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Lake Geneva Winter Realms Guide & Discount Code

Lake Geneva Winter Realms Guide & Discount Code

Do you want to visit the Lake Geneva Ice Castle this winter? It’s one of the best things to do in Wisconsin this winter! *Now called Winter Realms*

The popular attraction is back this year but with a new name and many new attractions. Make sure to put Winter Realms on your Wisconsin winter bucket list.

The ice castles are a really popular event, so you’ll need to plan your trip in advance. We’ve put together everything you need to know before visiting the ice castles in this guide.

UPDATE: The Lake Geneva Ice Castles are now closed for the 2024 season and are called Winter Realms.

Are the Ice Castles in Wisconsin returning?  Yes

The famous Lake Geneva ice castles are returning in January 2024 but are now called Winter Realms! 

Don’t forget to bring a sled (strollers aren’t allowed)! This is the cutest sled ever and is great for pictures. 

Are the Ice Castles in Lake Geneva Open? – No 

No, the Lake Geneva Ice Castles are now closed for the 2024 season.

Last year, in 2023, they were open for only three days. Due to warmer temperatures, they melted beyond repair and were forced to close after being open for only three days after opening on February 4th.

2024 Winter Realms: What’s New

With the renaming as Winter Realms comes some new attractions that we can’t wait to check out. Here are a few of the new things at Wisconsin Winter Realms in Lake Geneva.

  • Polar Pub – European Apres-ski style bar with beer & winter cocktails.
  • Mystic Light Walk – Walk along the colorful walkway
  • Tubing Hill
  • Arctic Village – Explore the igloos, gorgeous ice sculptures, and snow caverns, and snap a photo in the ice throne.
  • Volcano – When it’s chilly, head over to the smoking ice volcano to warm up.
  • Ice Slide – Kids of all ages love sliding down the ice slides.
  • Sleigh Rides – Make sure to book your horse-drawn wagon ride along the gulf course.
Ice Thrown at Lake Geneva Ice Castle

Lake Geneva Ice Castles Dates & Times –

The 2024 Lake Geneva Ice Castle opened on January 26, 2024, and is set to close on Sunday, February 11, 2024. BUT they closed just after being open for three days last year due to warmer temperatures making the ice castles melt beyond repair.

Everything is weather dependent.

  • Monday – Thursday: 5:30 pm – 9 pm
  • Friday & Saturday: 5:30 pm – 11 pm
  • Sunday: 5:30 pm – 8 pm

*Wisconsin Winter Realms in Lake Geneva is closed on Tuesday, February 6, 2024.

Aerial of Lake Geneva Ice Castles

Where are the Lake Geneva Ice Castles?

If you previously visited the ice castles in Lake Geneva, please note the new location. Lake Geneva Winter Realms in Wisconsin is located at the Geneva National Resort & Club.

  • Address: 1091 Hidden Cottage Cir, Lake Geneva

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How To Purchase Lake Geneva Ice Castle Tickets? – On Sale NOW

Lake Geneva Ice Castle tickets are on sale now. Your best chance of getting tickets is to buy them ASAP!

Lake Geneva Winter Realm tickets are in high demand and sell out daily well in advance. The only guaranteed way to visit Winter Realms is by purchasing tickets online for a set date and time.

Once tickets sell out, you can purchase standby tickets, but this does not guarantee admission. There is a chance you won’t be able to enter.

You can purchase Lake Geneva ice castle tickets online here

*Ticket sales are final. HOWEVER, ticket dates and times may be changed at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled ticket. We suggest watching the weather and changing your ticket if needed.

Winter Realms Discount Code

We have an exclusive Ice Castles discount code/ Lake Geneva Winter Realms promo code for our readers. Get 15% off with promo code stamped2024, good for the 2024 Ice Castle season.

Remember to bring hand warmers. These cheap ones do the trick!

Ice Castle in Lake Geneva at night

How Much Are Winter Realms Tickets?

Prices vary based on age and if considered peak or off peak.

