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SlumberPod Review & Discount Code | Kid Tested Worth It?

SlumberPod Review & Discount Code | Kid Tested Worth It?

Is the SlumberPod worth it? YES, let my SlumberPod review explain why. I, too, questioned it but then realized sleeping children is worth a lot of money.

As you guys already know, we love to travel! We first discovered the SlumberPod in 2020, and now we always travel with a SlumperPod.

We went from eating dinners in the bathroom and going to bed at 8 p.m. to enjoying our meals and getting some work done, all while having the lights still on at 10 p.m. It is also great for daytime naps!

Our SlumperPod is now packed with us on all our trips, no matter if we are flying with our toddlers or driving. If you ask us, a SlumperPod is an essential baby product for traveling with a baby.

Since having children, we now bring our two kids on almost all our trips. We love experiencing new things with them, but we don’t love the struggle of finding a perfect sleeping arrangement.

We bring a pack ‘n’ play everywhere we go, and it’s great. But…our kids need absolute and complete darkness to sleep. Our SlumperPod has been with us on an Alaska Cruise, Mexico (4+ times), Turks & Caicos, Portugal, Canada, Jamaica, and several road trips in the US. I can’t imagine our 5-week road trip in Florida without it!

We came across the SlumberPod, and ever since, travel naps and sleeping through the night have been seamless. Alright, let’s get into our SlumberPod review.

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SlumberPod blackout tent set up

Why We Bought a SlumperPod

So we didn’t have to eat in the dark or go to bed at 8 pm, lol, for real!

When traveling with kids where you are sharing a room, we often found ourselves either eating in the dark or eating in the bathroom because we needed the lights off for the kids to sleep. We couldn’t handle it anymore!

When we’re at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, the guest room has a bunch of windows, and the blinds and curtains simply don’t cut it—the light seeps through, which ultimately distracts our daughter. Sleep promotes sleep, so naps are crucial for a full night of peaceful, quiet, wake-up-less nights.

It always ended with the pack ‘n’ play in the closet or the bathroom with all the lights off. Or even us putting towels over the windows in hotel rooms. But what happens when we have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night? Go in the dark? Turn on the lights for the baby just to wake up.

We scoured the internet to find something to solve this. Affordable and portable blackout curtains? A blacked-out pack ‘n’ play? Anything to get our daughter Isla to nap.

SlumberPod Video Real Life Use

Want to see a real-life use of the SlumberPod? Click here to watch our TikTok video. All the footage in this video was taken from a family vacation at a vacation rental where we had our daughter set up in the living room to sleep.

Child in Slumberpod review

What is the SlumberPod Privacy Pod?

It is just that, a pod that creates privacy. Your child can now be in their crib in a blackout environment and not see you, all while you can go on with your day or night. Which is exactly what most children are used to when at home in their own bedrooms.

We also have a portable sound machine running, we like this cheap one, and it is rechargeable. At home, we use this sound machine. We actually have 3 of these at our house.

“Created by a mother-daughter team, patent-pending SlumberPod solves the age-old problem of getting a good night’s sleep while sharing a room with your little one. The blackout material allows babies and toddlers to easily nap in bright or distracting conditions (approved for indoor use only).”

The SlumberPod is a portable blackout canopy created for babies who need complete darkness to sleep. It is “the FIRST portable, privacy sleep nook that allows babies to sleep in their safe and familiar crib or travel crib with room to sit up or stand up inside.”

It looks like a bottomless tent that can be placed over most pack ‘n’ plays and some cribs. We used it with our Zoe mini crib, Guava Lotus travel crib, and our Snoo when traveling.

New SlumberPod 3.0 Difference

SlumberPod 3.0 was launched in October 2022, and there are a few updates to the original SlumberPod.

  • A new SlumberPod Fan pouch has been added to the top of SlumberPod to allow for more direct airflow while your little one sleeps.
  • Updated ventilation panel on the back of SlumberPod for increased airflow.
  • Hassle-free, zipperless monitor and top fan pouches.
  • Increased carry bag so you can now fit both SlumberPod and SlumberPod Fan inside.

The changes are great, but if you have the original SlumberPod, we personally don’t think you need to upgrade to SlumberPod 3.0 unless airflow/ventilation is an issue for you.

dad and kids setting up the SlumberPod

Quick SlumberPod Overview

  • Portable, comes with a carrying case with a strap
  • Four ventilation flaps and a fan pouch
  • Camera pocket for a baby monitor (we have this cheap one and sometimes bring our Nanit Pro)
  • Bottomless for easy fit over the sleeping area
  • Easy assembly. Only two poles and 12 pole clips plus fabric canopy

How much is a SlumberPod 3.0?

