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Elvie Stride Review – From an Exclusively Pumping Mom

Elvie Stride Review – From an Exclusively Pumping Mom

If you’ve been eyeing up the Elvie Pump, but it’s out of your budget ($499), or your insurance doesn’t cover it. The brand new Elvie Stride breast pump is for you! Elvie just launched the brand new Elvie Stride wearable breast pump in September 2021, and I had to test it out.

The good news is most health insurance covers the Elvie Stride! Click here to check to see if your insurance will cover all or part of the cost.

Here is a little about me and why you should keep reading. I am an exclusively pumping mother of two. I exclusively pump with the original Elvie, except once, maybe twice a day, when I use my Spectra Gold (usually at the end of the night before bed). My first child was born in November 2019, and my second child was born in July 2021.

I wanted to try the Elvie Stride to see if the suction was any better and if it did a better job emptying me than the original Elvie pump. Plus, I wanted to do an Elvie vs. Elvie Stride article and compare them side by side since the original Elvie is usually out of most people’s budget.

So here we are! This article is strictly an Elvie Stride review. Click here for the Elvie Pump vs. Elvie Stride article.

If you are looking for one of the best travel breast pumps on the market, it is hands down one of the best!

If you’re looking for more tips and support, make sure to join the Elvie Stride Facebook group here. Here is our detailed guide on how to get a free breast pump through insurance. It’s crazy easy and only takes a minute!

How Much Does the Elvie Stride cost?

If you outright buy it as I did, it costs $269. However, if you haven’t gotten a breast pump from your insurance yet, click here to check to see if your insurance will cover all or part of the cost. I got mine for $174 using a promo code the day that it launched.

You can now purchase the Elvie Stride on Amazon here. At the time of writing this, they have them in stock with same-day delivery for where I live.

Does Insurance Cover the Elvie Stride or Electronic Breast Pump?

That depends on your insurance provider. The Elvie Stride is covered at 100% by Tricare and most other healthcare plans. Many insurance companies cover it as well. Check your insurance coverage benefits here, all or part of the cost.

Just to give you an idea of upgrade pricing, during my most recent pregnancy (this was before the Elvie Stride was on the market), I had the option of the Spectra S2 for free ( I already have this; I got it with my first child), S1 for a $35 upgrade, Spectra Gold for $75 (this is what I choose), or original Elvie double pump for $250 upgrade ( I already owned it).

All you have to do is provide Aeroflow with your email and your basic insurance details. The company will then let you know what breast pumps your insurance will cover and if there are any upgrade options.

If it isn’t an option for you or you don’t have insurance, you can purchase it at full price from the listed companies. That is what I did. I purchased my Elvie Stride from Aeroflow. When I purchased it was only available from durable medical goods companies; it was not for sale on Amazon, but now it is.

Most insurance companies will cover all or part of an electric breast pump for each pregnancy. My insurance tells me which websites I can order from, and from there, I provide my insurance details, and they let me know my breast pump options and if there are any upgrade options. Make sure to read our how-to get a free breast pump through insurance guide.

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woman using a Kindred Bravely Sublime Hands Free Pumping Bra
#1 – Best Elvie Pumping Bra
Must-have bra
I have tried a TON of bras. Super tight ones work best for me.

blue insulated storage container for breast pumping
#2 – Best Breastmilk Storage
The Ceres Chill is a game-changer for those moms that pump at work or when you are pumping while out of the house and need to store their fresh breastmilk.

Black gogoso portable breast pump pumping bag
#3 – Best Elvie Stride Bag
I have tried several bags, and this one is by far the best. I really like this bag holds all my breast pump supplies for the day, has a cooler, and it is affordable!

Elvie Stride Pros

  • Price, only $269 or less or even free with insurance
  • Hands-free electric breast pumping
  • Hospital grade strength (up to 270 mmHg)
  • Super portable
  • Fits inside nursing bras, sports bras, etc. – Click here for the best Elvie bra to wear for pumping
  • Can be controlled with the Elvie app on your phone
  • Fast charging (only 2 hours)
  • A full battery will last about five 30-minute pumping sessions
  • Reusable & dishwasher-safe collection cups
  • Stimulation & Expression modes with 20 intensity settings (I always have it on the highest setting for best results)

Elvie Stride Cons

  • Wearable motor – it’s not terrible, but you do have to either wear it clipped onto you or be seated
  • Extra parts can be expensive
  • Only a 24mm breast shield is included (If you need a 21mm or 28mm, so that is an automatic extra cost)
  • Not as quiet as the original Elvie
  • The cups cannot stand upright, which is really annoying. Often I take off the cups and then get a bottle to pour them, or I am chasing my toddler and come back to them…now you are forced to deal with the fresh breastmilk. You could lay them flat, but there is a small pinhole above the valve that milk could POTENTIALLY leak out.

