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Doona Liki Trike Review – The Best Travel Stroller Trike

Doona Liki Trike Review – The Best Travel Stroller Trike

My toddler’s new favorite toy the Doona Liki Trike! Once our son outgrew the Doona car seat stroller at 17 months, we were looking for the next best thing. As you all know, we love the Doona brand, so when it came time to try out the Doona trike, we had to test it out.

Parents of toddlers know how much energy toddlers have and that we are always looking for ways to get outdoors as a family. Going for walks can take a long time with a toddler who just learned to walk, and they can get tired easily, so a stroller trike comes in handy.

Does your family love the outdoors and going on adventures to local parks, nearby trails, or just a stroll around the block? Then I highly recommend purchasing the Donna Liki Trike for your little one, as it is sure to be convenient, fun, and versatile. The Donna Trike transitions with children from as young as ten months of age through to 3 years old.

Our family enjoys the outdoors from the moment it gets warm outside each spring, and we love exploring new places. I often don’t want to drag the heavy stroller with me, so the Donna Trike is the perfect fit for our toddler as he loves to be on the move, and he can keep up this way. Stroller Trikes make family walks much more enjoyable as toddlers can interact with the scenery as they have a 180-degree unobstructed view.

A transitional stroller trike has always been handy every summer as it allowed us to explore further distances as we knew if our son got tired, we had the option to push him home.

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What is the Doona Liki Trike?

The Doona Liki Trike is the most compact trike in the current marketplace. The intuitive design allows you to unfold and fold without even reading the instructions as it’s so simple to use.

Transitional trikes allow kids to feel a sense of freedom as they are not so confined or strapped in as a stroller; however, they are still safe as it features a three-point harness along with many other safety features.

What makes the Doona Trike Different than other Stroller Trikes?

The Doona Liki Trike is designed with versatility and longevity in mind, as the trike can grow with your child from 10 months to about three years old. The Trike has a variety of stages and levels of assistance to ensure the trike is developmentally appropriate.

The Liki Trike is the only trike that I have found that folds down small enough to be able to transport and fit in an airplane overhead bin, making this a prestige trike to use when traveling with toddlers.

The Doona Trike offers a compact storage solution as it folds down very compactly to almost completely flat, which is perfect for families living in condos, apartments, or places with small storage options.

Doona Liki trike pedals

Unique Features I love

I love that it is a compact foldable tricycle that can grow with my child as they can transition through the five different stages of the trike. It holds the title of “most compact folding trike,” which is super convenient for car and air travel. Once folded down and placed in the storage bag, it is about the size of a typical backpack.

The Trike gives children a sense of independence as they feel like they are controlling the tricycle by moving the steering and pedals. However, parents can maintain control until they are ready to teach their children to ride independently. I liked the safety features on the upgraded model, such as pedal straps which add more safety for new riders.

Boy on Doona Liki Triki

Quick Product Overview

Doona Liki Trike Features:

  • Fully assembled, ready for use straight out of the box
  • Ideal for travel as it fits in a car trunk or airplane overhead bin
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy to use and navigate for parents using the parent handle
  • Offer four different transitional stages: 10-18 months, 18-24 months, 24-30 months, and 30-36 months
  • Patent any height parent handle

Would I Buy it Again?

The Doona Liki Trike allows parents to get outside and explore the world with their child and is much easier to transport than a typical stroller. Since it is the most compact Trike currently available, I feel it is a great long-term investment that will be used for years.

My biggest mistake was not getting it until my son turned two years old. I wish I had bought it early and started using it earlier. I will introduce the Liki trike to my daughter around her first birthday.

1 year old on Doona trike


  • Easy to adjust parent handle and easy to use the break
  • Luxury padded seat that is comfortable and uses a 3-point harness and padded shoulder pads
  • Easy to grip handlebar for little hands giving kids a sense of security
  • High-durability wheels work well on multiple surfaces: paved surfaces, grass, gravel, or dirt
  • Kid Friendly as it allows parents and kids to steer with dual steering capability
  • Canopy made of material that provides UV protection
  • Interchangeable quick-release pedals
  • Parent handle can be adjusted to any height based on the parent’s preference.
  • Large storage bag


  • A loose seat belt can be difficult to tighten
  • Difficult to maneuver at times (with or without child steering on), hard to stay straight
  • Easy to tip over as it can become easily off the balance if the child is unsupervised
  • The cup holder must be removed to be folded
  • The seat doesn’t adjust forward/backward
  • Price

What is all included?

All of the Trikes come with the standard trike with a canopy, harness, and parental handle.

compact travel trike Doona Limi

Doona Liki Trike Specifications

  • 36.8 x 19.7 x 40.3 inches when opened with the parent handle
  • 24.4 x 20.1 x 33.4 inches without the parent handle
  • 12.5 x 23.4 x 9.17 in folded
  • Weighs 14.77 lbs

The maximum weight that the Doona Trike was created for is approximately 37.5 lbs, giving the Liki Trike about a 3-year lifespan.

