Stillwater Minnesota Ice Castles 2022 Guide

The Minnesota Ice Castles are located in Stillwater, just over a 30-minute drive east of the Twin Cities. Stillwater is a town with plenty to do, bringing the ice castles to a city with a small-town feel. It is often considered the birthplace of Minnesota since most cities grew around Stillwater after 1837. Explore the historic downtown before ending your evening at the stunning lit-up ice castles.

The ice castles are beautiful at night time when they are illuminated by colored LED lights that give the chilly structures a fairytale quality. But, daytime can be just as fun and you can really appreciate the detail of the sculptures, castles, and everything else made of ice in the natural light. 

Are the Minnesota Ice Castles open?

No, they are not open for the 2022 season yet.

Stillwater Minnesota Ice Castles Opening Times

While dates and specific times have not been announced, the Minnesota Ice Castles will open in January and remain open through February. If the cold weather remains, you can expect closures to be delayed into early March.

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Where to Purchase Minnesota Ice Castle Tickets

There are two levels of ticket pricing: weekday and weekend. Weekday tickets (Monday through Thursday) are $15 for ages 12 and up and $11 for children aged 4-11. Weekend tickets (Friday through Sunday, the busiest days) cost $22 for ages 12 and up and $16 for children. Kids under 4 get in for free.

You can purchase tickets on-site, but they are not guaranteed to be available. To avoid disappointment it’s best to order online. If you do plan to show up for standby tickets, be prepared to pay a little bit more since they are subject to higher pricing.

Purchase tickets online here.

Ice Castles in Minnestoa Address

  • Long Lake Regional Park, 1500 Old Highway 8, New Brighton, MN 55112

Amenities at the Minnesota Ice Castles

The Minnesota Ice Castles have all the best features you’ll find across all locations. Inside the castle itself, walk through dazzling archways and tucked-away caverns and marvel at the beautiful opaque walls. Race down the slippery ice slides, find your way around the ice maze full of twists and turns, and crawl through narrow passageways made entirely of ice. These are great for both kids and adults, as long as you are not claustrophobic! 

For a really special experience rent the Arctic Alcove, a VIP experience in a fully private area with seating and a fireplace. Perfect for special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays, or for marriage proposals in a truly magical setting.

If you are lucky, you may witness an evening performance by fire dancers. You would think that fire and ice castles don’t mix, but these trained performers do a mix of fire twirling, breathing fire, and other dances and tricks—all without melting the ice. 

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Accommodation Near the Minnesota Ice Castles

The hotels right in Stillwater itself (which is fairly small) tend to be a little more expensive than your average budget hotel. The Stillwater Inn & Suites will have the best value at the lowest price. Meanwhile, hotels like the Lora and the Hotel Crosby will be able to offer a higher quality of stay.

There are a lot of small towns and cities southwest of Stillwater, the closer you get to Minneapolis. If you don’t mind a slightly longer drive then you will have a lot more hotel options the closer you get to the center of the Tri-Cities area. 

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Tips for Visiting the Stillwater Ice Castles 

1. Buy Your Tickets In Advance

Ice Castle tickets are valid for a specific date and time entry. You’ll need to purchase them in advance to guarantee admission. We cannot urge you enough to buy them online as soon as they go on sale.

2. Check the weather

The days that we visited were below zero, it was super super cold, and uncomfortable. Make sure to check the weather 24+ hours before so if needed you can change your ticket for free if needed OR make sure to dress for the weather.

3. Dress in layers

Dress warm, you can always take off your jacket for a picture if needed. You don’t want to rush through the ice castles because you are cold.

4. Wear boots

No matter if it’s below zero or 30+ degrees outside wear boots in the ice castle. It’s the easiest way to walk around and your feet will stay much warmer. Remember you’ll be walking on snow & ice the entire time it gets really cold!

5. Bring Hand Warmers

We wish we had hand warmers last year. They are nice to have in your gloves & boots or take them out and warm up your face.

6. Bring A Sled

Pulling children in a sled is so much easier than attempting to push a stroller.

7. Don’t Rush

Remember that your time on your ticket is just your entry time period but once you are inside the ice castles you can stay as long as you want. If you do get cold go warm up by the outdoor fire!

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