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Joolz Aer Stroller Review – Real Mom Tested & Approved

Joolz Aer Stroller Review – Real Mom Tested & Approved

Joolz Aer is the best travel stroller on the market if you ask me. I have way too many strollers (over ten), from luxury strollers, stroller wagons, trikes, compact strollers, foldable strollers, and other umbrella strollers too.  So you could say I know a thing or two about the best travel strollers.

When you do a Joolz Aer vs. Yoyo match-up, the Joolz Aer is a clear winner!

The Joolz Aer is everything I have been looking for in a comfortable travel stroller. Lightweight, Luxurious, and Easy to Fold are three descriptors every parent wants to hear when looking for the ultimate purchase for their kids: a stroller. It is perfect for short trips to the mall, park, or travel, yet durable and strong enough for everyday use.

An easy one-hand foldable stroller is a must for kid travel. You don’t want to be tripping over a stroller on vacation in your room or struggling to fold it at the gate or a restaurant. Trust me, you don’t want to be that mom cursing at the stroller as you struggle to fold it… I’ve been that mom, I know.

There’s a large variety of options when it comes to strollers, and some people even own multiple ones, including an everyday stroller and a travel stroller. However, the Joolz Aer travel stroller solves both of these needs, requiring your family to own only one!

I currently own eight strollers, two stroller wagons, and two trikes. Trust me. Finding the perfect stroller for you takes a lot of trial and error.

It is designed with travel in mind as this lightweight stroller only weighs 13 pounds and is compact as it can fit in the airline overhead bin. It comes with a travel bag and a rain cover, making it perfect for any destination. My favorite part is that it comes straight out of the travel bag, ready to use, as no assembly is required.

The Joolz company believes in investing in environmentally friendly recyclable packaging and packages the stroller in multiple big and small cardboard boxes so you can turn the boxes into crafts for the kids and recycle the packaging. The company even provides instructions on how to turn the box into an airplane to play with.

Alright, let’s get into my Joolz Aer stroller review and why I love it so much!

mom at airport with two kids in strollers Joolz Aer and Babyzen Yoyo

**Update April 2023 – Before writing my honest Joolz Aer review post, I wanted to really put it to the test and use it for 12+ months. I have been exclusively using the Joolz Aer as our single travel stroller for a year now, and I still love it!

I brought it on our Alaska cruise, and it was the best stroller for a cruise as it was easy to fold and put away in our small cabin. It has been on 20+ flights with us, ferries, beaches, and boats. You name it, we take it with us.

We just returned from a five-week trip to Mexico, and on this trip, we decided to bring two single strollers instead of our travel double stroller, the Zoe. I decided to buy and put the Babyzen YoYo to the test. If you travel often, this is the most common lightweight travel stroller you’ll see. Many moms and mom bloggers swear by it, so I had to test it out.

I had my daughter in the Aer and my son in the Yoyo on our five-week trip to Mexico. I hated the Yoyo…I hated almost everything about it. The fold was so annoying, not one-handed like the Aer, the canopy was not nearly as good, the storage was less, the brake was annoying, and the list goes on. Read my full Yoyo stroller review.

Joolz Aer stroller with mom andbaby

The New Joolz Aer + Stroller – Is it Worth it?

Joolz recently released an upgraded newer version called the Aer+. If you are like me and already owned the original Aer, you might wonder if the new version is worth it and if you should purchase it. The fold and weight are basically the same, but there are a few very minor improvements.

If you don’t own the stroller already, then YES, the Aer+ is worth it. If you already own the original Aer, the Aer Plus is not worth buying to replace the original Aer. If you own the original, I would invest in this Aer+ bumper bar as it is compatible with the original Aer, and you can now fold the stroller with this bumper bar attached.

Here are the main improvements on the Aer+

  • the bumper bar is foldable and can stay on while folding
  • slightly larger storage basket, but you can hardly notice
  • near flat recline
  • larger canopy
  • relocated shoulder harness buckles
  • the rain cover is no longer included for free with the new version

gelato shop on the beach in Holbox Mexico with a family and a Joolz Aer stroller
Here is us in Holbox, Mexico, with the Joolz Aer in the sand at a gelato shop right on the beach. It does pretty well on most terrain.

What is the Joolz Aer Stroller?

The Joolz Aer is “more than a buggy” and is a truly innovative stroller designed to meet the needs of every child and parent. The stroller is designed to last from the newborn stage using the cot attachment all the way up to kindergarten.

The stroller was designed with comfort in mind so kids enjoy their ride and parents can continue life on the go with ease!