At just under 15 pounds, the Doona Liki is about half the weight of traditional strollers, which is an important feature to me. I try to use baby gear with the lightest weight knowing that it will make it easier for other caregivers like grandparents to lift the product as well. Another perk is that it folds down to fit in an airplane overhead cabin or car trunk super easily.

What ages is the product for

The Doona Liki Trike can be used as early as ten months and can be continued to be used to 3 years old or 37.5 pounds, whichever occurs first. This works out great for us, as our son will just be outgrowing it when our daughter is ready for it.

The five stages of the Doona Trike are:

  • 10-18 months: Parent mode uses a backrest, parent control bar, footrest, protective bar, and canopy. Parents control using the parent handle, and the pedals are locked.
  • 18-24 months: Push mode uses a backrest, parent control bar, and footrest. Without the canopy and protective bar, the child feels more freedom.
  • 24-30 months: Tricycle mode uses a backrest, parent control bar, and pedals. The child can start trying to pedal, but parents can still assist.
  • 30-36 months: Bike mode uses a backrest and pedals. The child can ride the bike independently on their own.


The Doona Liki Trike is available for purchase for $250-350 from Doona, depending on the model. I like to buy durable items that work well and last, so I can justify the value rather than purchasing multiple cheaper competitors. You can compare the models and prices and purchase online here.

Doona Trike Models

The Doona Liki series has three different trike models that vary in what is included. The three different models are Liki S3 Premium, Liki S5 Deluxe, and Liki Midnight. All of the trikes come with the standard trike with a canopy, harness, and parental handle.

Added features on the Premium model include shoulder pads, a padded armrest, a storage bag, and pedal straps. The Deluxe model offers everything from the Premium Model plus a premium storage bag, wooden handlebars, cup holder, and travel bag. The midnight edition offers all the features of the Deluxe model, plus faux leather handles and aluminum profiles. The ultimate Gold Limited edition features a gold storage and travel bag, faux handlebars, gold aluminum profiles, and a gold splash canopy. We have this one, the ultimate gold limited edition, because this mama is a little bougie, as my husband says.

The Liki Series is an elegant urban design that combines convenience, functionality, and aesthetics and comes in a variety of colors. The Core comes in red and gray, Premium is available in red, gray, and blue, and lastly, the Deluxe can be purchased in teal or black. As a parent, I appreciate that Doona designed the Trike in dark colors that will hide the dirt of all the fun adventures you will have with the Liki Trike.

How easy is the assembly

It comes pre-assembled and is ready to ride right out of the box, which is super convenient, especially as a gift. Click here to purchase now on Amazon for fast, free shipping.


Must have accessories for the product (snack tray, cup holder, spare parts, etc.)

If you find yourself using the Liki a ton, you might want to invest in a few accessories. Here are the best Doona Liki accessories to have.

  • Liki Rain Cover – allows your child to ride in the rain and stay dry as the cover has a clear window at the front.
  • Liki Travel Bag – Once the trike is folded, you can place it into the bag and carry it like a backpack, keeping the trike clean and protected during travel.
  • Cup Holder – a cup holder that attaches to the Trike so that kids can bring their water bottle along on the adventure. I prefer this cheap universal one that can go on several strollers. I used this one on my Doona Car seat, and I use it on my Joolz Aer too.

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Build Quality

The Liki Trike is a premium build quality as you get what you pay for, as Doona uses high-end materials to offer quality. Wheels are made of high durability soft ride material that allows the smoothest ride. The frame is made of rust-free aluminum, which increases durability and longevity. The majority of the trike is made of durable, high-quality plastic that lasts over the years.

It’s important to note that Doona products are tested based on European standards, and all materials are chemical-free and are tested for quality, safety, and durability. Doona offers a 1-year warranty for manufacturing flaws, defects, or quality issues.

Is the Like Trike easy to travel with?

The Doona Liki Trike is ideal for travel as it folds down small and is compact enough to fit in any trunk and even in an airplane overhead bin. The Doona Trike wins the award for the world’s most compact folding trike.

You can simply remove the parent handle, fold down the canopy to flat, then, with the touch of two single buttons, fold down the trike to 12.5 x 23.6 x 9.1 inches. It can be folded down within just a few seconds. Even my mom can figure it out, and she is mechanically challenged.


Flying with a Toddler – Must Know Tips 

Similar Alternative Stroller Trike

Getting a toddler into a stroller can feel like wrangling a crocodile. However, toddlers get excited about using the Doona Trike and are excited to jump in and go for a ride, making walks much simpler.

My son is always happy to ride in his trike and enjoy the views while we push. Hopefully, soon, he will be ready to try pedaling. The seat is easy for kids to get into, and it takes just a second to strap them into the 3-point harness. The Doona Liki Trike is a Must Have for any family on the go with a toddler!


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*Thank you to Doona for sending us the trike to test out and review. Since we loved the Doona car seat so much, they thought we should have the trike. We are super glad they sent it. Our kids loved it. As always, opinions are our own.