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Elvie Stride breastmilk spout

Does the Elvie Stride really work?

Straight out of the box, I had no issues with suction. Sometimes, with the original Elvie, I have to mess with the parts and take it on and off the breast. I had great suction every time I placed it on my breast.

It really empties the breast. After 10-15 minutes of pumping (that is my usual pumping session), I have 120-200 ml between both breasts. It really varies on when I last pumped. I am super satisfied with the suction level and how it empties me. It’s comparable to when I pump on my Spectra.

Is the Elvie Stride Hospital Grade?

Yes, the Elvie Stride pump is a hospital grade breast pump. The original Elvie breast pump is not considered a hospital grade.

Is the Elvie Stride worth it?

YES, 100% YES! Especially if you are an exclusively pumping mother, a mother with other small children at home that can’t be connected to the wall, or a mother returning to work that wants to be able to pump quietly at her desk.

I am now recommending it to my pregnant friends as the best travel breast pump on the market.

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Wearing Elvie Stride & Elvie Pump
I am wearing Elvie Stride (my left breast) and the original Elvie pump (my right breast).

Is it Noticeable While Wearing it?

You will see the hub connected to your pants unless you have your shirt over it. You will hear the hub in a quiet setting for sure.

It will make your breasts larger, but not crazy larger. The photo above is of me with the breast pump on. Is it a discreet breast pump? I would say yes because you can easily throw over a bigger shirt/jacket while pumping, and no one will know.

How Loud is the Elvie Stride Breast Pump?

The Elvie Stride is definitely louder, but it is not LOUD LOUD. You won’t be able to hear it if you have a TV on or office chatter.

Elvie Stride Specs

  • Dimensions: 4.6′” (L) x 2.6″(W) X 1.7″(H)
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs
Elvie Stride parts in box

What’s in the Box?

Everything you need to get started comes in the box. However, I highly suggest purchasing additional parts if you are exclusively pumping. If you don’t, you’ll do the dishes several times a day. I have five sets of parts for my original Elvie, as I like to do dishes max twice a day.

How Often do you have to Replace Elvie Stride parts?

Elvie suggests you replace the washable components every six months and after storing them between children. The washable components that will need to be replaced are the cup seal, diaphragm, valve, breast shield, and cup front.

Additional and replacement Elvie Stride parts can be purchased here.

Elvie Stride Battery

It takes about two hours to charge the hub (if dead) fully. Once fully charged, it lasts about five 30-minute pump sessions. Charging is super easy with a USB C cord. If you’re like me, you have a ton of those lying around the house.

Willow Go vs Elvie Stride Breast Pump Review – Is it Better

Cleaning the Elvie Stride

After every use, you should (I was every use) all the washable parts. There are four parts per breast. The washable parts are cup fronts, breast shields, duck valves, and the diaphragm. I wash them in hot water with dawn soap and use this bottle brush.

For first-time use, make sure to sanitize the washable parts. The same goes for bottles, pacifiers, etc. You should always sanitize them before using them. I don’t sanitize after every use; some people do, and that is up to them.

I use these sanitizer bags, each bag can be used 20 times, and they are sold in a pack. I feel like they are a good deal. Whenever I am traveling, I always sanitize all parts & bottles, as I don’t know the water and don’t want to risk getting my child sick.

I always travel with this collapsible sink. Sorry, but hotel sinks gross me out…I can’t wash my bottles in there, lol.

Softest PJ’s Ever – Bamboo Baby Clothes are worth every penny!

Best Elvie Inserts

I personally don’t have to use inserts. The 28mm (I use mainly) or 24mm(if it’s the only one clean) work for me. I have heard from other Elvie Stride users say the Willow inserts work without cutting into the Stride, and most of these flange inserts are compatible with Medela and Spectra pumps as well.

Make sure to measure your nipples and that you are using the correct shield. If you aren’t using the right shield and using an insert (if you measure a 15/17/19/etc.), you won’t be completely emptying the breast and getting all the milk you potentially can. I recommend these Willow inserts. They get great reviews in our Elvie Stride Facebook Group.

Is the Elvie Stride available outside the USA?

Right now, the Elvie Stride is only available in the USA. If you have any friends or family living in the USA, they could ship it to you or bring it to you on their next visit.

Elvie Stride Review Best Affordable Wireless Breast Pump 2

Elvie Stride Warranty

There is a 2-year warranty on the pump motor and 90 days on accessories. I have had to deal with Elvie’s customer service, and they have been great. I have reached out to them via email and Instagram message, and both responded within 24 hours.