Joolz Aer Features

  • Lightweight, compact stroller at only 13 pounds
  • Fits in the overhead bin for most airlines
  • One-hand fold within seconds (it really is a one-hand fold in seconds), the best foldable stroller
  • Smooth and effortless to maneuver
  • Sleek modern design – comes in 6 stylish colors
  • Compact size with elastic carry strap
  • Patented ergonomic seat

Would I Buy it Again?

YES! If you have read any of my other blog posts, you know the Aer is my favorite stroller!

Joolz uses high-quality design elements that definitely make a difference to parents, as the 5-point harness provides safety and is easy to use. Oh and it is a stylish travel stroller too.

The wheels are strong and smooth to maneuver. It provides lots of storage and offers good ventilation. The high-quality design elements convinced me that this was a great purchase as an everyday stroller.

Joolz Aer+ Cost

This stroller retails for around $449, which is in line with most travel strollers. Check current prices and specials here.

Woman in front of Disney castle in Kissimmee florida - top things to do

Is the Joolz Aer Disney Approved Stroller?

Yes! Make sure to read our best Disney strollers article for detailed info on what strollers are allowed at Disney Parks.

What Ages is the Joolz Aer for?

The Joolz Aer seat will not go completely flat, so it cannot be used until six months of age or when your baby can sit up on their own unless you purchase the additional bassinet here. The travel cot allows you to use the stroller immediately from birth. It is designed to be used up to 4 years old or 48 pounds, whichever occurs first.

Since I only have one Aer, I used that primarily with my 2.5-year-old on my Alaska cruise and my Doona car seat stroller for my 11-month-old. My 11-month-old did spend a good amount of time in the Aer when we didn’t need a stroller for my 2-year-old.

If you are looking for a really good travel double or an everyday double stroller for errands, check out my Zoe Twin review article. Trust me; this is the best double stroller for travel and every day.

Is it Suitable for Newborns?

Yes, the Aer+ is suitable for newborns with the use of the carrycot Joolz Aer+. In 2021, Joolz released the Aer+ cot. You can purchase the additional bassinet here.

If you have the original Aer, most likely you purchased it prior to 2021 when the bassinet wasn’t available. The good news, though, the Joolz Aer+ carrycot is compatible with the original Aer.

The travel cot lets you use the stroller immediately from birth, making it a great premium baby stroller.

girl in Joolz Aer stroller and boy in Babyzen Yoyo

What I Love about the Joolz Aer Stroller

The Joolz Aer has patented one-hand fold capability, allowing parents to fold the stroller with only one hand in only a few seconds. It’s the quickest folding stroller with a foldable bumper bar available on the market, way better than competitors have to offer.

My favorite feature is the elastic carrying strap. Since it is only 13 pounds and has a strap, it is super easy and lightweight to carry once it is folded. You can use a combination of the elastic strap and the travel bag, making it easy to bring on any family adventure.

It is unique as it features an ergonomic seat that supports both the back and neck while the child is awake or asleep. The seat is designed to be a super comfortable stroller for kids to spend a lot of time in and enjoy their time.

reclining the Aer stroller

Joolz Aer Pros

  • One-hand fold
  • Compact, lightweight, and collapsible
  • Ergonomic seat with padding for a comfortable ride
  • 5 point harness
  • The new Joolz Aer+ bumper bar can stay on when folded. The old lap bar you had to remove when folding. Make sure you buy this lap bar.
  • A few small items can stay in the storage basket and still be folded with no problem.

Joolz Aer Cons

  • It is tricky to recline when the child is in the seat (you have to bend down and zip the extra seat in and make sure the seat straps are in. It’s not hard; it just has to be done)
  • It can’t be used with babies under six months unless you buy an additional attachment.
  • It only offers the ability to forward face.
  • No lap bar included(my kids like to hold onto the lap bar), but you can purchase one here

Joolz Aer travel stroller

Joolz Aer Specifications

Dimensions when unfolded:

  • Length – 32.7 inches, Width – 17.7 inches, and height of 41.5 inches.

Dimensions when folded:

  • Length – 21 inches, Width – 17.7 inches, and height of 8.5 inches.

Not only is it compact, but this lightweight stroller is only 13 pounds.

toddler in the seat of the Joolz Aer stroller


The seat uses a one-of-a-kind ergonomic seat designed to provide back and neck support to your little rider. It is very comfortable thanks to the padding in the seat and is very soft to the touch.

The seat is very roomy at a width of 15 inches wide and 22 inches tall seat back, and there are 25 inches from the seat to the canopy, ensuring your little rider, even at age 4, is not squished.

A feature I have grown to love is that the seat comes with a 5-point harness that is very easy to do up and undo, which is easy for parents but can become a problem as kids age and figure it out.