  • Off Peak Pricing Monday – Thursday
    • Ages 4 and up $26
    • Children under 4 are free 
  • Peak Pricing Friday – Sunday
    • Ages 4 and up $30
    • Children under 4 are free 

Sleigh Rides at Lake Geneva Winter Realms

Make your visit even more magical with a horse-drawn sleigh ride. When purchasing your tickets online, you will be asked if you would like to add on a sleigh ride. Here are some quick facts about the sleigh rides at the Ice Castles:

  • Sleigh rides cost $20 per person
  • Tickets are required for all guests aged 4 and above
  • Sleigh rides are 10-15 minutes long
  • You must have an Ice Castle ticket to purchase a sleigh ride
Wisconsin Ice Castles at night

Rent a VIP Artic Alcove

For a more private experience, consider renting a VIP Artic Alcove at the Lake Geneva Ice Castles. It’s great for a couple or group of friends/family. You’ll have your own private space roped off from other guests. 

Included in reserving Artic Alcove, you get the following:

  • A personalized experience for up to 6 guests 
  • Sleigh ride for up to 6 guests

Renting the Arctic Alcove costs $450. Consider adding on some warm beverages and tasty treats to sweeten the experience for an additional charge. 

Winter Realms Parking

Parking is available at the Geneva National Resort & Club.

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Ice castle tunnel in Lake Geneva

Tips for Visiting Winter Realms in Lake Geneva?

1. Buy Your Tickets In Advance

Ice Castle tickets are valid for a specific date and time entry. You’ll need to purchase them in advance to guarantee admission. We cannot urge you enough to buy them online as soon as they go on sale.

2. Check the weather

The days that we visited were below zero. It was super super cold, and uncomfortable. Make sure to check the weather 24+ hours before, so if needed, you can change your ticket for free, or dress for the weather.

3. Dress in layers

Dress warm. You can always take off your jacket for a picture if needed. You don’t want to rush through the ice castles because you are cold.

Lake Geneva Ice Castles Wisconsin winter Activities Ice Chairs 2 1

4. Wear boots

No matter if it’s below zero or 30+ degrees outside, wear boots in the ice castle. It’s the easiest way to walk around, and your feet will stay much warmer. Remember, you’ll be walking on snow & ice the entire time it gets really cold!

5. Bring Hand Warmers

We wish we had hand warmers last year. You can get these cheap hand warmers that come with 10, or they have these rechargeable hand warmers for slightly more money. They are nice to have in your gloves & boots, or take them out and warm up your face. 

kids with sleds in Wisconsin

6. Bring A Sled

Pulling children in a sled is much easier than attempting to push a stroller. They don’t allow strollers, but they do allow sleds. We think this is the cutest sled ever

7. Don’t Rush

Remember that the time on your ticket is just your entry time period, but once you are inside the ice castles, you can stay as long as you want. If you do get cold, go warm up by the outdoor fire!

Man making the Lake Geneva Ice Castle

Are the Ice Castles a Real Place?

No, the ice castles are not a real place. The ice castles in Lake Geneva are manmade every year and are constantly being maintained throughout the season.

What are the Ice Castles Made of?

The fine mist of water freezes quickly and grows large icicles. The icicles are then taken from the growing rack and placed onto the main ice castles.

The workers are constantly “growing” more icicles, and if you come early in the morning, you may see them putting a few up. They are constantly adding to the ice castles.

Firethrower in the Lake Geneva Ice Castle

Hotels near the Lake Geneva Ice Castles

On our visit last year, we made it a weekend trip to Lake Geneva. We visited the ice castles at night on Friday and then again on Saturday morning. That way, we could visit it during both times of the day.

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Lake Geneva Ice Castles Package

For the ultimate Ice Castle weekend and to ensure tickets, purchase the Ice Castles package at the Geneva National Resort OR The Ridge Lake Geneva. The package includes:

  • Overnight accommodation at The Inns of Geneva National
  • Up to four tickets to the ice castles per guest room. If you already have tickets, there is a package without tickets as well. A limited number of additional tickets may be purchased at the front desk.
  • FREE on-site ice skating, sledding, and candlelight snowshoeing (weather permitting)

Other Ice Castles in the United States to Visit

Lake Geneva Ice Castle Girl in Red Coat pin image