller, more agile wheels are in the back. This makes steering the wagon a bit difficult. Although not impossible, it will take some getting used to pushing the wagon.

two toddlers in a Veer wagon


  • Super easy to maneuver, especially in tight spaces
  • All-terrain tires make it easy to go over sand and snow
  • Holds up to 110lbs – Each seat holds up to 55lbs
  • Easy one-foot brake system
  • Easy fold-down and open
  • Two adult cup holders and kids’ snack & drink tray included
  • Hose down to clean
  • Collapsible footwell


  • Price-tag at $699
  • Canopy is an add-on
  • A storage basket is an add-on
  • It’s heavy, weighing over 32lbs
  • Pushing it is difficult and will take practice
  • Wagon walls do not meet, creating possible safety hazards for little hands

flat Veer Cruiser


  • Veer Wagon Dimensions: 37″ L x 20″ W x 25″ H
  • Folded Dimensions: 37″ L x 20″ W x 14″ H
  • Folded Wheels Removed: 37″ L x 20″ W x 8″ H
  • Weight of Veer Cruiser: 32.5 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 110 lbs (55lbs in each seat)
  • Cargo Capacity: 300 lbs with no kids in the wagon

What Ages is the Veer Wagon Good for?

It can be used from birth until about five years old. Each seat can hold up to 55 lbs, which is about five years old. The whole wagon can hold 110 lbs.

So it’s possible for bigger kids (think over five years) to climb aboard without a problem. Car seat adaptors are available here, so even the smallest family member can ride along.

Veer Wagon wheels


The Veer Cruiser Wagon is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, which is robotically welded to create the frame. The seat backs are webbed, making them breathable for little ones. The side walls are made from polyester, making them super easy to clean. Just hose it down.

The large, solid wheels are rugged and ready to climb over any type of surface. The smaller front swivel wheels give the wagon a stellar turning radius. They are also suspended, making it a smooth ride.

The wheels are super easy to take off if you want to make the wagon flatter when putting it in your car. With one push of a button, they are off, and they click right back in.

pushing the Veer Wagon

How is the Push & Pull?

The pull of the Veer is a delight. It’s super easy to maneuver with the small wheels in the front. The turning radius is quite tight, making it simple to move around. Pushing the Veer Wagon is a bit more difficult than the pull.

Since the larger wheels are in the front, it makes it harder to steer. It’s not impossible, but you definitely have to get used to it. I often find myself pulling the wagon rather than pushing it.

What are the Seat Recline Options?

The seats on the Veer do not recline.

Can Kids Nap in the Veer?

As the basic wagon, it’s not too ideal for kids to nap in the Veer Wagon. There is, however, a Nap System for little ones. This add-on costs $99 and can be purchased from Amazon.

It can be used from birth until a child is 20lbs, 27″ tall, or can push himself up on hands and knees. The Nap System includes:

  • The nap system bassinet
  • Removable mattress pad and cover
  • The storage bag that can attach to the wagon and fit into the storage basket
  • Bug shield that zips onto the canopy and attaches to the wagon (canopy sold separately)

Veer Cruiser wagon canopy with two kids

Does Veer have a Canopy?

The Veer does have a canopy, but it does not come standard. Instead, they can be purchased at Amazon separately for $59-69 each. Key features of the canopy are:

  • Retractable- folds all the way down
  • Mesh peekaboo window
  • Side mesh windows so your little one can see more of the world and feel a breeze
  • 24″ from the seat to the top of the canopy
  • Two canopies can be used at the same time

To get even more sun protection in the Veer Wagon, an additional visor can be zipped onto the canopy. The visor costs $19 from Nordstrom. When using two canopies, each with a visor, the wagon gets near-full protection from the sun. A bug shield can be zipped onto the canopy to protect little ones from insects. It can be found on Amazon for $29. This is useful when the mosquitos are out in force.

Does the Handlebar Adjust?

Yes, the handlebar on the Veer Wagon adjusts in two ways. First, it’s telescoping so that it can be set for adults of different heights. The lowest height is about 36″ from the ground. The tallest height is 41″ from the ground.

It can be locked into place at any height between the two, which is great. Secondly, the angle of the handlebar adjusts when switching from push to pull mode. The lower angle to the ground makes pulling much easier.

Is the Veer Cruiser Wagon Good for Tall or Short Parents?

Since the handlebar is adjustable, it is good for parents of any height. Something I like is that it does not have preset heights (besides that min. & max.). This way, I can lock it into place exactly where I want it to be.

I am 5’10, and my husband is 6’5, and we have no issues. My best friend Rachel is the one who introduced me to the Veer, and she swears by it. She has four kids and is 5’1.

extra storage Veer Wagon

How is the Storage?

The Veer Wagon has small pockets on the inside walls so your little ones can store small things. Serious storage is something the basic Veer Wagon lacks. To have a place to put anything, you’ll need to get the Foldable Storage Basket separately. It costs $79 on Amazon but is a great investment for the wagon.