The safety harness has four click points, which can be a little time-consuming compared to traditional strollers, which have two click points. The 5-point harness is adjustable and has padded shoulder pads, so your child remains 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B09SBHSLMX

You can purchase a Joolz Aer bassinet, so it is suitable for newborns or these car seat adapters.

Joolz Aer recline seat

What are the Seat Recline Options?

The seat recline is operated by unzipping the back, and then there is a small strap that you can tighten or loosen to adjust the recline. To recline and unrecline your child is slightly annoying, but you get used to it.

When you want to unrecline your child and have them sit back up, they have to sit forward so you can stick the extra fabric back in and zip it shut.

The recline is really with the new Aer+; it is nearly lay flat. In the photo above, this is the recline on the original Aer. When in recline mode, a strip allows ventilation to keep the baby cool, even on hot day trips.

Joolz Aer front of stroller with mom and daughter


The Aer features a large canopy that offers UPF 50+ protection. The canopy also has a ventilation mesh material on the fourth panel, allowing it to provide some airflow to the seat to keep your child cool on a hot summer’s day.

The canopy has three panels, but you can unzip it to have a fourth-panel offering even more shade coverage. The mesh offers the ability to see your child through the mesh.

If you are looking for the biggest canopy with the most coverage, I suggest the Zoe. I have the Zoe twin, and that XXL sun hood canopy is great for napping on the go. The Joolz Aer canopy does the job, but it is nothing compared to the Zoe stroller canopy.

Joolz Aer storage basket


I am actually impressed with how much storage the Aer has for being a compact stroller. A narrow storage pocket on the back of the seat is big enough to carry your keys, wallet, or cell phone. There is a basket under the seat for storage.

I would classify the storage basket as big for an umbrella stroller but small compared to everyday strollers, as it can only fit a medium-sized diaper bag. The storage shopping basket says a max weight of 11 lbs, but I know for sure I have had 20+ pounds of weight in there at times.

toddler pushing the Joolz Aer stroller

How is the Push?

It has an all-wheel suspension, allowing it to go over some terrain, such as mulch. However, it is predominantly meant to be on paved surfaces, making it perfect if you live in the city. You can push the stroller with only one hand as it is so easy to maneuver on most terrain.

The stroller has two 5-inch rubber wheels at the front that can be locked straight, or you can allow them to swivel. The back of the stroller has two 6-inch rear wheels that have an easy step-on break that is even flip-flop friendly, which is an important feature in my mind.

Does the Handlebar Adjust? Is it Good for Tall/Short Parents?

Let me start and say that I am 5’10, my husband is 6’5, and we have no complaints about the height of the handlebar.

The Joolz Aer offers a sleek design as it has a leatherette handlebar that does not adjust but is on the taller side at 41 inches from the ground, so even the tallest parents will find it comfortable. The handlebar is sturdy, and you can even hang a diaper bag off the handlebar.

Are there Cup Holders?

Joolz does not include cup holders, but you can purchase them as accessories. I have this one. It’s super cheap, can detach easily, and can be put on other strollers.

Joolz Aer folded in car

How Easy is the Assembly/Fold?

The stroller comes straight out of the travel bag, ready to use as there is no assembly required, which is amazing as sometimes assembling strollers can feel like you need an engineering degree.

I literally opened the box, and it was ready to go. Usually, I have to ask my husband for help, lol.

Joolz Aer Folding and Unfolding

It is the best foldable stroller available. It is soooo easy. I can hold my baby on my hip with one hand and fold the Aer with the other. In less than one second, it’s folded.

An added bonus is that the stroller includes an elastic strap so that you can carry it when folded down. I also have the Bugaboo Ant, which is also nice and compact, but the fold is very tricky. I replaced my Ant with the Aer.

The stroller can even be folded with the additional travel cot attached. It uses an innovative folding technique as the Aer cot collapses on itself to create a compact, easy-to-carry stroller that is great for travel. It is just as simple to unfold with one hand.

Does the Joolz Aer+ fold with a bumper bar – Yes, but you need to buy this bar.

Does the original Jooz Aer fold with a bumper bar– Yes, if you purchase the new version of the bumper bar here. No, if you have the old bumper bar.

I have the original Aer and the original bumper bar, and I used to have to take the bumper bar off every time when folding. It was SUPER annoying, but now with the release of the new Joolz Aer+, you can just purchase this bar and put it on the original Aer, and it folds with the bar on.

How Easy Is it to Clean?

The fabric is very easy to wipe the sticky messes off using just soap and water.

back of Joolz stroller

What is All Included?

Includes the following:

Best Joolz Aer Accessories

I have all of the following Joolz Aer accessories and love them all. They all get used daily and serve a purpose.

