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Best Sledding Hills in Wisconsin

Best Sledding Hills in Wisconsin

Super cold temperatures and one of the highest snowfall rates in the country make Wisconsin a haven for sledding enthusiasts. You are sure to find some great sledding hills in Wisconsin.

This winter sport has been a time-honored tradition in the northern regions of the country for generations. Whether in a state forest or a city park, Wisconsin boasts some of the best snowy slopes of all time.

While sledding is a coveted pastime for anyone in the prime of their childhood, the thrill doesn’t fade as you get older. Flying down an icy incline is fun at any age. Bundle up and head bravely out into the tundra, and you will be rewarded with plenty of laughs and long-lasting memories.

These are all the best sledding hills in Wisconsin.

1. Olbrich Sledding Hill

Olbrich Sledding Hill in Southern Wisconsin is one of the most popular slopes in the whole state. It’s located in Madison, meaning it’s city sledding at its finest. It’s a metro park, so admission is free. While restrooms are available here, don’t expect to find any warming shelters nearby.

The hill is particularly large, so keep that in mind if you have younger kids, though it’s considered fairly safe. If you want to partake in some other winter pastimes while here, there’s also an ice skating rink.  The walk back up is easy, so you won’t get too tired on your snowy trek to take another turn.

  • Address: 3201 Oakridge Ave, Madison

2. Pinehurst Sledding Hill

Located in Northern Wisconsin, Pinehurst Sledding Hill is a classic rural favorite for sledding in Wisconsin. It’s in the town of Eau Claire, so it should be less crowded than some of the more urban areas. Many come here to enjoy some wild skiing and snowboarding as well.

The amenities at Pinehurst are also impressive, with a warming shack and fire pit that’s always appreciated post sled. Be advised this hill has been known to have some bumps, so be careful on the way down and on the long walk back up too. It doesn’t cost anything to use the hill, and you can even check out and use sleds for free on-site.

  • Address: 3523 Delbert Rd, Eau Claire

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3. Currie Park

Currie Park is a gorgeous riverside area that local families love. It’s a great choice because there are so many sledding hills to choose from. The variety makes it a fun way to spend a whole day soaring here. All of the hills even get lit up at night. While you need to be more careful in the dark, it’s also an added thrill for the daredevils.

The main hill at Currie Park is not super steep, so it’s easy to sled down for all skill levels and ages. One of the best parts of this sledding hill in Wisconsin is the heated snack bar over by the golf course. Safety-wise, you don’t have to worry about trees but be wary of the icy river at the bottom of the hills, and you won’t find any fences around either.

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  • Address: 3535 N Mayfair Rd, Wauwatosa

sledding hill in Wisconsin tubing

4. Rudy Lange Sledding Hill

Rudy Lange Sledding Hill is a 1.4-acre park with plenty to offer any sledder. Whether you’re a novice adventurer or an experienced thrill seeker, there’s a hill for you. The main slope is 225 feet long, which makes for quite a good run. It’s also illuminated in the colder months, which means you can enjoy a night ride without any risk.

Rudy Lange is open every day of the week. The climb back up to the top can be a bit steep, so be prepared for a wintery workout. There have been known to be some bumps on the way down as well. The sidewalk is right along the edge for convenient access in and out of the park. Be careful of the creek at the bottom, and you’re sure to have a blast.

  • Address: 170 S Terrace St, Delavan

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5. Hospital Hill

Hospital Hill is one of the most popular places for sledding in Wisconsin. It got its name from the medical services that used to be nearby many years ago. Today it’s famed for its giant yet gentle drift. The arduous climb from the bottom back to the summit is a doozie, though. Overall, it’s a very clean and family-friendly spot.

The snow on Hospital Hill gets packed down nicely, so you know you’re going to fly down the icy incline. Heading here as soon as the snowfall starts has become a beloved tradition for all the local families in Beloit. If you’re up for a challenge, you can try the path among the trees as well. There’s also plenty of free parking around.

  • Address: 623 Olympian Blvd, Beloit

man climbing up a sledding hill in Wisconsin

6. Killer Hill

Don’t let the dangerous-sounding name intimidate you. Killer Hill has never actually caused any sledding-related deaths. Instead, most people think it got the ominous title from the difficult climb it takes to reach the top. Either way, it’s one exciting ride with great speed.

Killer Hill is set in the Southern part of the state in the little hamlet of Menomonee Falls. Located in Rotary Park, it’s totally free to sled all day in this winter wonderland. There’s a river at the bottom, though, so be careful about just how fast you fly down. Neighborhood kids can always be found having a blast here, but it’s such a fun hill at any age.

  • Address: N86W14230 Fond Du Loc, Menomonee Falls

7. Whitnall Park Hill

Whitnall Park Hill is a favorite spot for nighttime sledding in particular. It’s so well-lit that you can keep on safely soaring down the slopes well after the sun goes down. The park itself even stays open until 8:30 pm. There’s the main hill, which is fairly steep and offers a ride most would deem daring.

Just to the north, there is a smaller hill that’s ideal for any younger sledders or more apprehensive adventurers. There happens to be an excellent golf course at Whitnall Park as well. Lucky for sledders, the cushy clubhouse becomes a warming shelter in winter. Here you’ll be able to enjoy a cozy fire, hot chocolate, and lots of tasty snacks.

  • Address: 5879 S 92nd St, Franklin

kids with sleds in Wisconsin

8.Kletzch Park Glendale

Kletzch Park in Glendale has a beautiful landscape in any season and is located along the Milwaukee River. It’s actually one of the only sled hills on the entire north shore. Luckily there’s enough room for everyone to have the time of their lives tobogganing here.

Kletzch Park is considered the center of the community in town. It may appear small at first glance, but it actually has over 100 acres to explore. As an expansive urban park, plenty of facilities here make it a convenient choice, from restrooms to picnic areas.

  • Address: 6560 N Milwaukee River Pkwy, Glendale

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9. Park Arthur in Muskego

Park Arthur is a picturesque place to spend some time coasting quickly down ice-covered hillsides. The drop is no joke. It’s one of the steepest Wisconsin sledding hills in the whole state. Thrill seekers flock here to see what all the fuss is about, and it does not disappoint. The view from the top can be intimidating, to say the least, so be prepared for a dramatic drop.

The slope at Park Arthur tapers off towards the end, so the landing isn’t so scary. Many of the younger sledders opt to only go halfway up the hill before sledding down again. It’s well-lit since it’s such a popular pick, and permanent restrooms are also available.

  • Address: S63W17833 College Ave, Muskego

10. Elver Park

Elver is the largest park in Madison. As far as sledding hills go, this one is a crown jewel of the Wisconsin winter scene. The main slope here is smooth, fast, and fun for all ages when it’s covered in snow. There are a variety of inclines to enjoy, ranging from short to steep to long. They tend to be well groomed to boot.

Elver Park is totally free for sledders. There are restrooms on-site, and if you want to branch out into other cold weather activities, you’ll find an ice skating rink and cross-country skiing trails to try too. There’s some equipment to rent here if you need it, and occasionally there are winter festivals to partake in as well.

  • Address: 1250 McKenna Blvd, Madison

What do you think are the best sledding hills in Wisconsin?

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