Click Here To See If You Qualify For A FREE Elvie Stride Breast Pump

Other Must-Have Items for Breastfeeding & Exclusively Pumping Mothers

  • Best Elvie Pumping Bra – I have tried a TON. For me, super tight ones work. If I am in a pinch, a sports bra will work. You can also purchase it direct here and use our code
    GETTINGSTAMPED15 for 15% off your order (non-sale items).
  • Best Elvie Stride Bag – I have tried several bags, and some have been better than others, and some just sucked. I really like this bag, the GOGOSO pumping bag with a cooler from Amazon. It holds all my breast pump supplies for the day, and it is affordable!
  • Best Bottle Drying Rack – It’s super cheap and compact. I have one in my suitcase for travel, two in my kitchen, and one in my cabin.
  • Breastmilk Storage – The Ceres Chill is a game-changer for those moms that pump at work or when you are pumping while out of the house and need to store their fresh breastmilk. It is worth the investment.
  • Nipple Cream – Don’t forget to put this on every time! I have used all different brands, and they all have been fine. I just most recently bought the one linked there and really liked it.
  • LaVie warming Lactation Massager – This thing warms & massages which helps improve milk flow and makes pumping faster. It REALLY helps with clogged ducts and engorgement. I am speaking from a painful experience. I have two of these, but you can buy just one and switch sides.
  • Breast pads – Again, any brand will work. I typically get this cheap brand from Target, which does the job. NOTE I am not a big leaker.
  • Hot & Cold therapy packs – For under $10, these are great because they can be thrown in the freezer for cool relief and put in the microwave to warm up your breasts. These really helped me when my milk first came in.
  • Clogged Duct Relief – Legendairy Milk sunflower lecithin helped me and several friends loosen clogged ducts and then help prevent them. I took this daily after my first clogged duct.
  • Help increase milk production – If you are struggling with your supply, I suggest trying Legendairy Milk Liquid Gold.
  • Breast milk storage bags – I honestly haven’t had an issue with any other brands I’ve used. I like the price point of the Dr. Browns bags, so I buy them the most.
  • Haaka – Yes, you really need one or two (I have two). Yes, they really work. When you get out of a hot shower and are leaking, you can just throw this on to catch the milk.
  • Cheap Bottle Warmer – I have tried several, and this cheap one is my favorite. The Dr. Browns bottle warmer was terrible…Once you go to 100% formula, I cannot recommend the Baby Brezza enough. We love this thing. Now with baby number two, we have two of them, one in the kitchen and one in our bedroom. Click here to read our Baby Brezza Formula Pro review. We swear by it!
  • Sterilizer Bags – You’ll want these to sterilize new bottles, parts, pacifiers, etc. I also use them when traveling. There are cheap, and you can use each bag twenty times.

Elvie Stride Plus FAQ

What is the New Elvie Stride Plus?

The Elvie Stride Plus just comes with new accessories and is available for purchase on Elvie’s website and a select number of retailers. I bought mine here with Aeroflow.

Elvie Stride Plus vs. Elvie Stride, which is better?

They are the same breast pump. There is no difference in the actual breast pump itself.

Where can you buy the Elvie Stride Plus?

You can buy the Elvie Stride Plus on Elvie’s website or from a number of retailers in the US, like Target. You can order it online here on Amazon or Target.

When is the Elvie Stride Plus release date?

The release date of the Elvie Stride Plus was May 1, 2022.

What all comes with the Elvie Stride Plus that isn’t in the original Elvie Stride box?

  • 1 Elvie Stride carrying bag
  • 1 wet bag
  • 1 cool bag
  • 1 ice pack
  • 1 neck strap
  • 2 breast shields 21 mm ($29.99 value)
  • 2 spare valves  ($19.99)

How much is the Elvie Stride Plus?

$349.99 is the price on Amazon and all other retailers. In the past, Target has had Target circle deals for 20% off one breast pump, so I’d keep an eye out for that.

If you don’t need the extra accessories, you can purchase them here at Aeroflow without insurance for $269, as I did, or see how much your insurance will cover.

Is Elvie Stride Plus worth it?

In my opinion, no. I would not pay an extra $100 for the Elvie Stride Plus UNLESS I needed 21mm breast shields. If you use a 21mm, then I would say it is worth it because you are getting spare parts, and the bag has value to me.

Can you purchase the Elvie Stride Plus bag only?

No, the only way to get the carrying bag is if you purchase the Elvie Stride Plus. Bummer, I know…

Once you decide which pump is best for you, check if your insurance covers it. If it isn’t, make sure to put it on your baby registry list.

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Elvie Stride Review mom pin

Do you have the Elvie Stride? I’d love to hear about your experience with it. Please leave a comment below. 

*This article does have affiliate links. However, the Elvie Stride was purchased outright ($174 with a promo code on the day of the launch), and this article is not sponsored.