  • Cup holder – This is a MUST.
  • Joolz Aer+ Bumper Bar – allows you to attach your child’s toys and provides extra safety.
  • Storage clips – Great to hook stroller bag/etc. See the picture below. The hooks can hold a Wayb Pico car seat, which is the best travel car seat.
  • Cheap rain cover – I suggest buying a cheap universal rain cover like this and saving $30 over buying the name-brand one. If it rains, most likely, you will be going inside sooner than later, so there is no need to spend $50 on a rain cover.
  • Portable white noise machine – I love this one because it is rechargeable, and the battery lasts all day.
  • Joolz Aer Bassinet – attach this cot to the stroller so that you can use it before six months of age, as your baby will enjoy the comfy flat, breathable mattress that allows the baby to lie flat. The cot also includes a ventilated canopy offering airflow and sun protection. The best part is it also folds right down for compact storage and does not need to be removed from the stroller.
  • Joolz Aer Leg rest – provides extra support for a more comfortable ride and has two different positions.
  • Joolz Aer Footboard – easily clicks onto the stroller and allows your toddler to ride or stand on the additional piece.
Joolz Stroller at airport with Wayb Pico car seat

Is it Easy to Travel With by Car or Airplane?

We have extensively traveled with the Joolz Aer and have had no problems. As you can see in the above picture, I have a gate tag for a regional jet where it had to be gate-checked.

We’ve carried it on several flights, and it fits fine in the overhead bin. We even have cruised with it, taking it on several buses and boats where it fit under our seats. There is nothing but love for the Joolz Aer in our family.

Joolz Aer in overhead cabin storage on airplane

However, we did have to gate-check it on a regional flight, but you have to gate-check all rolled bags, too, so we expected this. It comes with a travel bag that fits it perfectly, but if you are like me and don’t always know where things are…We suggest this bag to protect it, and it did just fine being checked.

It was designed for travel, including a few design features: lightweight at only 13 pounds, compact enough to fit in an airline overhead bin, and a carry strap and a travel bag, making it easy to travel with the stroller.

As you can see in the photo above, we really loaded up our Aer on a recent trip. We needed to travel with the Wayb Pico travel car seat. The car seat was able to hook to the stroller!

Flying with a Toddler – Must Know Tips 

Joolz Aer+ stroller comparison to competitors

Similar Alternative Lightweight Travel Strollers

Several other compact travel strollers are on the market if you don’t think the Joolz Aer is the right fit for your family. The most popular are the Bugaboo Butterfly and the Yoyo. Here are other options to check out.

toddler girl drinking water in the stroller

Joolz stands by its products by offering a lifetime warranty, giving parents a sense of comfort in their purchase. While originally designed to be a travel stroller, this luxury stroller is perfect for everyday use.

It is perfect for any family member as it is easy to push, lightweight, compact, and super easy to fold and unfold. Grandparents can often become confused about how to use new baby gear, but this lightweight stroller kept the stroller simple yet ensured it included all the essentials and it isn’t too heavy for grandma.

The premium features and premium brand make this stroller a highly desirable purchase, especially since it is strong, durable, and meant to last! The large basket and five-point harness are also great selling features of the Joolz Aer stroller.

mom with a baby in the Joolz Aer on the grass

It is our go-to travel stroller and is always in our car. We would hands down purchase it again and again. All opinions are our own.

Once you decide which pump is best for you, check if your insurance covers it. If it isn’t, make sure to put it on your baby registry list.

Make sure you put some of our other favorite baby items. Here are a few other items we personally own and swear by that you might want to add to your baby registry:

If you travel often, here are some of our flying with toddler tips. Planning a Disney trip? Make sure you know the Disney stroller rules first!


Thursday 7th of December 2023

hi! may i know if your joolz aer is sage green or mighty green? would you say that it gets dirty easily in a non-black colour? Thanks!

Hannah Lukaszewicz

Friday 5th of January 2024

Our Joolz Aer is mighty green. I guess I never realized it was super dirty. There is always crumbs, etc. in the seat!


Monday 24th of July 2023

Thank you so much for this article on the Joolz Aer and Joolz Aer+! In what airlines you couldn't fit the Joolz Aer into the airplane overhead compartment?

Hannah Lukaszewicz

Monday 24th of July 2023

We just returned from another trip with the Joolz Aer on the plane in the overhead compartment. The only issue I have had is with small regional jets. I have taken it with me on board Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines, Sun Country, and American Airlines.


Tuesday 6th of June 2023

Great post, thank you! The link for the Amazon bag you used isn’t working - are you able to send it to me?

Hannah Lukaszewicz

Tuesday 27th of June 2023

Thank you for letting me know. I just checked the link and it should go to the large stroller gate check bag that I have.