The SlumperPod is $179.99 for one without a fan and $199.99 with a fan. If you later decide you want a fan, you purchase one for $25.

SlumberPod Discount Code

We have an exclusive SlumberPod discount code to share with our readers. Use code “gettingstamped” to get 5% off your purchase!

Where to Buy a SlumberPod?

You can buy a SlumberPod direct here and use code “gettingstamped” for 5% off, or you can purchase one on Amazon here. If you have a last-minute trip and need one fast, your best bet is to purchase it on Amazon. They have faster shipping.

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Slumberpod camera

What We Love About the SlumberPod

We love the fact that there are ventilation flaps and a place for a baby monitor. Plus, the breakdown makes it so appealing for travel, which is why we invested the money in this product.

Unique Features of the SlumberPod

The SlumberPod was designed to work with many different sleep arrangements in mind. It fits over every pack ‘n’ play we’ve used. Plus, it works with mini cribs, toddler cots, and inflatable toddler mattresses.

It doesn’t attach to any of the above mentioned sleep arrangements. It’s freestanding! So, it won’t confine your little one if they climb up and out of the crib/pack ‘n’ play.

All you have to do is assemble and place oversleeping arrangements. The bottomless design makes it that simple.

Would We Buy a SlumberPod Again?

Yes, we would buy it again because it makes nap time and sleeping while traveling possible and easy! With a sound machine, I could have the lights on and have a conversation in a hotel room without waking the baby.

Make sure to bring a travel white noise machine. I love this one because it is rechargeable and it lasts all day.

Slumberpod in hotel


  • Easy assembly & breakdown
  • Very, very dark inside
  • Easy to travel with, folds down, and compact
  • Creates flexibility for sleeping arrangements


  • Ventilation flaps let in light
  • The plastic on the camera pocket makes it hard to see the monitor
  • On the pricey side
  • Need space to set up (like a tent)
  • Zippers could wake the baby
  • It could get hot inside

Slumberpod assembly women setting it up

SlumperPod Specifications

  • When set up: 50 inches long, 36 inches wide, 56 inches tall
  • When packed away: Folds down into 17 inches by 5 inches by 6 inches bag for storing or travel.
  • Weighs 5lbs, including the travel bag

Build Quality

The SlumberPod is made out of a canopy/tent-like material (polyester and spandex) with tent poles. It feels durable and easily manipulated for breakdown.

What Ages is the SlumberPod for?

The suggested age for the SlumberPod is healthy, full-term babies four months and up. We are still using it with our son at three years old and have no plans of stopping.

What Playard models is the SlumberPod compatible with?

The SlumberPod fits most pack ‘n’ plays/playards you can think of. It will fit up to 44 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 38 inches tall.

We have personally used it with our Snoo, Guava Lotus, 4Moms Breeze Plus, Zoe Cloud mini crib, and the Bugaboo Stardust. Before you ask, yes, I really have all those pack ‘n’ plays!

The SlumberPod also fits inflatable toddler mattresses and toddler cots like this one. We haven’t tested these out yet as both of our children are still in pack ‘n’ play. We will update this as we test this out.

How Easy is the SlumberPod to Assembly?

You will be annoyed the first time you set it up, not going to lie. You need space to assemble the SlumberPod. The poles are long before you stand them up. It takes some time to get used to the setup, but if you have tenting experience (or just some time and patience), it becomes a breeze.

Adam usually does the setup while I unpack and keep the kids occupied. On average, he can have it set up in under 5 minutes.

How Easy Is it to Clean?

Because of the material, it is simple to clean (if necessary). We have never needed to machine wash it, but the SlumperPod is machine washable in cold water and must be air dried.

Must have SlumberPod Accessories

Some variations of the SlumberPod come with a fan ($25 extra), and you can buy a set of 2 extra/replacement poles ($25)

Slumberpod review after a road trip

Is the SlumperPod easy to Travel with?

Yes! It’s so easy to break down, and the carrying case makes it easy to travel with. We usually put the SlumberPod in our oversized car seat/stroller bag that we check for free since it has our car seat. They never check to see what is in there.

Flying with a Toddler – Must Know Tips 

Cheaper Similar SlumberPod Alternatives

What makes the SlumberPod different than others similar on the market

The SlumberPod doesn’t attach to anything. It’s freestanding. It’s also made with more breathable material and isn’t made with mesh or other “dangerous” fabrics that other crib coverings are typically made out of.

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mom at airport with two kids in strollers Joolz Aer and Babyzen Yoyo


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So now that you read our complete SlumberPod review, what do you think?

It is amazing, isn’t it? We would love to hear your reviews. Leave a comment below. Safe travels!

slumberpod travel blackout crib cover