I wish it was included with the wagon like some competitors. The foldable storage basket easily attaches to the back of the wagon. It can hold up to 15 lbs and folds out of the way when not in use. A great feature is the expandable zip closure. This way, you can put large bulky things in the basket and not worry about them falling out.

Are there Cup Holders?

Yes, it comes standard with cup holders for kids and parents. The snack tray for kids has two cup holders in it. Two adult cup holders are included in the purchase of the Veer Wagon.

The cup holders can be attached at four different points on the wagon– two on the handle shaft and two along the outside of the wagon. Additional cup holders can be purchased here.

Veer wagon fold women

How Easy is Folding the Veer Wagon?

The super easy fold of the Veer Wagon is one of the things I really like. You’ll need both hands to do it, but it’s still easy enough. Once the snack tray is removed, fold down each side of the wagon (unlock the walls by squeezing the buttons in the middle of the wall). Finally, fold down the handle.

When done, the folded wagon is really very flat (measuring 37″ x 20″ x 14″). To make it even smaller, remove the wheels. The one-touch mechanism makes this a cinch to take them off or on. Without the wheels the folded wagon measures  37″ x 20″ x 8″. To unfold, it’s just as easy. Simply stand the handle upright and unfold the four sides. They all snap into place with an automatic click.

How Easy is it to Assemble?

Right out of the box, the Veer Wagon is almost ready to go. The frame is already assembled, so you only have to unfold the handle and side walls.

Once out of the packaging, put on the rear fenders with a push and a click, then pop on the wheels. That’s it. You’re ready to roll.

Up down Veer cruise with kids

What is Included?

The standard purchase of the Veer Cruiser Wagon comes with the wagon, the kid’s snack & drink tray, and two adult cup holders.

What Accessories Do We Have?

If you use the Veer often, you will probably want to invest in a few wagon accessories. They will make your outings more comfortable for you and the kids. We have all the following accessories.

Can you Attach a Newborn Car Seat?

Yes. Attaching a newborn car seat is a great add-on feature of the Veer Wagon.  Veer has several different adaptors, making it compatible with dozens of car seats. Car seat adaptors are available here. Compatible newborn car seats include:

  • All Graco Click Connect System
  • Baby Jogger City Go
  • Britax B-Safe
  • UPPAbaby Mesa
  • Nuna PIPA
  • Maxi Cosi
  • Chicco Fit2

Make sure to check the specific compatibility of your car seat’s make and model. We used the Doona car seat, so we don’t have personal experience attaching a car seat to the Veer.

Veer wagon in the car

Is the Cruiser Wagon Easy to Travel with?

The Veer Wagon’s flat fold makes it easy to pop into the trunk of nearly any car. For more compact cars, you may need to take off the rear wheels to make it fit. But that’s not a big deal with the easy one-touch on-and-off process.

The more difficult aspect is that the Veer Wagon weighs over 32 lbs. So lifting it into a car can be a struggle because it’s so heavy.

We have a Hyundai Sante Fe SUV and a Toyota Sienna minivan, and the Veer fits fine with a ton of other stuff in the trunk.

The Veer Wagon is a nice way to travel when flying. Its fast fold/unfold makes it easy to put through the TSA X-ray machines. You may need to remove the rear wheels to make them fit, but that’s not difficult with the quick one-touch process.

When you arrive at the end of the jetway, you can quickly fold the Veer Wagon, and it’s ready for gate check. It’s suggested to use the Veer Travel Bag when checking the wagon as baggage or at the gate. The Travel Bag can be purchased separately on Amazon for $99.

Wagon in car with wheels on

Similar Alternative Products

Product Price Point Buy Now
Evenflo Pivot Xplore $300-350 Amazon
X2 WonderFold Wagon $400-500 Amazon
Anthem2 All Terrain Stroller Wagon $500-550 Amazon

The Veer Wagon is a go-to in our household. Our kids love to hop on a go for a stroll, no matter where our adventure takes us.


We have several other reviews on our favorite travel products after putting them to the true test…TRAVELING with them. Here are a few other articles to check out:

*Thank you to Veer for sending us the Cruiser to test out and put it to the real test, our kids, lol. Our Veer wagon review is based on our honest opinion. I have had my eye on this wagon ever since my best friend Rachel had one and swears by it.


Thursday 17th of August 2023

I'm sold on the choice to purchase a Veer. How do I get the best price? Are there any applicable coupons that can be used? thank you!

Hannah Lukaszewicz

Tuesday 22nd of August 2023

I have never seen a real sale on e Veer sadly. It is one of those products that is really good they don't really ever need to do a sale.


Tuesday 7th of February 2023

The wagons weight capacity is actually 300lbs cargo only. Would be good to have the seats weight capacity as well as the cargo only

Hannah Lukaszewicz

Friday 28th of April 2023

Thank you for that correct, and I will make sure to add that other info now.